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Question for Dr. B

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants for Women' started by nancyu, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. nancyu

    nancyu Guest

    Hi Dr. Bauman,

    I have Androgenetic Alopecia and have been on Rogaine 2% for about 4 years. I thought it was working in the beginning but recently have become very concerned with my frontal scalp area and the overall thinning of my hair all over. I started the 5% rogaine about 3 weeks ago. Although I started really paying more attention to it after starting the 5%, I have noticed that I lose quit a few very short (2 inch long) baby fine hairs per day. I probably lose about 20 a day (as far as I can keep track of). I also lose about 50-60 regular sized hairs as well per day, which is probably more normal. Does this mean that I am not growing any full sized hair? What are these little hairs? This just really freaking me out and I haven't been able to find any answers! I would really appreciate your expert opinion.

    Thanks so much,
  2. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    I do not know of a Dr that takes questions on this forum. Who referred you to this site? :dunno:
    Regardless, you are welcome here!
  3. Pearl

    Pearl Guest

    Dr. Bauman used to answer questions here, but I don't know if he still checks this site. You might try contacting him directly - his email and website are listed in the Announcement at the top of this Transplant forum.
  4. alicat

    alicat Guest

    it would be so cool if he was still here!
  5. nancyu

    nancyu Guest

    Oh, ok, thanks Ladies! I'd appreciate anyone else's input on this situation as well. I joined this site recently and have really enjoyed reading all of your insights. Although it is so sad to know all of you are also suffering from this terrible "disease" it really does help fight the feeling of being so alone in it.

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