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Question About Rogaine As Last Resort

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Positive Outlook' started by Sandy, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Sandy

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    Apr 29, 2019
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    i tried rogaine about 20 yrs ago for very short time and hated it, it was messy and i felt my hair was thinning more rather than regrowth and i was getting hair in weird places rather than my head.
    Now i am desperate and am thinking of trying it again as last resort to transplant thinking maybe product is improved with the foam and more controllable now so have question:
    - if i stop using it i understand the hair falls out. Is your normal hair also affected and falls out also? Because as it is applied to the scalp it has to come in contact with the normal hairs. In other words i am afraid if it doesnt regrow and i stop using it, will i lose my actual non-rogaine hairs?
    - someone mentioned it doesnt work on hairline, but others say it has regrown their hairline. This is my concern, the hairline. Is it effective on the hairline? If it could affect negatively the natural hairs i am most hesitant to use it.
    - if i have auto immune problems will this affect results? Does anyone know this??
    Thank you!!

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