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Reduced shed on Metformin?

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by mjh, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. kimm

    kimm Guest

    I was more talking about if you felt you needed it to get or stay pregnant.

    I didn't need it for either, but my cycles were always pretty regular.

    I'm not IR either and don't need to lose weight.(crossing fingers it stays that way!) I've read studies to suggest that it could still help with androgen levels in women with pcos like me. I do have cysts on at least one ovary too. I tried bcps before and thought they made things worse for me. I haven't tried Yasmin yet though so I think that may be my last stop if Metformin doesn't do the job.
  2. kaylee

    kaylee Guest

    Hmmm, maybe I'll ask about it at my next endo visit, although my androgens are low (due to Spironolactone), and Im not trying for kids yet.
  3. kimm

    kimm Guest

    I might wait then if I were you. Don't fix it if it isn't broken!

    I can't even get solid evidence that it will work for me since I'm not IR. For every study I've read that it helps, there's another saying it doesn't. I couldn't even get the RE who gave me the script to commit to the theory.

    I know I get really hypoglycemic if I don't eat for a while and heard somewhere that's suggestive of IR (don't ask me to explain why because I don't even understand!) I've also had weight issues in the past so I know there might be something to the theory even though I don't measure that way in blood tests.

    I'm giving it I think 1-2 more weeks because I'm just getting back to normal after a bad experience with trying a thyroid med. I'm also just about one week away from my period (if it comes this month) and have been having big issues with anxiety and depression lately at this point in my cycle. Introducing anything new would probably not be a good idea until my hormones are back on the upswing again.

    Cross your fingers for me that I don't get the hairloss side effect with this or I may have to be commited.
  4. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    metformin is effective in women with pcos with or without IR.

    You cannot know you arent IR if you never too an IR test.

    However if treated for pcos succesfully with antiandrogen , no need to add mat to the combo..you wanna keep the met for later , when you reach an older age and when you are most likely to developp IR related issues...it is better to keep a wider panel of treatment for as long as possible in case at one moment another does not work anymore for some reasons...

    You dont need to have wieght issue to be IR. i am IR, i know because i had ancanthosis negrican before being on antiandrogens, i had it like madness,yet my sugar levels wer on the low side, and i weight 103 lbs for 5.6, i am 26 and i am that weigh since 16 and never was heavier.

    Antiandrogen coupled with estrogen of bcp actually better insulin resistance in pcos women if taken early enough and with no weight proble that is why my acanthosis negrican disappeared without metformin.i found a study about this. I dont think my IR resistance has completely disappeared though, but i think it is very very very light now that it is nothing to worry about. if it came back for some reasons, i will recognize the signs right away.

    it is though that 90 percent of pcos women have some form of IR, whatever their weight. Remember not all diabetic people are overweight.
  5. kimm

    kimm Guest

    that's interesting Dying Curls -

    My RE said that he's actually on it as a preventative measure since there's pcos in his family.

    My blood sugar comes back normal so I don't techically have IR, but I do know that carbs and sugar effect me big time when I over indulge, so I need to be careful.

    The reason I wanted to go on met was because my T levels have been rising even though I'm on an antiandrogen. I've read mixed reviews on how flutamide works. Some studies suggest it solely blocks them and a few I've read mentioned that they could possibly lower as well. Just not sure how much. I had one endo that wanted me to go off of it and test but I wasn't comfortable with that.

    I tried bcps in the past but they actually started this hairloss nightmare for me so I'm hesitant to try them again. I was on one that actually spiked my T levels to over 120!

    It's hard to know what to do without getting more bloodwork done. I could see about raising my Flutamide dosage. I actually have been doing 375 instead of 250 every other day this week since it's the week before I'm supposed to get my period and my androgens go nuts in this week (increased facial hair as well as shedding).

    So if I were to go on met now would it be less effective later on in life?

    I'm 35 now. Not THAT young :) but not old either.

    I was set to start on my Fortamet after I knew whether or not I was getting a period this month.

    I have one more apt with a new endo next month though. Maybe I should wait?

    I just feel like if I could get my T levels down I'd have a better chance at recovering lost hair or at least halting the process. I'm still terrified about the possibility of the hair loss side effect though and that's why I've been so hesitant. (did get a mega b12 supp and calcium though to try to head that off)

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hate how complicated this crap is.
  6. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Well , blood sugar levels have actually nothing to do with Ir in most cases...when you are IR, you insulin works very hard to keep your sugars in check, you become diabetic when your insuline cannot keep them in check anymore...my endo tells me that we will consider met when i will try to conceive, and will have to go off the bcp and antiandrogen...
    well i do not know for flutamide. but for androcur at least i knwo it actually lower androgens, i have regular check out and my androgen are now on the very low side. so yes it block the androgen, what is blocked is the production of androgens, the ovaries are slowed down as well as other glands that produces male hormones (i think the adrenals??) and that is how the androgens get lower, that is also why a women on RT will need estrogen in the bcp for exemple, because the overall hormonal production is affected when on hrt.
    more and more people are now likely to develop IR because the food we eat is so much processed, we eatcrap litearally.

    if when on antiandrogen your androgen levels rise up ou should make sure our PCOS is not trigerred by another hormonal disorder like a thyroid,or a cortisol problem...often women unsuccefful on antiandrogen have another hormonal issue and antiandrogen is not the right treatment for them.

  7. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    going o met at 35 is fine i guess, i was saying that in my opinion if antiandrogen work on a girl as long as she does not get diabetic or wieght issue, and if she need contraception, no need to add another treatment....unless futire studies prove it is helpful.
    some treatments in some cases become less effective with age or things like that, for exemple. i think it just depend on the people ect.
    plus let's say you're going to be on met for ten years, i am sure in ten years from now other treatments will be available that we dont know of now.

    kimm to me it sounds weird that no doctor has managed to keep your adrogens in check...regular pcos cases are easily managed. maybe something else is going on with you... are you taking a bcp along with flutamide???
  8. kimm

    kimm Guest

    hi again -

    I did have a baby 15 months ago, so that is a big reason why my hormones are fluctuating. I'm wondering if my androgens will eventually level out or go down or if they will just keep rising though. Can't find an answer on that one.

    I went on Flutamide when my baby was about 4 or 5 months old to try and counter the effect from my androgens, but I don't think it was enough. I started to shed at about 12 months out from his birth, but not terribly. A couple months later I was shocked when I saw how much I thinned out. I see a lot of regrowth, but can't get my head around what's really going on. I see a lot trying to come back, but I also see that I'm still a lot thinner than I was last year at this time (even with the post partum shedding!). So I'm not sure what to think other than just focus on getting my androgens down.

    I was on Spironolactone before I had kids a few years ago and that lowered my androgens some, but I don't remember where I ended up at before getting off to try for kids. It never really stopped my shedding though so I don't think it's worth trying again right now. BCPs started my hair loss so I'm not too keen on them right now. I am considering Yasmin in the future though as a last ditch effort.

    I have yet another doctor apt next week with a new endo at u of m. I'll go over what I'm on, my plan to try fortamet as well as seeing if I can have him check out things like cortisol and to see what he thinks about my other levels. Other docs didn't think my other levels were significant, but then they thought my Total T was normal at 63. Any other PCOSer on Soulcysters I've talked to seems to have issues at this level as well (even though I know free testosterone is the main culprit) So I'm hoping this doctor is "in the know ".

    One other item that I'm not sure about is my thyroid. I've been diagnosed as slightly hypo, but when I tried a low dose of armour I reacted reeeeally badly. I think it made me hyper for a while.

    In the end I think I'll just be adding metformin and see if that treats the root problem.

    Is your combo working well for you?
  9. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    from what you say...anti andorgen always work better along a bcp , or natural estrogens (very light dosage you might inquire your doctor about that).
    then the thyroid thing could also be the reason why your androgen arent in check. i had a friend who was hypo and she had pcos as a chain effect from that condition, she was on antiandrogen but it never worked on her, her androgen went back in range once her thyroid was balancedthrough other med.
  10. kimm

    kimm Guest

    that's really interesting about the thyroid. I'll have to ask the endo about it.

    My other docs don't think I need to be treating that right now, (severe hyper reaction to armour as evidence). The doctor that prescribed it to me just wanted to switch me to Synthroid, but I don't want to play guessing games with this. That's one reason why I'm going to yet another doctor next week.

    It's also interesting that sooo many women with pcos seem to also have some form of hypothyroidism.

    I've actually been trying to find a link between hormone levels and hypothyroidism and the only thing I could find was that getting it in range would help raise shbg levels. I know that metformin can do that as well.

    I'll also see about estrogen. I've asked before but every doctor thought that was in good range based on test results. I've been interested in herbals like Saw Palmetto, but haven't gone that route since I've read they lower estrogen levels as well.

    Something different is definitely going on now though because I think I may be skipping this months period again. If it doesn't come today or tomorrow I'll probably be missing it this month. This bums me out because it's a sign to me that my condition is worsening despite the antiandrogen and improved diet. :(

    I'm really itching to start the Fortamet now though, so I can feel like I'm doing something to get this back on track again! I'm forcing myself to wait until my doctor apt a week from today.
  11. kimm

    kimm Guest

    I did find a link between androgens and hypothyroidism!

    Although I'm only slightly out of range (by the new standards) and just like with pcos, don't fit all the criteria.

    http://books.google.com/books?id=xl9weu ... #PPA174,M1

    It's My Ovaries, Stupid! By Elizabeth Lee Vliet: page 171

    This lady seems to know her stuff!

    I even looked at her website to see about an apt but it would require a lot of money, travel and would probably take forever to get in.

    The plot thickens...........

    Wonder if met would still help though?

    Reeeeally hoping this new doctor can have some answers for me, because I'm sick of spinning my wheels here. I need to do something different!

    Crap. I was really hoping to put the thyroid issue to bed but now I see that I can't yet.
  12. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    i hope you find answers soon!
  13. kimm

    kimm Guest

    okay -

    Just took my first dose of Fortamet at dinner tonight.

    Fingers crossed!

    Praying, praying, praying that I don't make my hair loss worse with this.

    My general prac also felt through my stomach that one of my ovaries are definitely bigger than the other (i didn't even know you could feel those from the stomach!) and I just skipped yet another period. Something has definitely changed recently.

    Seeing yet another endo on Wed. hopefully I can get someone to look at the entire picture here and let me know if I'm doing the right things now.
  14. Mary4543

    Mary4543 Guest

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  15. Sefie

    Sefie Guest

    While on Met I lost crazy amounts of hair... it causes B12 defficiency; this causes hairloss. Met also prevents the body from absorbing B12! I had to go off it, the stupid doctor said this wouldn't happen but it did. I must admit I saw the effects of it on the reduced shed after 3 months... but what's the point when you are shedding like crazy while you are taking it?! I'm not taking a chromium supplement to control my sugar levels, way safer and no B12 defficiency!

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