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Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by Janices, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. Janices

    Janices Guest

    I sat down at my computer today to search the old messages for whatever info is available on Revivogen, but I guess they are all gone. :(

    Can anyone give me any personal experiences regarding Revivogen? I'm considering seeing Dr. Khadavi in Encino (Southern California). I live in So. Calif also. He's the guy who developed it and is supposed to be an expert in hair loss. My insurance will cover the office visit but I would like whatever info I can find before going there.

    Thanks for whatever help you can give me.
  2. Tinka

    Tinka Guest

    It's supposed to be pretty good! I just recently ordered some. It's not... very.. pleasant, though. It's very greasy and stains your scalp orange. I also think I apply too much. It's slightly irritating.

    I'll letcha know in six months what the results are!
  3. Tapia

    Tapia Guest

    I used Revivogen for about 3-4 months last year. I was pleased with the way it gave my hair some body and sort of "raised" each strand off of my scalp so that my hair didn't appear so flat. However, my derm noticed that I got some weird bumps on my scalp and prescribed cortisone which I did not want to apply so I quit the Revivogen instead.

    I added Folligen (copper peptides spray) to my regimen after 2 months which I believe was a big mistake! My scalp was itching like crazy and has never really recovered. I'm not 100% sure whether the Revi or the Folligen caused this but I think it was the Folligen - it is really harsh!

    Good luck
  4. SadSam

    SadSam Guest

    Why did you not want to apply the cortisone to your scalp? Have you heard anything about it?
  5. Tapia

    Tapia Guest

    Cortisone is some kind of artificial hormone and I did not want to have more trouble just to be able to use Revivogen. I think that cortisone is on the "list" of medications that can cause hairloss (and many other unpleasant things)
  6. dnina

    dnina Guest

    Hi Tapia

    Can you explain what do you mean by weird bumps in your head ?
  7. Tapia

    Tapia Guest

    It is hard to explain. I guess they were like very small spots on my scalp.

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