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progesterone all cycle long?

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by kimm, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. kimm

    kimm Guest

    So my one doctor has been trying to get me to up my prometrium to all cycle long. I currently take 100mgs during the second half. She now wants me to do 100mg during the first half and then up it to 200mg during the second.

    I chickened out this last cycle and am now debating it for this one.

    I had a couple of 100mg pills left from last cycle (think I miscounted and stopped to early), so I took them a few days into this new cycle.

    I'm not sure whether I should continue though. I asked my endo about it and he seemed skeptical. He always is though. No surprise there.

    Wondering if any of you have used it all cycle long?
  2. miche777

    miche777 Guest

    Funny...I actually thought about this today!!!

    I still don't know if some of my troubles (ie., acne and recent shed) are from the NPC. I am seeing some regrowth. Funny thing is, I sometimes feel I'm taking too much, but then, after one week of not taking it, I seem to get incredibly moody and am not myself. Then I think I'm not taking enough and need to take it earlier (on day 7 rather than 12).

    I thought this stuff should even out and help my moods....not make them worse? But some parts of the month, I seem okay.

    Anyway, so I was wondering if using the stuff all month long would help? No ups and downs, so to speak?

    Kim, if you took it all month long, would you have a period? I'm sorry I'm so dumb with this stuff. :$

    WHY does your doctor want you to do this? I know your estrogen was pretty high the last time I remember you posting (500s, right?). Does your doctor think you have estrogen dominance then? Why does she want you to increase it one part of the month? Why would taking it all month long help? Is this for hair only?
  3. kimm

    kimm Guest

    Hey there -

    I noticed mood swings on this too. Not sure if it's just me getting used to it or not though.

    I'm actually not sure about the period part? My doctor didn't seem to think it would make a difference. I posted this question on the other board so I'll see what I come up with.

    She also had never heard of progesterone alone being used as a contraceptive. (I asked this question as well) So that's not a great sign. (that would also effect your period I'd guess. At least lighten it)

    The reason she has me trying this is that progesterone is purported to be a dht inhibitor.

    It feels a little guinea pigish though to try it.

    I didn't get a chance to refill my script today so I'm either stopping tonight and chickening out again this cycle, or refilling it tomorrow and just consider it a skip day.

    I am worried about rocking the boat too much though. If my Androgenetic Alopecia is still progressing it's slowed. So on the one hand, if this would help further then I'm all about it but on the other hand i'm not sure if doing this all cycle long will screw things up or not.

    Hmmm. maybe I need to skip one more month. Although this was supposed to be my test month.

    The other thing about prometrium versus the cream is that a good deal of the prometrium is never absorbed when you take it orally. I hear your system gets a lot more of the cream. That might effect your results too.

    One thing I will say about this month in particular is that my bust filled back out a bit to where they were before baby number two. Also I'm usually waking up drenched with sweat about now and haven't been bad these last couple nights. We'll see what tonight brings I guess!

    Let me know what you decide too!
  4. miche777

    miche777 Guest

    Oooh, I'd ask about the period part of it. I might be super dumb here but I thought if you took it all month long, it would def affect your period.

    Her not knowing about the contraceptive part is kind of weird.

    I dunno, Kim. What would make you want to change anything at this point? How long have you been taking the prometrium now? Since August or so? Shed is down, right?

    Seems to me, that doubling the dose one part of the month, would be enough change, but to go all month long, in addition to that....? Hmmmm, seems like most of us here are pretty darn sensitive to ANY change, much less 2 changes at the same time....

    If I could go back in time, I certainly wouldn't have added a ton of iron to my regimen only to add some NPC a month later....just be careful. If your gut is chickening out, maybe there is a reason... :)
  5. miche777

    miche777 Guest

    Has there been a change in your period since taking the P?
  6. kimm

    kimm Guest

    My last one was pretty light and short.

    The other ones were pretty normal (heavier days 1 and 2 and dropping right off to very light to done around day 5)

    I honestly haven't had a bad cycle since my 20s though. After having my kids I don't even really get cramps.

    My periods were getting really short and light as my androgens rose. Getting my hormones more normalized (with or without prometrium) has seemed to increased them a bit in length and heaviness, but probably just brought them back up to normal.

    (hope that wasn't too tmi!)
  7. GINAA

    GINAA Guest

    Hi Kimm,
    all I know is that you need a good balance between progesterone and estrogen.
    from my understanding and all those blood tests that I have done.in my case estrogen doesnt really go up until day 11.its a very risky job taking progesterone in the first half cause you dont know when your estrogen is gonna peak.
    my moms sister was on progestrone pills couple of years ago.her dr put her on full dose for one year but eventually decreased the dose.
    you need some sort of estrogen too.
    my thining hair got worse when I got on NCP,I also developed dandruff and SD so really be careful with what you are doing.
    your body will eventually makde progesterone itself , make sure you dont over dose on it.
  8. kimm

    kimm Guest

    Thanks GINNA -

    You just highlighted what I'm afraid of.

    I'm afraid of anything that could possibly inhibit ovulation for one. (still not sure if I'm done having kids)

    I'm also nervous about supplying my body with a constant stream of progesterone, because my body may decide it doesn't need to make it on it's own at some point.

    I definitely need to do more research on this, but I think I'm going to continue to hold off and just supplement in the second half of my cycle for the time being. I don't know if I'm right, but for some reason it just feels safer from a not screwing with my body chemistry too much perspective. ;)
  9. miche777

    miche777 Guest

    Yeah, I'd agree with not rocking the boat at this point. Kim, on what day do you start taking the prometrium?

    I was advised to take it days 12-27 (for premenopausal women) rather than days 7-27 (peri-menopausal) although I explained how my periods had gotten lighter and shorter (every 26 days but super light flow for 1-2/3 days and that's it). I thought that signaled my low estrogen (also no cramps and usually no real PMS symptoms except some moodiness which could be caused by my family - LOL).

    Although I'm happy my last period didn't start for 29 days, my flow stopped days 3-4 and then returned days 5-6 which was pretty aggravating...and concerns me a bit as well.

    Anyway, seems like it's really hard to find good solid research on hormones, and especially progesterone; I guess because we are all so different.

    I wish I knew whether to keep taking it....
  10. kimm

    kimm Guest

    Hi there -

    I currently take mine from day 14 to menses.

    I've seen advice all over the map in regards to which days to take it, but this is what my doctor mentioned.

    I like doing it this way because I'm pretty sure that I'm not messing with ovulation. I get the signs that it's coming from about cd 7 to 14. (my body is loud sometimes when it wants to tell me what is going on.)

    It hasn't seemed to mess with my length of period, but on the other hand I can't put my finger on exactly what it is doing either.

    The main differences I've noticed lately are fuller boobies and my weight is bouncing around again and slowly creeping up. (errrgh. The low weight was the ONE thing over this last year and a half or so that has gone RIGHT)

    Not sure if I can attribute those changes to the prometrium or if my body would do it anyway.

    My facial hair keeps going through cycles that I can't pin down. It will be really minimal for a while and then I'll go through a period where I'm walking around with a red chin from trying to pluck all those little bastards (sorry. I reeeeally hate that pcos symptom though) My hair sheds seem to be the same story. Right now it seems a bit higher and that messes with my anxiety level. (really bad timing since I need to meet some old school classmates who I haven't seen in over 20 years tonight!)

    I wish I had more answers. I'll probably do more research and see if I can tease out whether or not trying the progesterone for an entire cycle is worth the risk. On one hand it seems like supplying a constant amount of it would help level things out but I guess that just depends on wether or not my body agrees with that hypothesis! I do wonder if the sudden stoppage of progesterone aggravates my sheds so that did get me curious about trying it continuously.

    From my understanding, estrogen is at it's highest in the second half of the cycle (this is what my doctor had mentioned) She specified cycle day 20 actually. So if I am estrogen dominant, wouldn't the extra progesterone during that half curb that?

    Seems I don't have answers here. Only questions! :crazy:

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