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Shameful Retailers

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by orbit, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. orbit

    orbit Guest

    As a result of the interaction I've had with ladies on these message boards I did a little research online to see what options were available to other specifically Canadian Alopecia Areata, AT Alopecia Universalis suffers out there wishing to purchase an inexpensive / affordable wig. Its been sometime since I purchased a wig the conventional retail way and I suppose I've been a little out of touch with the whole process.

    I was appalled and disgusted :freaked: to see the prices that retailers are charging for wigs. Specifically I researched a few styles that I am very familiar with (I've been wearing the Raquel Welch brand for about 6 years now). I am well aware of the wholesale acquisition costs of this line of wigs for retailers in Canada, and what the suggested retail prices from the distributor / manufacturer are. When I saw that the wigs were being marked up buy an ADDITIONAL and unnecessary $200-$400 per wig over and above the MSRP my heart sank and I felt very frustrated.

    My interpretation of one retailer here in Canada markets themselves as The hairloss salvation - one stop shopping spot. There's lots of info on the business owner's expertise, caring persona, background etc. And yes they offer all kind of brands, various quality of wigs, consultation services, wig styling, colouring etc. etc. They are closely affiliated with programs offered through the Ontario government catering to patients suffering from a wide variety of hairloss.

    What I took particular offense to was - how much they were over pricing the seemingly once affordable wigs. To me, this company and others like it take advantage of customers who very vulnerable, they are seeking their help and guidance in finding a product that meets their needs. Instead they are greeted with a smile, spoken to softly, and SOLD and overpriced item. These retailers should be ashamed of themselves.

    When I first experienced Alopecia at age 8, I know that my parents were confused, shocked, stunned, upset, frustrated, and would have done anything and paid any price to get a wig for me. I ended up with an ill fitting children's wig :hairy: that cost them an arm and a leg. Back in the early/mid 80's there wasn't that many options available for kids wigs so they felt backed into a corner for selection and price. Not much has changed. Yes there is a lot more information and options available to consumers, if they know where to look and realize that they really do need to shop around.

    Basically this little rant of mine is me being frustrated to death with retailers identifying a niche market and exploiting it to no end! :thumbsdown: (This is by no means a blanket across the board, as there are many fair and reputable retailers) However I just think its terrible that people in our situation are preyed upon to make a fast buck.

    Ladies, you owe it to yourselves to shop around. Do the research, educate yourself and don't give into the emotional "sell" from thieves.
  2. sgomez33

    sgomez33 Guest

    Well said, Orbit. I too remember my parents paying an arm and a leg for an ill fitting children's wig. I remember them only being able to afford one a year sometimes. Good thing at that age I really didn't care and I would go everywhere bald. I used to go to a wig shop that is about a 10 min drive from where I live, and their prices are soooooo high! They are family owned by VERY nice poeple, too. I thought that all wig shops were the same; Until I found a great little place in Phoenix that sells their wigs (same brands) for WAY LESS that HALF the price! Since I am such a good client, they deliver the wigs to my mom(who still buys them for me). YES YES YES.........It is very important to shop around.
  3. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    sgomes, how much do you pay for your wigs now?
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    wearing a beautiful headscarf is as good as wearing an attractive wig.
    pick out the fabrics you want to use for your headscarves, then go to a seamstress and have her make you scarves from the fabrics to the size you llike. or if you are good at sewing, you can make your own headscarves. or buy headscarves at women's stores, ethnic stores, vintage stores, etc..

    i wear a wig at work, but when i am not at work, when i am not wearing my bald look, i usually wear one of my beautiful sensual feminine headscarves.

    there are so many lovely fabrics of headscarves, and beautiful ways you can wrap a headscarf, wrapped from the front and tied back in a ponytail gypsy style, with long dangle earrings.
    or wrapped from the back and tied in front.
    or in a turban style.
    or wrapped on the side.
    i more often than not wrap my headscarves gypsy style.

    i refer to my headscarves as 'my hair'.
    ..... since to me a beautiful feminine sensual headscarf is as good as having beautiful hair.
    and just like women with long hair can style their beautiful hair, us bald ladies can style our headscarves.
    and the fabrics of headscarves look and feel so good and so feminine.
    my husband loves me in a beautiful headscarf as much as he loves my sensual bald head.

    i always wear my makeup, earrings, and usually a nosestud with my bald look or headscarves.
    i almost always wear dresses or skirts and blouses too.
    i am into dressing with style, and very feminine.
  5. sgomez33

    sgomez33 Guest

    I am currently wearing a human hair wig 20" long that cost 150.00. The synthetic ones I used to get were only 55.00, and they were really long lengths.
  6. sgomez33

    sgomez33 Guest

    Oh my gosh, Carol....You have such good ideas. I have always wanted to try wearing a head scarf, but wasn't sure how to pull it off. The gypsy style one sounds sexy. My husband has always encouraged me to go out bald, or wear a wrap. I just haven't had the guts. My hubby is so great. I am lucky.
    You sound like you're so beautiful. I'm a little intimidated. But I think you're awesome. I am working on my self-esteem. I am working on losing weight and trying my best to dress up when I go out;even to the grocery store! I also wear a lot of skirts and dresses. I do know how to sew so I can make my own gypsy wrap. I think it will be great to wear around the house, too. Sometimes my head gets cold! I usually wear my son's beany, but a scarf sounds so much sexier. Thanks for the advice. :) Sarah
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    wearing beautiful sensual headscarves!!!

    ..... some fabrics grip better on a bald head than others.

    you can use, under your beautiful headscarf, a headband grip of material that 'grips' your beautiful headscarf. you can buy those headband grips at wig stores that have bald women as clients.

    i have gotten good enough at wrapping my headscarves that most of the time i don't even use a headband grip, unless i am going out on a windy day or something like that.

    also on a windy day, you can wrap a headscarf gypsy style, and then wear a fashionable hat over your headscarfed head.

    the beautiful bald lady singer janice robinson does that sometimes. she wears headscarves, and sometimes she wears a fashionable hat over her beautiful headscarf, when she is not wearing her bald look.
    recently she has been wearing wigs more often, but usually she either wears her bald look, or a lovely feminine headscarf over her beautiful smooth bald head.

    i also noticed that the beautiful bald miss tanzania, flaviana matata, who shaved her head smooth for the miss universe contest, (and she finished in the top ten, she looked fantastic in her bald look), is now modeling with wigs, headscarves, and her bald look.

    and attractive unique bald lady fashion model alec wek, a lady who refuses to model with a wig, is now modeling with beautiful headscarves as well as her bald look.

    beautiful bald Alopecia Universalis lady fashion model anna fitzpatrick, also on occasion has been wearing beautiful headscarves, as well as her wigs and her sensually smooth bald look.

    it seems that bald women are getting more into wearing headscarves in beautiful styles, as well as their beautiful sensual bald look.
    not only celebrity bald women, but ordinary bald women, are wearing headscarves more also.
    my beautiful friend monique, who is bald by choice, loves wearing headscarves over her smoothly shaved bald head.
    i have known other bald women with alopecia (or who shave their heads) that also wear headscarves on occasion.

    there are a number of headwrap and headscarf websites on the internet, if you want ideas on how to do headwrapping of headscarves.
    use google.

    it isn't expensive to purchase or make headscarves, and they are so beautiful, and look and feel so good and sensually feminine to wear! i love wearing my headscarves. the beautiful sensual fabric feels good over my smooth bald head. i like headscarves better than wigs, that is why i usually just wear wigs to work. once in a while i feel like wearing a wig at other times, but i usually prefer my bald look,or a headscarf to wear.
    it is fun matching your headscarf with your dress, makeup, earrings and jewelry, etc.. it is fashion!

    enjoy your headscarves sarah! ;) :)
  8. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    Wow that's great! And the quality is good and everything and it looks real? I'm trying to find some wigs for when I start minoxidil.
  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    angie, do you ever wear fashionable headscarves?
  10. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    Yeah, I do actually. I have two, one that is black from Louis Vuitton with pink cherries on it, and anothe black one with white skulls on it. I also like wearing a pink pashmina that I got in New York. I'm probably going to start wearing them even more soon. If I lose a lot of hair from the minoxidil, then I will shave my hair and wear the scarves when I don't feel like wearing a wig. Probably more so around my friends than in public because I'm not used to it yet. But if I do shave, one day I definetly want to doll myself up and go out like that. I'm thinking going for either a punky look or a sultry feminine look.
  11. sgomez33

    sgomez33 Guest

    Yes, Angie, they are all the same brands everyone else carries. It sound too good to be true, huh? But beleive me, it's true.
  12. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    Yeah, I really need to find somewhere with cheap wigs. I might shave my hair when I start using the minoxidil if the dread shed get's really bad.
  13. sgomez33

    sgomez33 Guest

    I'm sure that if you really shop around you can find an inexpensive wig place where you live. Just ask around, and look in the phone book.
  14. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    Yeah, I'm gonna make a list of all the wig places and me and my friend Marie are gonna do a tour of them all.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    angie, you are becoming fashionable! ;) :)
  16. sgomez33

    sgomez33 Guest

    Good for you, sweety. ;)
  17. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    Thanks guys! :) I've always had a good sense of style, but this whole hair loss issue is making me a pro.

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