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Saw Palmetto

Discussion in 'New Research, Studies, and Discoveries' started by cookielady, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys Guest

    Wow what a great thread. I tossed out my SP too, I read it can wreak havoc on hormones, last thing I need.
  2. kiara

    kiara Guest

    Thanks admin !

    Hi Admin ! I hope you're feeling better now.
    :D I've been checking back into this thread everyday to see if you've written anything ! And finally.. !! Many many thanks for your suggestion !!

    I really don't have irritation or side effect problem with the 2% liquid other than it makes my hair greasy after 3 applications...

    The only thing that scares me away from the 5% foam is its much higher concentration... I'm scared of another shedding period, but more than that, because I want to get pregnant in a few years time: It's been said that you will lose regrown hair if you stop minoxidil, I fear that stopping 5% will result in greater loss ... I don't know if I can cope with that.

    At the moment I'm into 9 mths using the 2% and I can tell I have regrowth, although I still see thin strands of short hair, not sure if they're actually the regrowth that have been dormant and will get thicker over time..?

    But if 5% will improve my regrowth maybe I should give it a go after completing 12 mths on the 2%. ..?
  3. kiara

    kiara Guest

    Hi admin

    Hi Admin, thanks very much once again for your replies ! I just forgot to ask one more thing, ... where does it say 2% minoxidil works 42% and the 5% foam 85%...?
    Cause I read a journal paper comparing 2 and 5%, it said 5% is not much better than the 2%...
  4. italianguy

    italianguy Guest

    Saw Palmetto - good herb but UNPROVEN for hair loss

    The advice your getting on Saw Palmetto fits pretty much my experience and research. Saw Palmetto is a top 10 herbal product , but its effectiveness for hair loss is PURE SPECULATION.

    The main point is Saw Palmetto is UNPROVEN with regards to hair loss . It is the primary ingredient in probably 90% of the "natural" hair loss remedies - which gives it a bad reputation. The problem , however, is not the herb itself, but the unscruptulous people making claims that are not based in fact.

    Saw Palmetto is essentially PROVEN with regard to prostrate problems , and has been used in Europe forr BPH for decades.

    My dermatologist , ( who is very well known in hair loss ) says he DOESNT KNOW if Saw Palmetto for hair loss works or not. Note he DID NOT SAY it causes mega sheds or is toxic or is guaranteed not to work !

    As a guy , I have taken Saw Palmetto for BPH and in the wild hope it might help my hair loss too. It DEFINITELY has hormonal effects ( is a hormonal modulator ). Saw Palmetto would have to affect DHT or the androgen receptors in the prostrate to help in BPH.

    I did not find Saw Palmetto helped my hair very much , but research is definitely needed !! Maybe the dosages of SP used are too low, or certain chemicals in SP could be effective at the right dosing levels ...

    Finasteride , as a type II 5AR inhibitor with proven effaciacy is hands down what people need to take right now for hair loss.

    One of the key research questions is does SP down regulate the androgen receptor sensitivities ? If the answer is YES, then SP may be VERY USEFUL as an adjunctive drug to take WITH Finasteride - KEY POINT

    I actually continue to take low dosage Saw Palmetto with my daily Finasteride on the hope that down regulation effect may be how Saw Palmetto works

    Good luck - and bottomline , stick with core hair loss products that are a sure bet :D
  5. badpenny65

    badpenny65 Guest


    My dermatologist prescribed Rogaine for me after 3 scalp biopsies and 7 blood tests. I used it for about amonth, but got tired of the rapid heartbeat. I immediately started to shed even worse!
    Rogaine is just a bandaid, or a lifetime committment.
    Currently, I am using Emu oil shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatment. It is relatively inexpensive (35.00) for a 30 day supply.
    Easy to use. I did quite a bit of research before I started this regimen. It might help soothe your extra sensitive scalp.


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