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Regrowth Yes but no real improvement in sight

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by dying curls, May 18, 2008.

  1. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    I guess i just should get used to the idea now that nothing will really gets better hair speaking....It might even get worse with years , pregnancy if i decide to have a baby, and menaupose.....I keep thinking of my cousin who barely started to thin at my age and who is bald now at 35.
    I dont know how to do to accpet this and that is how things are...
    if you have any tips...welcome
  2. mjh

    mjh Guest

    Is your cousin a man or woman?

    I have had hair loss for five years now, probably more. But it was five years ago that it thinned dramitcally, down to half. I think it's the same since. It hasn't gotten much thinner. I use the lasercomb. If I can ever get my arse over to a doctor I'll try to get on meds but I've gotten distracted from medical attention. Once we moved, then my insurance policy billed me a lot for just two visits so i didn't try going back again. Now we've been approved by another insurance brand but we have to wait six months before we can use it. I'm so frustrated.
  3. michelesmith

    michelesmith Guest

    well ive been dealing with it for 15 years, ive had some great regrowths during times such as pregnancy so i just take the good with the bad, unfortunately i think now this is my genetic destination and a whole lot wont be able to be done, maybe if i go on and stay on hrt but you can only do that for so long too so i keep in my mind theres alot worse things than this, my girlfriend just had her breasts taken off for cancer which makes me think ok yes im balding but i can conceal and get a piece eventually etc, that doesnt mean i still dont cry about it or feel like a freak but its definitely easier to handle after dealing for so long with it time seems to be the only thing that helps in acceptance of things.........
  4. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    she is a woman....All the people i am talking about are on my dad's side..on my mum's side nobody has hair loss...on my dad's side..all the men except one, and my grandad, all the women except one of my aunt....among the children we are two girls with this problem...among the male children all of them except one.
  5. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Well i will have to stay on HRT at least till i am menauposal...or i can other health problem and PCOS puts us at risk for even other problems at the ovaries....i dont really have the choice....then i guess Metformin will replace HRT...maybe even before menaupose...my endo tells me thoough that i prolly have to take HRT for menaupose anyway..he says it's ok and the estrogens i have are the lightest thing on the market...well i guess by the time i am 50 there will be better meds out there..
  6. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    you said you had regrowth during pregnancy..then do you think your hair loss is due to some kind of hormonal disturbance??? you maybe could have maintained this regrowth with HRT??

    well i guess if HRT dont give me much regrowth pregnancy wont do much more??

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