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Pregnancy Rogaine alternative?

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by sland, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. sland

    sland Guest

    Hi! I just discovered this site and hope I can contribute helpfully to others!
    I have been using Rogaine (5%) since my hair began to thin when I was 16 and I was diagnosed with PCOS. My hair never went began to being extremely thick, but I was always satisfied that it kept it at a pretty normal thickness. I am now 25 and 5 months pregnant. I haven't been using the ROgaine, as I've been told it can be harmful for the baby, and my hair has gone back to extreme thinness. I was wondering if anyone knows of any other treatments that I can use at least for the rest of the pregnancy that might restore it a bit, without the danger? (I heard maybe Revivogen is an option? Is it safe and is it effective? Anything else?) I will of course run any suggestions by my doctor before going out and buying, but I figure you guys might know about more products offhand than he does, and then I can confirm safety with him.
  2. abs2511

    abs2511 Guest

    How was your hair while you were TTC? When did you stop Rogaine? Did you start shedding? How is your hair during pregnancy? How long did it take you to get pregnant? Did you need to take anything to get pregnant? Thanks, sorry for all the questions.
  3. Hayley

    Hayley Guest

    Hi sland, i'd be interested in responses too, as eventually i'll have to stop rogaine for the same reasons as you and am scared of what will happen
  4. kimm

    kimm Guest

    First off, Congrats on the pregnancy!

    I wasn't on rogaine, but did go off of Spironolactone before my first pregnancy.

    My hair did thicken up in both pregnancies. My second pregnancy took longer than the first though. I shed through the beginning of both.

    Not a whole lot you can do while pregnant. I will confess that I did use revivogen and crinagen (not at same time or with both pregnancies) intermittantly. Not enough to really be able to tell if they were effective though.

    Lasercomb might be an option. I would think it would be fairly safe. If you do buy one try Amazon so you aren't paying full price.

    Tricomin or Folligen might be relatively safe too.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you still get to see some of that thick pregnancy hair that we all here about! :)
  5. sland

    sland Guest

    abs2511 and Hayley --
    I've been off of Rogaine now for quite a long time, because I actually conceived twice before this but had two miscarriages. I went off the Rogaine as soon as I started ttc the first time around, and stayed off it after the first miscarriage, since I was actively trying again. (FYI - I had some tests done and found a possible cause for the 2 miscarriages -- a clotting problem, not PCOS related -- and was told that next time I conceive I should take a blood thinner injection. I've been doing that since the beginning of this pregnancy, and it's been progressing fantastically!) Basically, it seems that I have been really lucky enough not to have problems conceiving so far due to PCOS. I didn't have to take anything as I was ttc, as I conceived pretty quickly each time. The harder thing in my situation was the multiple miscarriages.
    I was never actually shedding. Rather, I noticed over the months that followed going off of Rogaine that my part was getting wider, like it had been before I started on it. I never really experienced pulling out clumps of hair or anything like that, and I think that's because hair wasn't ever really falling out, but just stopped growing in from the Rogaine. (not any kind of expert opinion -- just how it seemed to me.)
    So I hear that for most women in pregnancy, the hormones cause your nails to get extremely strong and your hair to get extremely thick, so many women who are on Rogaine or similar treatments don't mind being off. The nail thing totally ended up being true for me, but not the hair.
  6. sland

    sland Guest

    kimm --
    Thanks for the good wishes! It's nice to hear that in your second pregnancy your hair got thicker later -- maybe there's still hope for mine. I was really looking forward to that happening, and at 5 1/2 months I've lost faith. But you never know...
    You mentioned that you used revivogen and crinagen at different times -- did your doctor tell you those were fine in pregnancy?
  7. kimm

    kimm Guest

    Ummm.... nope. :$ I just did it on my own. So definitely not a recommendation from me. Just a personal account.

    No wonder you're having hair issues! You poor thing! I'm so glad this pregnancy has been successful for you so far!

    My sister suffered a miscarraige at 3 months along and then went on to have a beautiful baby boy who's almost 5 months old. She has pcos as well as me and baby fine hair. She actually shed a ton after the loss and then it thickened up for her. She had a tiny post partum shed and it's still pretty thick for her as of now! I'm not sure if she has Androgenetic Alopecia or not. I think she may a little bit though. She's operating under the assumption that she doesn't.

    I had shedding through the first halfs of both pregnancies and thickened up towards the middle to end of both. Thicker hair during first hair than second. I had post partum shedding both times but it wasn't too bad. I then had my hair thicken up very nicely until about the year mark, where I started shedding/thinning again.

    I'm not saying you'll follow any of these patterns, just giving a perspective from a couple other of us who've been "lucky" enough to be diagnosed with pcos.

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