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Ridges or bumps, kinks along hair shaft - PCOS related?

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by VANESA, Jun 20, 2008.


    VANESA Guest

    Hello ,
    ((Me 34 year old women with hairloss since age 29, probably Androgenetic Alopecia (triggered by high free androgens as I have PCOS insulin resistance) , woolly, thick blond , wavey hair, turned thinner lately))
    I have posted this a few times but still at a loss to what it is. :lost:
    Most of my hair (not all) have funny ridges of kinks on them.

    When I feel the single hair with my fingers, run my fingers along it, there are lots of small little bumps or kinks in it. Little tiny ones, if I look closely maybe the hair is twisted but there are definate bumps or kinks, ridges.. It is driving me CRAZY. :badmood:

    I tried to look it up on the internet and the closest thing I came to was either:

    1) APKH - acquiared Kinkiness of the Hair Syndrome - which is rare and usually starts in pre pubescant males ie age 12 or 13 and not good news as it usually heralds very SEVERE Androgenetic Alopecia coming and hairloss (that did not make me happy).

    2) Pili Torti - look it up on internet

    On some of the hairs, the part nearest the scalp ie newer hair looks smoother and on the end I can see the ridges.. this makes me think something has changed recently.
    I was diagnosed with insulin resistance last year and have been on metformin for 9 months now.. perhaps now my insulin and glucose levels are down this has been preventing the ridges or bumps on hairshaft happening... I don't know but I'd love to find out what the hell this is!! :lost:

    Please reply if you have this or have had this!!! Thank you.
  2. hairtoday

    hairtoday Guest

    Hi Vanesa,

    I have PCOS and of course hairloss. I have a few of those kinky hairs and hairs which are a different texture from my "normal" hair. I also have noticed my hair has gotten wavier almost curly and I had/have straight hair.

    These hormones cause the strangest effects in our bodies. I read that you take Metformin, has that helped with your hair in any way? I've taken it on and off for about a year and am scared it might have contributed to hairloss because of other stories I've read.

    VANESA Guest

    Yes I think hairloss has slowed but its important to take a B complex with it as it stops some absorbtion of B and Calcium, so take calcium as well.

    Metformin really keeps my weight down.....its great. :)
  4. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    like I said, 90% of the new growth I have are like this!!!
    NEVER had these before the hair loss meds!
  5. mjh

    mjh Guest

    Hi Vanesa,

    I just started taking Met about a week ago...how long did it take you to lose weight? Do you diet/exercise too?
  6. alicat

    alicat Guest

    I thought Met didn't make you lose weight? It's not a weight loss drug, right?
  7. mjh

    mjh Guest

    It does help you lose weight if you're IR. Because women with PCOS have trouble losing weight with diet and exercise alone so they need something to help keep the insulin down. That's what Met does.

    I think that's right.....

    VANESA Guest

    I am a bit fed up with people saying "met is not a weight loss drug".

    No of course its not a weight loss drug but it will make 99% of people lose weight if they have IR because being IR means you have high insulin levels due to being insulin resistant... so if you fix or improve that ie Metformin balances Insulin and bloos sugar... insulin goes down...
    lower insulin levels means your body burns or lets go of more fat and especially it just falls of the waist and tummy (high insullin levels means fat is deposited and does not move from tummy and waist EVEN if you eat healthily and exercise...

    That is the whole thing with being IR - it makes you put on and not burn fat.
    Met fixes this so YOU LOSE WEIGHT
    think about it - its not hard,

    Ok I've had my temper tantrum....sorry forgive me

    I lost 15kgs 30 pounds within weeks yes weeks of taking metformin... and have maitained with doing nothing esle for 10 months...
    ie form 80 to 65kg in the space of weeks

    The met fixed my IR or at least improved it.. I still have a bit to lose but will probably only lose it with exericse..

    In a nutsheel I'm not sick and puffy and fat anymore...due to high insulin levels...
  9. alicat

    alicat Guest

    Hey Vanessa!

    No need to get so huffy --LOL! :)

    I just need to remind myself that Met is not a weight loss drug, 'cause if I do go on it, I can't rely on it to help me lose weight. I need to do it the right way by exercising and eating better! Of course if it does help me lose weight, great--but I do need to help myself first before a drug.
  10. mjh

    mjh Guest

    I exercised my butt off last year and didn't lose any weight...it was sooo annoying. Of course my diet consisted of cookies, ice cream and mochas so that might have something to do with it. Still, i expected to lose SOME weight with the way I worked out every day. Didn't....sigh. I just started Met and I haven't lost weight yet on this either...I am not overweight but I'm close to it. I think my extra pounds are from frappuccinos and chocolate chip cookies. I havent' gone to the gym in like three months becasue I moved and didn't get a gym membership here. That's also cuz I'm trying to conceive and don't want to work out too hard right now. Although i should be doing SOMETHING, like walking.
  11. VANESA

    VANESA Guest

    Give met time to work... its not going to work overnight and you need to be up to the 1500mgs to 2000mgs mark to start seeing results (for most people) for me it was earlier...and remember met works better with low GI eating and exercise (the exercise bit is easier said than done though I know)

    Sorry yes no need to get huffy LOL...

    But Alicat - chances are if you are having trouble losing weight... and are here on this site ie losing hair... chances are you have Insulin resisntance.... the met is going to help reduce insulin levels therefore raise SHBG and reduce free testosterone.

    Also met should for most be a longterm medication as high insulin levels in the longterm cause inflammation and inflammation is the main cause of aging and high insulin levels longterm give you an increase chance of:

    A) Type 2 diabetes
    B) Heart disease and stroke
    C) Alzheimers disease
    D) General faster aging of body.
    E) Uterine, breast and all cancers in general...

    So why wouldn't one want to be on met.. even border line high insulin and glucose people should be on met...

    It is not a fertiity or weight loss drug - but because it fixes insulin resistance which does cause annovulation miscarriage and for people to put on weight and not lose it easily especially around stomach is does actually help those things....

    Anyway said my bit.. hahah :jump:
  12. alicat

    alicat Guest

    Hey Vanessa!

    I *do* want to be on Met! I asked my endo last month why I wasn't on it, and he said my hormones were fine and there was no need for it. I am to go see him again in the fall.

    I know that I have a great chance of being diabetic with having PCOS, so the fact that eh wouldn't put me on Met dumbfounds me!!!! I wasn't fasting, but my insulin was high in January. I haven't had it checked since.

    Lately I've been soooooooo thirsty and peeing a lot!!! I am praying that I don't have type 2 diabetes. If I do, I'm gonna be REAL PISSED at my endo!!!! I have an appointment with my GP next week to get this pee/thirst issue checked out! I'm not going to the endo for this 'cause I trust this GP over him!

  13. VANESA

    VANESA Guest

    I understand alicat.

    I just get so worked up because honest to GOD,...without met I would still be fat , puffy and unhappy...

    Now I am slim and healthy...I now want to incorporate more exercise into my routine and continue my low GI eating..

    Soon I want to be about 62kgs... and before met I started at nearly 80kgs (I am tall 175cm with a naturally slim build, slim tall parents, slim tall twin brother , natuarally fast metabolism.. so when I got sick with high insulin levels which caused me to put on weight mainly around tummy and waist and upper body - it was such shock.
    My parents thought I was lazy and ate too much but I hadn't changed anyting..

    Deep down I knew something was wrong - I am just glad I insisted my GP refer me to an ENDO ...I dont' know where I would be today with out that...

    I urge people to get 2nd opinions if their doctor won't put them on met and they are clearly insulin resitant ie losing hair.. putting on weight around tummy, not being able to lose it even if they exercise.

    That fact that you exercise and still not losing weight that is indicative of IR.
    I don't exerise but am on met and low gi eating... and am now slim - so imagine if I exercised...I'd be back to how I was a few years ago....

    Met is great - just make sure you take Vit B complex and calcium..
  14. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    http://www.hairlosshelp.com/forums/mess ... adid=77987

    THose on anti androgens and having weird hairs....this link is about finasteride and avodart causing further thinning and some quit the drug and the hair they lost did not come back after they quit. Many say that the widows peak was first to go, and temples. It talks about the body reacting negatively to it.
  15. mymane

    mymane Guest

    Actually, Metformin was originally used and intended to be a weight loss drug. It later proved to be helpful in treating diabetics.

    I was on this medication for about nine months. I began loosing weight immediately. I was too thin, wasn't interested in eating at all, I only wanted water. I felt tired, sluggish, no energy, very dark circles under my eyes, and nausea which had gotten so bad that I stopped this medication. However, do not go off this med without your Dr's advice. I weened off of it and had terrible low blood sugar.
    After being off this med about a month, my appetite and energy returned to normal.
  16. alicat

    alicat Guest

    That's funny. I am on Met (2000mg) and I am not losing weight. Does this mean I don't have IR?
  17. mymane

    mymane Guest

    Of course not, I am certain that your Dr determined that you are a diabetic through your blood work. I suppose some people react differently than others while using Metformin or any other drug for that matter.
    The fact of the matter is that it was once given to people to loose weight. And is now used for diabetics and can be helpful for other medical reasons.
  18. alicat

    alicat Guest

    I actually don't have diabetes. I have a great fasting glucose number! My doctor has me on Met to try to curb getting diabetes (as I am more prone to it thanks to PCOS). I was hoping my androgens would come down, but so far I still have high T. Grrrrr. Stupid body I have. I am thankful that I at least don't have diabetes...I seem to have a lot of PCOS symptoms :(

    Maybe in time I'll have an easier time losing weight. For now, it's a struggle. I am not giving up!
  19. mymane

    mymane Guest

    I am sorry that your blood sugar is off, I know how that feels, mine gets as high as a diabetic and drops as low as 50. I walk everyday because I need circulation in my feet. Besides hair, do you by any chance have cuticle problems? My cuticles are sometimes painful and itchy.
    I apologize because I am a newbie and am not familiar with PCOS.
    Is a high T your thyroid?
  20. alicat

    alicat Guest


    My blood sugar is GOOD, not bad. High T=high testosterone. I do have hypothyroidism, though.
    I don't have any cuticle probs. That would drive me nuts, though...to have painful and itchy cuticles!!!

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