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Process of elimination...

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by ginawat, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. ginawat

    ginawat Guest

    If you are not losing hair from anywhere on your body other than scalp...and it is diffuse and not in patches....and there is no evidence of ! hairs... is it safe to say you do not have Alopecia Areata and that it is most likely Androgenetic Alopecia or TE? In actuality I have really ruled out TE because the hair that comes has clearly miniturized and I lose very very short hairs as well.
  2. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    sounds like Androgenetic Alopecia
  3. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    Sounds like Androgenetic Alopecia, Gina, but you have something going on with your scalp that's preventing you from successful treatment.
  4. ginawat

    ginawat Guest

    I thought so, too - - but then I hear that inflammation is VERY common w/Androgenetic Alopecia and that I should not be wirprised to have this condition along with the hair loss/Androgenetic Alopecia.

    since the scalp is inflammed I can't use rogaine - unless I get alcohol free...which to me seems less effective (otherwise why would they put it in to begin with - it must be needed)

    Just when I think that my scalp condition is not common -I getloads of posts that say it IS common with Androgenetic Alopecia and nothing can be done.

    Whihc leave me with not kowing where to turn really.
  5. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    No such thing as "nothing can be done" -- you weren't born with the condition, and you're not terminally ill, so keep searching.
  6. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    if you can go on minoxidil then go on antiandrogens,mostly this will make the inflammation reduce if not make it disappear, then you can use minoxidil in combination.

    Also check out your hormones as Androgenetic Alopecia is often unveiled by hormonal issue, like menaupose, hashimoto, PCOS and whatever
  7. ginawat

    ginawat Guest

    I have had so many tests done in the last year (like every 3 months) and all seems normal. you name it I had it done--over and over again.

    I am having a meltdown of grand proportions. I don't want to bring people down so I won't get in to it in great detail - but I'm losing this battle and I do not know where to turn these days.

    If my hair would just "stabalize" I might be able to maintain my sanity - but the consistent shedding as well as the scalp condition has me literally losing my mind :(
  8. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    This statement is not true. It WILL Still be effective. They put alcolhol in it to prolong shelf life. I am going to be blunt here and only cuz I care about you.

    Stop making excuses of why you cannot try this med or that med, ok? WE WANT TO HELP YOU, but you must TRY some proven treatments. AT LEAST with the minoxidil, it will keep your follicles active and growing. Please try...

    I am frustrated too! I use Rogaine, BCP, DHT inhibitor, EFA's, Vitamins, Nizoral, Blah blah blah and my loss has still not stabilized.......it did for a few years,(the rogaine was all I used) mind you...but came backup......but at least I feel like I am doing something about it and that helps a little.

    Get some proven meds ASAP. I would also get on some anti androgens and/or see a Natropath.

    !!BIG HUG!!
  9. ginawat

    ginawat Guest

    I am really not making excuses - my doctor NEVER mentioned alcohol FREE Rogaine - simply said that with my scalp condition and with the reaction I already had with products that contained Azeliac acid (as well as a steroid lotion) that I would most likely have the same reaction to the rogaine. The propyl alcohol in rogaine is not simply to make it shelf stable - it is an active ingredient (he says)

    But - that said...I do make other excuses - can you blame me? I barely have hair left on the top and sides. I don't have hair like mssaprl or Angie...my scalp is exposed on top. A dreadshed would put me in my grave

    I had planned to have another child...so I am kind of scared to take Propecia...since I already had a scary pregnancy with my first. I do not want to to bring on potential birth defects because of drugs. So -I am reaching out and obviously getting annoying to all you guys. sorry

    If I am destine to have Androgenetic Alopecia I just wish I could at least have the NORMAL Androgenetic Alopecia - meaning a slow progression...a stable condtion. keep thinking that if I can get my scalp clear I can at least conitnue down the nromal Androgenetic Alopecia path and not end up completely bald.
  10. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    You are not annoying me at all!
    If the alcolhol is an active ingredient, ok. But take a look at Dr. Lee's site and he sells the alc. free kind (it doesnt say anything about it not working because of the no alc.) I understand you cannot afford a dread shed. So minoxidil is out. And no anti androgens because of Pregnancy.

    Is there anything you are willing to try that you havent already, besides vitamins, etc.?

    If everything we recommend isnt reasonable for you and/or you cant take it because of side effects, what do you think you can try? Throw some ideas out there. :)
  11. ginawat

    ginawat Guest

    Tanning? PUVA? LASER? antibiotics? antifungals? antihystamines?

    I guess that is why I put the question out there to those who HAVE/HAD inflammation. I wanted to see what they did to CLEAR it. If it is very common w/Androgenetic Alopecia then I wondered if those with the problem can shed some light. They would be the ones using the alcohol free - right?

    I also questioned Lee about PUVA. I just keep reading that it is for psoriasis and not hair loss is all.

  12. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Ok. Do you not want me to reply to these type of posts since I am not experiencing the inflammation? If so, that is ok. :) I hope you can get some answers from gals going through it.
  13. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    gine bunnyheather is right you can do many thing..

    for the inflammation start with a good shampoo like tgel or nizoral. then you ll be able to use rogaine.Ask your derm for a treatment to relieve your scalp, it is rare that a scalp inflammation due to Androgenetic Alopecia cannot be treated....
    Also even if you are hormonally balanced you can stil benefit from an antiandrogenic pill like Yasmin or Diane 35 or even some more powerful anti androgen..If you have Androgenetic Alopecia but no hormonal issue it means you are EXTREMELY sensitive to androgens on your scalp.
  14. hairyape

    hairyape Guest


    What do you wash your hair with since most product aggravate your scalp condition?

  15. ginawat

    ginawat Guest

    I have always used SLS free shampoos. Then when my scalp got wacky (about 1 yr ago) I started with nizoral 1%....which of course has SLS. It seemed to aggravate it more. Then I went back to SLS free (Jason's, Avalon, etc) but finished off with a ACV rinse. Still irritated! My doctor gave me a steroid lotion - but told me if it caused discomfort to stop using it....it did so I stopped.

    Recently I have been using Borax. It is a mineral and extremeley gentle. It has no lather which is hard to get used to....my scalp is still as itchy - but not as flakey.

    As for BCP (someone mentioned) - Yaz caused me nothing but problems. It made my shedding way worse.
  16. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    how long have you been on Yaz?? Yasmin is another version of Yaz that is better...you need to be on the right pill...
    If you stay on it for less than 6 month then you prolly had a dreadshed , it's normal, after the dreadshed the pill stabilize your hairloss and even regrowth can happen
  17. ginawat

    ginawat Guest

    I was on Yaz for 2.5 months - only (from May 2007 - Aug 2007)
    I hated the way it made me feel and it made my hair fall our more (or it was a coincidence) Drugs don't agree wtih me - I am the one who always seems to get the nasty side effects you read about!

    I was shedding before YAZ - but not as much and I personally think BCP caused more problems for me. I really do not think synthetic hormones are the answer. The only reason I took YAZ was in hopes of making my period less heavy - and ultimately build up my iron (by not bleeding as much)

    It was a mistake for me.
  18. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Well you should have stayed on YAZ..this looked like the dred shed..meaning the pill was balancing your scalp pushing the hair that were goign to fall out just faster to make roomfor better regrowth..you shoudl consider goingback on it, it was a perfectly normal reaction..maybe you lost time...
  19. ginawat

    ginawat Guest

    I can understand why you would think that---but actually do not believe in bcp and should not have gone on ithem in the first place. The only other time in my life that I had a massive shed was when on another pill some 10 years ago (I was on it longer at that time) I really think (just an opinion so don't attack me here!) that bcp and other drugs that alter a womans hormones so drastically are the reason for lots of female related health issues. Look what the original HRT did to all those women - who soon after taking it developed breast cancer! HRT has since been modified and made safer (thank God) - but there was a period of time when it was like playing Russian Roulette. I kind of think BCPs have had the same negative effect on womens health (including myself)

    I love stories of women who have benefited from bcp- beleive me! To each his own....they just aren't for me. Having a regular monthly period also makes me feel healthier as a woman. I have read the side effects of bcp and to be honest as much as I want my hair back (and I DO!) I would rather avoid the other more dangerous risks of taking the drugs. I wish I would have never touched them in my life. Somehow I don't believe I'd be on this site today if I hadn't. I know its impossible to know - but it is my true gut feeling.

    Thanks for listening.
  20. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Yeah but if you wanna cure your Androgenetic Alopecia this would be one of the most effective and recognized treatment...maybe the first time you were on the pill it was one that was not good for you..they are many different pill out there...

    i reckon that for some women the bcp is not good but it's not the case for all of them...
    With the bcp i cannot live normally. the end..and my issue was not triggered by any bcp in the first place since i started to get on the bcp to control my hormones...not even for contraceptive reasons...

    I still think you should give yasmin or Y az or diane 35 another try...
    but that is my opinion...I am sure you would have seen an improvement..
    but if you are against that kind of therapy then i understand...but Androgenetic Alopecia cannot be improved naturally...

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