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Question for Bonded Topper Wearers

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by sessa555, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. sessa555

    sessa555 Guest

    For all you ladies sporting bonded/glued toppers...

    I think I am going to go ahead and get one, but it will be from HRS of Portland. They fit, order, shave, style, bond, color, etc. all in their salon and you go there for monthly maintenance. I honestly just don't think that I am patient enough or good enough with hair to try to do it all myself by ordering online, having it cut-in, etc.

    What I'm looking at is a custom piece that oval, about 7 inches long and 6 inches wide that glues on in a 'halo' that is shaved into my natural hair. It will have a mono top, and will be 'freestyle' meaning that I can part it wherever. My hairline sucks, so it will be close to the front and I guess I'm going to have to suck it up and go with bangs to make sure it stays fairly hidden.

    As for my questions:

    1. How badly does it itch? I am going in next week to test out the glue to make sure I am not allergic.

    2. How often can you wash it? I'm used to washing my hair daily and my scalp is naturally pretty oily. Will this be an issue?

    3. How easy are these 'systems' to take care of? Mine will be human hair, which apparently is harder to work with but more durable when it comes to heat, styling tools, etc.

    4. How realistic do they really look? Many of the pix of people wearing bonded toppers look poofy, but I want straight, long and as flat as possible.

    5. How long does it take to style in the mornings?

    Anything else important to be aware of? Thanks in advance!
  2. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Great post exactly what I would want to know !!

    Its a lot of questions questions questions and I wish there was a manual wiht it all there huh !! I think its trial and error

    Where is Miami Girl and Faking it when you need them :lol: !!

    What happens if your allergic to the glue does that mean your not going to be able to wear them ?? ... I could NEVER wear a wig .. I want something attached to my head

    Your in the same position as me with regards to wanting to go ahead I would love to be able to move my hair around in style RATHER than have it stuck to the same boring ole position !!

    I hope you get your answers Sessa and I shall be looking closely at this myself :D
  3. MiamiGirl

    MiamiGirl Guest

    Hi Ladies. Sorry that I haven't been around, but I'm trying to plan my wedding right now, which is sucking up every moment of my free time. Anyways, here's the answers:

    1. Mine was somewhat itchy at first, but that might be because I had only shaved the areas that it needed to be attached to, instead of my whole head. Once we shaved my whole head, most of the itching went away. It still itches sometimes, but you can always find ways to scratch it.

    2. I wash my hair once a week, sometimes twice. What you'll find, which is the same for anyone that has a lot of hair, is that once it's wet, it takes time to style it.

    3. Mine is extremely easy to take care of. In the morning I just put some hot rollers on a few of the front pieces and then throw the rest back into a ponytail. After I wash it or when I go out, I flat iron it. After washing it, that could take up to an hour, but when it's dry, maybe 20 minutes. I can't emphasize enough how much easier it is to style this hair then my natural crappy hair. I used to spend an hour every morning trying to style and mask thin areas and one gust of wind would blow that all away. Now it's effortless and looks a million times better.

    4. Mine looks very realistic. The only people who can tell it's fake are my close friends who have had their hands in my hair for years. Other people just think that I got extensions and strangers have no clue at all. I'm not even the least bit paranoid around anybody, except my boyfriend's friend's wives who are really caddy and critical of me, but who the hell cares what they think anyways.

    I can't advise you on how glue works. I use tape and go in regularly for maintenance, which cuts down the possibility of getting infections.

    Okay, here's some pics, since I know that you ladies love them. The first set is when I first got my piece. We hadn't cut bangs or too many layers in at that point. I loved how it looked, but the front looked a little fake, so I needed some bangs. Also, it looks more realistic with some layers.

    Here's the link for that set:

    http://share.shutterfly.com/action/shar ... &sm=1&sl=0

    The second set is with the bangs and layers. I'm not a huge fan of bangs either, but it's a small price to pay for having this beautiful hair.

    Here's the second set:

    http://share.shutterfly.com/action/shar ... &sm=1&sl=0

    I hope this helps.
  4. VAgirl1

    VAgirl1 Guest

    Your pictures look great!!! You are such a cutie!!!!
    I AGREE with everything you said abotu a topper 1000000000% though mine is not bonded. i am still wearing a clip on piece ( i will do bonding in the future) you nailed it on my life now and how it has changed.
    I used to spend HOURS on my crappy hair with cover ups and styling, now it literally takes 15 minutes and I can wear my topper in every style, from a ponytail ( even a high one) to a twist up to half up to totally down.
    No one really knows, once you get a topper and just start WEARING it, you can figure out QUICKLY how to style it to look the most natural. the hardest step is just going for it!
    I also have bangs, ( they are longer on my new topper and I am much happier) and like MG said it is a SMALL price to pay and they cover the blending of my hair and the topper so well.
    I am going to take some new pics tomorrow up really close, so you can see what I am talking about.
    YEESSSSS! i am SO HAPPY that we found our solution!
  5. Amy

    Amy Guest

    Thanks Rebecca and Mandy for sharing! You both look amazing. It is so nice to read about how very happy you are! I have a question... when the wind blows hard does it expose the rim or anything? Thanks guys and again congrats on your solution!!! :D

  6. curious

    I'm still looking at trying some med options and small cosmetic relief before I go the topper route. But it does spark curiosity since I am sure this what I will have to do in the future. Right now I have quasi bangs where i part my hair on the side and they lay diagonally on my forehead and then i tuck behind my ear. They are pretty long. Is that something I would still be able to do with a topper? I saw MiamiGirl's pics and man- makes me feel so much better. You cannot tell at all with hers. Sort of makes me feel like saying f-it, I'll just do that.
  7. VAgirl1

    VAgirl1 Guest

    HI Amy! thanks :)
    The rim isn't a problem for me even in wind, bc I blend my own bangs underneath the rim, and then I put dermatch all over the rim a good coat and put a little bit on my scalp where i clip the rimto my head, and that TOTALLY blends it together. I have taken a big mirror out in the bright sun and you can't see a thing, I made my husband and mom also look in the sun and it just totally covers any rim.
    it seems like a pain but it isn't, i only need to apply it when I wash the topper, about once a week, and just a tad on my scalp real quick before I throw the thing on.
  8. VAgirl1

    VAgirl1 Guest

    honestly if you decide the topper route, you HAVE to say F it, and just dive in, get one style it so it looks 100% natural and WEAR IT and don't think about it again, bc doing it is the HARDEST hardest step you will make, and there are toppes out there that LOOK REAL and NOT POUFY AND BIG trust me!
  9. MiamiGirl

    MiamiGirl Guest

    Hi Amy. How have you been?

    I do get a little nervous when the wind blows. My piece is sort of in this transitional phase right now. I actually have two identical pieces. I didn't love the base of them because I thought that it could look a little fake at times, so my stylist sent one back to China (while I wear the other one) to have a base that's even more realistic put in. Also, she shaved more then she probably should have (not mad, custom pieces can be trial and error), so I didn't have my own hair to pull through to create a more natural hairline and bangs. So basically right now, she's using a piece cut out from another topper to create some fake bangs for me. It's taped on my head and then my piece is taped down on top of that. Anyways, it does create a thicker rim in front, but that's only noticeable to me. However, when it's windy, I do get a little nervous that it will be exposed, so I use a lot of hairspray and pray for the best. Please don't let this scare you because it was only meant to be a temporary fix. Once my other piece is back and the bangs are cut directly into it, I probably won't get as nervous in the wind. I think that you are always going to be paranoid at times, especially in extreme weather conditions, but again, I'm far less paranoid with this hair then I am with my natural hair. There's not perfect solution.
  10. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    MIami Girl you look fab ... totally loe your hair .

    and CONGRTAULATIONS ON GETTING ENGAGED ... I assume its your wedding !!!! or if I am wrong soz :lol:

    Cna I ask you one thing .. when you say you have tape because of the risk of infecitons .... is their a large chance of infection !!! what can you do if you get an infection ... here we go paranoid sally !!

    Anyway I am actually beginning ot look forward to the day I can get one of these peices .....I overslept woke up FREAKED Out because I didnt have time to wash and dry and style my silly frontal hair I pulled it up and I its windy today so of course I was nearly crying all the way into work !!! silly me drank too much wine last night :lol:

    Anyway mate you look great
  11. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    ONe last question MG does the parting look realistic ?? sorry for questions
  12. MiamiGirl

    MiamiGirl Guest

    Too Young: You're definitely on to something. You sort of have to take on the "F*ck It" mentality if you're going to be comfortable in the next step. It definitely requires you to feel more confident with yourself (which comes quite easily just by wearing the piece) and with that new found confidence, at least from what I've experienced, comes this attitude of who the hell cares what others think, as long as I'm happy.

    Sally: I have tape because my stylist opted to use it. I can't really advise you on glue because I've never tried it. I don't know if it increases your risk of infection, but I think that you decrease your risk by chosing a method that requires you to come in for maintenance more often so that the piece and your head are washed more frequently. I don't think that you want something that's just stuck to your head for 6 weeks at a time. I go in for mini maintenance appointments about every two weeks, where she changes the tape. Once a month, we remove the entire piece, wash it and then wash my head.

    As far as the part....that's a tricky area. That's the hardest area to make realistic. If you are looking really really close, then no, it doesn't look completely real, but you would definitely know if someone was really staring, which nobody does. They would have to sit there and stare at the top of my head for a while, but who's going to do that while you're looking right at them? It really depends on the base that you have. Certain bases create a more natural looking part, but you can only do so much with that. That's why the bangs help.
  13. piperkitty

    piperkitty Guest

    You guys both look so wonderful. I have not had as positive of an experience with my toppers. I am so sick of the pillow, poof large head thing. My head is small, so...I am still working on the specifics of a toplace piece. Do you both have a mono base or a lace base? If you are using bangs, does that mean you didn't opt for a lace front? I was told by a Farrel guy, that I could use lace over my existing hair and clip as long as the perimeter was thicker/sturdier. He also said that I could match my part with the laces so it would look natural. Does this make sense? I am so desperate to find a more realisitc looking option.

  14. sessa555

    sessa555 Guest

    Someone had posted about getting an infection from a bonded piece (with glue, though I suppose that the same thing could happen with tape) and subsequently not being able to wear it for awhile and that worries me a bit.

    My biggest concern at the moment is having an allergic reaction to the glue. They use surgical grade glue, however I am allergic to disolving surgical sutures which NO ONE is supposed to be allergic to (I learned this the hard way after surgery and then my dad found out that he has the same allergy, too!) so...I'm paranoid. Can you even imagine shaving a circle into you head only to NOT be able to wear your topper?

    I also worry quite a bit about the part and hairline looking realistic. I teach high school and get stared at all day long by my students. Any time that I kneel down to help them with work, they come up to my desk while I'm sitting and they are standing, etc, I will be totally worried that they will notice. And the thing about high schoolers is that they will totally call a teacher on the carpet about anything and everything without even thinking about it. I have a kid who asks me literally every single day when I am going to wear my hair down...I have not worn my hair down in almost 3 years because it's so terribly thin on top. And every day I tell her that it takes me forever to straighten it and I never have time in the morning. Once in awhile I will be in the middle of teaching and a kid will radomly ask, "Is that fake hair?" (meaning my ponytail clippees). I'm always totally cool and honest about it and the phrase, "It would take me hours to get my hair to do this on it's own!" is ingrained into my head on autoresponse, but still!

    I don't even know what I would do if a kid asked in front of the whole class, "is that you real hair" or made some sort of wig comment. It's one thing to be in an environment with other adults where it's generally known that it's not okay to call someone on something personal like that...it's another to be in the tank with almost two thousand tactless teenagers.

    Anyway, off on a tangent now. Thanks so much for your answers! Keep 'em coming :)
  15. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Sessa the girl that wrote about her allergic reaction (or more an infection ) was Still Hopeful I beleive (sorry if I am wrong) she has not beeon the site for a wee while so I beleive she may have got better :lol:

    My fear is also the hairline as I would need it to go all the way down to below my ears as that is where my hairloss starts .. but I am getting right fed up with looking in the mirrro and hating what I see ...

    I think when the time comes I will say Feck it too !
  16. bayareagirl

    bayareagirl Established Member

    Mar 25, 2005
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    To Rebecca and Mandy

    Your topper pictures are so amazing, both of you. It really is great that you've found a solution that you're happy with and can get on with your life! Thanks for sharing the pics and information - absolutely INVALUABLE to us future topper wearers.

    If any blonde ladies are out there with topper success, please speak up! I'd be really interested to know about hair quality, blending etc.

    My hair has been a little bit more manageable of late (not thicker necessarily, but healthier), due perhaps to months of better diet, better hair products, less bleach in highlights, mega protein, exercise and supplements.


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