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Rogaine success rate in young women with Androgenetic Alopecia?

Discussion in 'Teens and Twenties Alopecians' started by acr3m, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. acr3m

    acr3m Guest

    I am new to the site and a little confused by everything. I am 21 years old and started shedding around age 18. I went to a dermatologist about a year ago and even though he didn't diagnose me with anything, he did say that I had low iron and high testosterone and prescribed 150 mg of Spironolactone as well as rogaine. I lazily only used the two for about three months, not long enough to see results, but I don't remember shedding. Since then my hair loss has gotten worse, my scalp now being VERY visible all over, making me think that I have Androgenetic Alopecia.

    I guess my question is have any of the younger women out there had good results using rogaine? I've read that the younger you are the better it works, but I am in depressed mode and would like to hear it from people my own age who are going through the same thing. Are there any other steps I can take to promote hair regrowth (vitamins, bc, topicals) and have any of you guys had success with them?
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    May 11, 2013
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    I started rogaine when I was 17 because I started losing my hair at 16. I used it religiously and I think it helped maintain the hair that I had. Back then, I used to fret about my hair because my part was widening. however, I actually still had quite a bit of hair on the sides and back. I then stopped using it for a couple years and my hair is worse than ever, and it's more than likely irreversible. I have shed all over, my hair is very thin all over and the sides have gotten horrible. Way worse than the top of my head. I am now 26 years old.

    However, I also have a ton of scalp inflammation and my doctor thinks I may have a mild autoimmune disorder, so that probably has contributed to the loss big time.

    I would seriously just begin the rogaine and make it a part of your life. I think it absolutely helped maintain my hair, I should have never stopped it. The sad truth is unless you have a deficiency and the "cards are in the right place" then regrowing hair isn't likely to happen. You should take your iron and maybe just a solid multivitamin. But your goal should switch from regrowing hair to maintaining hair in the follicles that haven't yet been destroyed. Really look at your hair loss objectively. I wish I would have chilled out about mine when I was 20, 23, even 24. Because I would do anything just to have my hair back to being less thin than it is now. Sorry I don't have a positive outlook for you, it's just the nature of having hair loss.

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