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Scalp consult

Discussion in 'The Undiagnosed' started by JerseyMommy, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. JerseyMommy

    JerseyMommy Guest

    So I just got back from a scalp consultation at a hair salon. First off I think scalp microscopes should be outlawed holy cow how depressing. According to him my hair on the sides and back are thick and healthy but the top is really oily and is at 60% density with thinner hair. He recommended laser hair therapy twice a week for a year and to use a hair product system. $249 for the treatment a month and $39 a month for the shampoo, conditioner and hair thickener from bosely. I just don't understand how he can know I'm a candidate when I dont even have a diagnosis yet. Thoughts? :dunno:
  2. marsh

    marsh Guest

    Personally I would wait until you've got a diagnosis. I am still waiting and its been 2 weeks. In those 2 weeks I've seen an endocrinologist, and he sent me to a dermatologist for a scalp biopsy. I've seen my cardiologist for a review of my meds because my meds have been know to cause hair loss. I see my gyn on Friday and my psycologist next week. I am really tired of going to doctors but I want as accurate a diagnosis as possible. Only then will I be able to decide how to treat my hair loss. Good luck with yours, its not only a pain in the butt but heartbreaking as well.

  3. JerseyMommy

    JerseyMommy Guest

    Exactly! I have a derm appt on monday but I couldn't get an appt to my endo til sept 14th. I have PCOS which could be the cause of my hair loss. But I'm going to a wig store on Monday also to see about a topper or something to maybe get me out of this depression I'm in. It really taking a toll on my little ones and my poor hubby :( not to mention I'm freaking my mother out now too. She thinks her hair is thinning...it is not. Ugh I need answers so I can get on with this and try to feel better!

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