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Discussion in 'Newly Diagnosed Alopecians' started by soozan, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. soozan

    soozan Guest

    Hi my name is Soozan, I've been browsing on the net for ages looking for a site that I could possibly connect with. I have Alopecia Areata, I had to look up a book for that one lol as I didn't even realise I had a title! For the past wee while I have been using Trendco couvre, which I have to say has served me well till now. I sent for brochures on wigs and hairpieces and feel kinda down, I don't know what would be the best way forward for me now. Has anyone any advice to give me?

    olor=#000040] :lost: [/color]
  2. welcome to the boards.

    if you ask something specific, someone on these boards can probably help you.
  3. sgomez33

    sgomez33 Guest

    Hi Soozan! Welcome! There are some really great ladies on this forum. It has helped me so much being on here. I'm glad you found us.
    So what is Trendco couvre? Is it some kind of treatment? I am completely bald, and have been wearing wigs since I was 5. All I know is wigs! lol! So what do you think you would be most comfortable in? A wig, cap, bandana, scarf? I suggest you experiment a little. Maybe find a nice wig shop and try some on. You can also look on the internet for wigs. I really don't know much about good wig brands, but I recomend that you try a human hair wig. They stay more natural looking for longer than synthetics do.
    Have you been under a doctor's care for Alopecia Areata? Your doctor might also be a helpful resource. But there are also ladies on here that know a lot about EVERYTHING about hairloss issues. Good luck on your journey. Sarah
  4. crashanna

    crashanna Guest

    hello, I'm Alopecia Areata also. I lost my hair at the age of 13, it grew back after about 6 or 7 years and I've just lost it again, been back in a wig for around 6 weeks.
    I have a wig that I bought at Trendco, is that what you mean? Mine is Noriko brand but I bought it at the Trendco shop in London. I agree with Sarah that it's a good investment to get a human hair one. Mine is synthetic and it'll do for now until I have a custom one made but you have to be very careful with them....ie; dont open a hot oven wearing it!! Or just make sure you stand well back, I fried a few of my wigs when I was younger doing that!!

    Any questions please feel free to ask!! Lots of good advice and support around here :)

  5. Redheaduk

    Redheaduk Guest

    Hi Soozan,

    I'm Alopecia Areata and have had bald spots since I was about 16 but it's only recently got to the stage where I've started looking at wigs.

    Have you had an official diagnosis from your doctor/a consultant? I've found that GP's are quite happy to send you home, saying that they're going to monitor your hairloss and you should just go back if it's getting any worse. Go back! If you think you're at the stage of needing to get a wig, then it is possible to get them on the NHS - it just takes perseverance and a dermatology appointment.

    Where in Scotland do you live?
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Hi Sooz - this is a forum for "The Undiagnosed"

    Please try to post in proper areas. Alopecia Areata is alopecia areata, so I will move this to the Alopecia Areata community...

  7. megsdoo

    megsdoo Guest

    Hi Sooz

    Have you seen a dermatologist yet?

    Have you had Alopecia Areata long? Did it just start?

    I used to wear scarves then graduated into a wig. There are a lot of things you can do.

    First, is not to panic!

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