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Saw Palmetto, Nettle Root, Dong Quai

Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by wish4hair, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. wish4hair

    wish4hair Guest

    Please read this:
    http://www.hairlosshaven.com/picking-th ... ements.htm

    Top 3 Supplements Often Found In Natural Hair Loss Products
    1. Saw Palmetto

    If you want the main ingredient that's in 90% of the natural hair loss treatments out there then get Saw Palmetto.

    Saw Palmetto has become a popular hair loss supplement because of it's reputation for promoting prostate health by reducing DHT. Since prostatic disease and hair loss are connected in several different ways many herbalist have begun marketing Saw Palmetto as a hair loss treatment.

    Propecia (Finasteride) was originally marketed as a prostatic treatment as well. It became a hair loss treatment after patients started noticing changes in hair growth.

    Saw Palmetto, like Propecia, will help you lower the amount of DHT produced in the body. However, it's debatable whether or not it will work quite as well as Propecia.

    You should also know that Saw Palmetto does have side effects and drug interactions. Pregnant women should avoid Saw Palmetto because it could be dangerous to unborn babies. It might not have any hair growth benefits for women at all.

    In a few cases Saw Palmetto has caused hemorrhages, difficulty urinating, swelling of the prostate, and blood in the urine.

    2. Nettle Root

    Nettle Root is a another supplement that's often put into natural hair loss treatments. It helps block 5-Alpha-Reductase which causes testosterone to be converted to DHT.

    This supplement is often included in the top tier natural hair loss treatments. Nettle root is considered a stronger DHT blocker than Saw Palmetto by some herbalist.

    In most cases natural hair loss treatments don't have any nettle root in them at all. The ones that do have nettle root often don't have enough.

    However, like saw palmetto nettle root does have some negative interactions with prescription drugs. Be careful if you are taking blood pressure medication, diabetes medicine or sedatives.

    Unlike, Saw Palmetto women with hair loss can use it as well.

    3. Dong Quai

    Dong Quai is another DHT blocker. It has phytoestrogens which block androgen-receptor sites that help convert testosterone to DHT.

    Since it works to block DHT many people believe that it will also help prevent hair loss.

    Dong Quai can also be used by women. If you combine Dong Quai with Nettle Root then you will probably have a regimen that's stronger than most natural hair loss treatments on the market.

    Combine all three and you will have the best possible supplement regimen at a much more affordable price.
  2. CarliGali

    CarliGali Guest

    Interesting. Thanks :)
  3. SnoochiesPea

    SnoochiesPea Guest

    I am nervous about Saw Palmetto. I take a lot of vitamins daily (Vitamin D, ginko, womens daily, B100, 5000mg Biotin, a calcium chew and then occasionally I take fish oil, vitamin e, vitamin c, and milk thistle).

    My period is SUPER irregular and i just went nearly 6 months without having it at all. I have androgenetic alopecia, and from May till now my thick curly hair (it used to be my best feature), became thin wavy strands (you can see my scalp around the crown). I was just told to begin Yasmin and I am scared it will make my hair worse. All bloodwork shows that my hormones are fine, so i am not sure whats going on. Also the Yasmin is 70 bucks a month with my insurance!!! This with the rogaine I take is sooo expensive. Could Saw palmetto or these other herbs help?

    I hate that my hair is falling out so rapidly :(
  4. CarliGali

    CarliGali Guest

    This is sort of my next step ...I am trying to work up courage to start a DHT blocker buut I dont feel confident to start taking all kinds of stuff/supplements without surpervision ... Who can actually help? what kind of doctors?

    Thanks for the list ...
  5. For supplements I've heard good things about this company. They sell a supplement to help with PCOS and I'm sure they have the herbs mentioned as well. I have a cousin who sees a nutritionist that distributes their supplements. THey don't sell to the general public. She lives in a different state than me, but gave me this number to call and said her nutritionist told her you can ask them for a rep in your area. That might be someplace to start. Or a naturopath.
    Standard Process 1-808-848-5061
  6. Ok.. I just googled the supplements and it looks like you don't have to go through a distributor. But you could call the 800 number to find a good nutritionist in your area perhaps to help you oversee what supplements to take.
  7. Swan

    Swan Guest

    I actually have heard good things about this company from a nutritionist friend but have never tried their products/services myself. If anyone does try them please let us know.
  8. wish4hair

    wish4hair Guest

    I am using the dong qui I did help to decrease the shedding. I know that for sure because when I stop it for a while the shed would increase again.
  9. el123

    el123 Guest

    I've been trying to read alot about these supplements.
    I have PCOS and slightly high but normal levels of testosterone. Been taking SawPalmetto since March 09 ish. Blood test show a drop in testoterone levels - which never happened before with other meds such as Androcur. It hasn't reduced my hairloss. Further I read about it it talks mostly about reducing testosterone in general - and not specifically DHT.
    I've heared Dong Quai is very good for women. But so far haven't tried it.
    Nettle - A lady with PCOS swore by Nettle Shampoo - so I change my Shampoo after this. Again no real impact for me. But further reading does show that it washes out DHT from the hair as opposed to other Shampoo.
    I have also heared that Green Tea and Yerba Matte tea (similar to Green Tea yet more potent) is very good at blocking DHT. But again further reading show no REAL proof of this. and some claim the Green Tea should be taken as well as SoyMilk. All which I've been taking for the last two months. No dramatic changes to the hairloss.
    (I take a minimum 2cups Green Tea and 2cups Yerba Matte Tea a day and prob 1/2 to 1 glass of Soy Milk.)
  10. GINAA

    GINAA Guest

    Hi there,
    I'm using Dong quai too. but I'm not sure which dose would be enough for hairloss.currently taking 125mg aday?
    I thinkits kind of helping but then again I'm in my luteal phase .it'll hit back when I get my period.
    do you take it everyday during your cycle?
  11. miche777

    miche777 Guest

    I'm confused....so should women take saw palmetto...or not? :shock:

    I stopped taking it b/c I kept reading conflicting information. :crazy:

    I now use progesterone cream with phytoestrogens in it....I am hoping that has me covered, internally, as far as decreasing DHT....
  12. el123

    el123 Guest

    From my experience taking Saw Palmetto - it does seem to reduce testosterone levels (but very slowly). I don't know for sure if it specifically reduces DHT levels. It is generally taken by men for prestate problems - and very often works by reducing testosterone and in turn reducing prostate problems.
    Lots of products containing it claim that it reduces DHT and in turn stops hairloss. But no one knows for sure how it works. No one knows how it goes about reducing the testosterone or DHT from your body.
    I guess it would be like taking a leap of faith...
  13. Swan

    Swan Guest

    I've been very hesitant about this when it comes to women specifically because no-one knows. Some say the possible side-effects could be beyond what's often considered to be a risk for child-bearing women - like P-- so at some point after lots of research and not coming up with anything definite I closed that file once forever and decided I'd not feel comfortable exposing my body to it without knowing more . But lots of women take it with no obvious problem.
  14. papercut

    papercut Guest

    I'm taking all of these herbs right now and I think that they are working for me. Then again I'm also not sure if I have TE or Androgenetic Alopecia so my shed could of just stopped because i removed the trigger :$

    I take saw palmetto, dong quai and polygonium in a tincture form (liquid). I also drink a nettle root and horse tail tea although I am all out of my tea right now.

    I feel comfortable taking herbs as they are used for other things other than hair loss. So while saw palmetto is traditonally used by men for prostate problems it can be used to treat other conditions as well.

    I get my herbs from a herbalist and I trust her knowledge and experience. But just make sure you do your research and be comfortable with what you are taking.
  15. el123

    el123 Guest

    Thought I'll put my latest update here...
    I began taking Spironolactone just 11days ago. along with a low does Pill. Plus also taking Vit D and Folic Acid. I was taking Saw Palmetto before this. And as the Endo didn't tell me to stop it I continued taking it. (The Endo said that Spironolactone takes a very long time to take effect - like 6months or so)
    Last night and the night before I started burning up after taking all the meds. I couldn't sleep. I felt all my blood rushing around my body. And I was pumped and could have run a mile. Was awake til around 2am the next morning and yet don't feel sleepy after either. :shock:
    Not sure if I should stop the saw Palmetto completely or try to halve the dose first. I wonder if the meds don't get along with each other OR all the meds are trying to lower my testosterone and what I experienced is my body's answer - Increasing the testosterone even further!!! :whistle:
    Does anyone have any thoughts???
  16. GINAA

    GINAA Guest

    all I know is that you shouldn't take saw palmetto with bcp.saw palmetto lowers adnrogen+estrogen.
    I think taking 3 of them wouldnot be wise.either you should be on synthetic hormones or natural.you cant take both.
    I suggest you stick to Spironolactone and bcp for now.
  17. el123

    el123 Guest

    I think you have a point. :agree:
    I halved my saw palmetto dosage last night and I felt much better. Had a good nights sleep. I think I might stop taking the Saw Palmetto at least for a few months.
  18. Gypsy

    Gypsy Guest

    may i know if it is safe to take saw palmetto with estelle 35 ( contains 2mg cyproterone acetate and 0.035mg ethinyloestradiol. )? because i read that saw palmetto decreases estrogen as well... apparently when i did my hormones test, the results were all normal... except the ultrasound showed some cysts.. anyway sorry coz i am not sure if cyproterone acetate and ethinyloestradiol are considered estrogen... anyway dr does not know that saw palmetto decreases dht and dr also did not mentioned anything about saw palmetto interacting with estelle 35..

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