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  1. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    I'm nearing the end of my expensive bottle of Nioxin, and I don't know where to buy it around where I am. So, just wondering what everyone uses for their hair, and maybe felt that they saw less shed, better looking hair, etc.

    I've used MANY shampoos before but on the lookout for any good ones out there to switch to. Any good ones besides these which I tried? :
    Pantene Pro-V (classic clean, extra straight, always smooth, full & thick)
    L'oreal KIDS 2-in-1 (haha)
    Tressemme (it was a white bottle?)
    Pert (sucks)
    Sunsilk (the pink one for anti-frizz?)
    Sunsilk (the Asian one made in the Phillipines- anti-dandruff, volumizing, smoothing one)
    Head-and-Shoulders (just makes me shed like a dog, ugh)
    Frederic Fekkai (apple cider, protein rx, glossing)
    Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo (the yellow one)
    Propel (the one for hairloss- awful! just makes me shed)
    Neutrogena (clean volume, t-gel)
    Nexxus (diametress)
    Herbal Essences

    There's probably more but I can't remember what else I've used..
  2. Tatergirl

    Tatergirl Guest

    I, too, am wondering just what everyone else uses - not just the speciality "hair loss" stuff, but OTC and salon products.

    Also, how often do you wash, and how do you wash, i.e. super gently, vigorously, massage with fingertips, use your nails, etc.?

    I tried an ACV and water rinse the other day after my shampoo and conditioner. It made my hair feel dry so I added another conditioner. I think next time I'll used the vinegar before the shampoo or between the shampoo and conditioner. Any thoughts either way?
  3. Pearl

    Pearl Guest

    I just use regular OTC shampoos. I spent a small fortune in the early years of my hair loss buying specialty shampoos and I never found anything that made any difference, and they all seemed to leave my hair very limp. Now I just use whatever will leave my hair looking and feeling better. I usually switch around between a few brands. I like Pantene and Prell thickening formulas. I also use Thicker Fuller Hair, but not many stores stock it.
  4. Tatergirl

    Tatergirl Guest

    Anyone use Mane N Tail products?
  5. alicat

    alicat Guest

    I use Nizoral once a week and Dove the other 6 days.
    I shampoo very gently. I just kinda lather it up and wash it out. No scrubbing or rubbing or anything vigorous for me. I am much too afraid I'll lose more hair :(
  6. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    Non-sls shampoos are easy on the the scalp:


    I aslo like to rinse with apple cider vinegar.
  7. Guest

    Guest Guest

    my husband has beautiful long hair, and uses aveda shampoos and conditoners.
    i use aveda skin lotions on my bald head.
    aveda has wonderful natural products, that are wonderful for hair and skin.

    sometimes, just for fun, and because i like the feeling of it, i use a little of my husband's aveda shampoo on my bald head in the shower. it feels sensual on my beautiful smooth head ;) :)

    for my children, i buy them clairol shampoos. they are still quite young, they have beautiful hair, and don't need hair products as expensive as aveda hair products.
    aveda hair products are concentrated though, so you don't have to use as much of them, to get a good result.
  8. GoodYear

    GoodYear Guest

    I use shampoo and conditioner from Dr. Hauschka. I have no clou whether it is available in the US, but this is the website:


    It's organic. I have very dry hair and it works for me; it's less dry. But it makes you hair very soft en smooth. Really nice.
    And for 'traumatic' reasons; I am afraid to wash it first with the shampoo and after that with the conditioner (I see way too much hairs then); I just mix it, have it 5 minutes in my hair and wash my hair with it.

    Oh, ofcourse it does not do anything against hairloss, but at least my hair looks nice with the stuff.
  9. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    I use a shampoo called "Dr Miracles Feel It Formula 2/1 shampoo & conditioner. It's made for African American hair, so it really keeps your hair healthy, and it has a special formula to reduce flakes and itch, and promotes blood flow to the scalp for faster growing hair. Along with that, it's shampoo and conditioner so you don't have to go through the torture of shampooing and conditioning your hair. Sine using it, I find that I shed less, my hair feels thicker and much less dandruff.
  10. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    All of your suggestions sound awesome. I'm looking for just a shampoo and not a 2-in-1 since conditioner mostly makes my hair lifeless no matter how little or more I use. And organic sounds healthier for hair?

    Has anyone ever tried Ojon shampoo?
    http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.j ... oryId=5787
    it's made from the Native Americans and they usually have long thick hair. Has to be good right? :shock:

    or Rene Furterer?
    http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.j ... oryId=4138
    says it stimulates the scalp...
  11. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    I have their "rub-out dry cleanser" which refreshes and sort of cleans the hair without shampooing it. I bring it to the gym and use it if I have to go somewhere directly after and have no time for a shower. These products are not medicinal and not meant to permanently improve hair and scalp condition. But some of the treatments do help to temporarily thinken the appearance of hair. And smells good.

    Check shampoo ingredients for SLS.
  12. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    what's SLS? And does it have a positive or negative effect on hair?

    HA! I saw that today when I was looking for shampoo! I thought it was perfect on those days when you have time to shower but not wash hair. I think it's one of the best inventions ever. I didn't buy it though.

    Yeah. I ended up with an organic shampoo instead (forgot what it was called). None of the ingredients had those funky scientific names but names of plants and things instead, so I figured it would be better than a shampoo which only thickens in APPEARANCE.
  13. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) is an industrial greade degreaser, it's the ingredient used in shampoos and soaps that creates lather. You're right the dry shampoos are good when you don't have the time. I leave one in my car make-up kit and the gym bag. It's a life saver sometimes. My hair gets dirty-looking very quickly, and I wash it everyday. If I didn't use this, I'd be washing it twice a day. An ordinary store, such as CVS or maybe even walmart sells a less expensive brand of dry shampoo, it's not bad when you don't have money to burn on the better products -- it is a little powdery, though.
  14. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    I've never heard of dry shampoo? What are some of the brands of dry shampoo that I can try?
  15. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

  16. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    Thanks! I should order some! My bangs are always oily because I keep them straight and need to fix them all the time.
  17. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    The Ojon dry shampoo adds volume also, and doesn't dry the hair. It's very good.
  18. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    And I know I need volume!
  19. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    Angie, you can actuay get a dryshampoo in adrug tore fora ot less money that the ojon They sell it in dru stores becaueitis especialy popular with people who are staying in hospitals for a period of time and cannot wash or shower.
  20. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    I think I actually saw some at a Pharmaprix the other day. Does it actually clean your hair, or just get out the grease?

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