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Should I just give into GENETICS and move on?

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by HopefulMama, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. HopefulMama

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    Jan 5, 2011
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  2. as324.

    as324. Guest

    Re: Should I just give up and move on?

    I mean the first thing to try is to fix your diet if it needs fixing....i don't know if you have already done that or not..
  3. VMmom

    VMmom Guest

    Re: Should I just give up and move on?

    I think it's at least comforting to know that your family hair loss kind of hits a plateau and doesn't get worse. At least you don't have the anxiety of how bad is this going to get?
    Do you use a concealer? It sounds like you could really benefit from that since your hair is thin but passable still.
  4. as324.

    as324. Guest

    Losing 30-50 a day is pretty good I say just keep up your diet and those vitamins. And maybe add something like evening primrose oil
  5. mshistory

    mshistory Guest

    Losing 30 - 50 hairs a day isn't so good when you don't have hair growing back to replace those hairs. That's what eventually happens with Androgenetic Alopecia.

    Can you fight genetics? Yes, I think you can. Will it ever go away? No, probably not (unless a miracle cure for Androgenetic Alopecia is found in our lifetime). But my genetics and just the right circumstances triggered an autoimmune disease for me. It can't be cured, but it can be treated, and the progress of the disease can be slowed. I think Androgenetic Alopecia is the same way. Treating it with anti -androgens, DHT blockers, Rogaine, etc. can help slow its progression and treat it to some degree (by the way, I've always had fine, thin hair too so I know how you feel).
  6. VMmom

    VMmom Guest

    I think it depends how much you are willing to put into it, knowing results are uncertain. For me, I've known since I was a preteen that my genes were probably gonna catch up to me. And now I think they have. I'm not one to sacrifice my physical, financial, and emotional health in the process of throwing everything & the kitchen sink at this. I may muster up the nerve to try Rogaine, but I'm not gambling with health & hormones. Some would call this quitting. Any maybe I am overly cautious. But I know myself. And I know I can't take a never-ending search for the cure. If I try Rogaine and it doesn't work, I've prepared myself for the likelihood of supplemental hair. Note I didn't say I like it, but that I'm prepared to do what is necessary to save my sanity. Unless and until something comes along that can really conquer genetics (maybe some sort of stem cell thing, who knows), that's my plan.
  7. My hair loss is TE triggered from a hormone imbalance from being put on a bcp that was too strong. I'm off the pill (3 months now) and I have new growth, but my pattern of hair loss looks VERY much like Androgenetic Alopecia. My mother has Androgenetic Alopecia and from when it started and her medical history I would say hers was triggered by hormonal imbalance. I went home the other weekend and really looked at her hair and was shocked by how much was gone. She doesn't wear a wig cause she says she'd burn up. You could always tell the top of her head was practically bald, but now she's thinning all over. My crown and part on the top of my head look terrible. Scalp city!
    And from everything I've read Androgenetic Alopecia pattern. But I've also read TE can mimic Androgenetic Alopecia pattern?? So.. We'll see??

    My point is.. It's in my genes too.. Is this the beginning of Androgenetic Alopecia for me like it was for my mom? Am I going to have hair like hers one day? I don't know and won't for years, but if I sit around and think about it I will go crazy. So I don't.... Knowing these things...

    1) You cannot fight genetics... no matter how hard we try we simply can't. no doctor, diet, drug, herb etc... will be able to stop the tiny building blocks within us. It may SLOW it down, but you cannot stop it. Even diseases they thought they cured long ago have been able to make a come back... nothing is EVER certain in science.

    2) So you must decide which path you will choose to help slow the process and gives you the most peace of mind about. For me that is the natural one. Not because it is superior, but again because of my genes. My genetic makeup is very much that of my father's family and his side has a VERY high rate of cancer. He has cancer right now, his sister had breast cancer, his mother died of cancer, uncles, cousins,... and on.. So my odds are already not good. Artificial hormones increase those odds of cancer and I don't need the help! LOL! So this is my path, for my peace of mind and doing what I feel is best for all of me.. hair and body. A lot of women will not have this problem and will feel like that will have more options and that is great for them, but my body can't do it. I will take a wig over cancer... and one day (with my genes) I might have to take a wig and cancer... but I don't want to help that along.

    3) I don't want to be remembered for the woman with the great hair. If that is the only thing people can say about me then I need to take a long hard look in the mirror and take my eyes off my hair and place them else where.... mainly my heart!! (this is just my personal thought for myself)

    Take heart hopeful mama.. yes we fight an uphill battle with genetics but we have so many more resources available to us today then our mamma's did! You will be OK.. I will be OK.. we all will ladies! God made us strong and we will overcome!!
  8. VMmom

    VMmom Guest

    I totally get it. Your thinking is very similar to mine. It's the "when should I move to supplemental hair" phase that is so hard. I want to get the transition just right. On the one hand I don't want to do it until it's necessary, but on the other I don't want to make a super obvious change from no hair to pantene commercial (not that I'm anywhere near no-hair right now, but you know). it's also really hard not knowing how much worse it will get. Although, if my family's hair loss is any indication, I can expect it to get a lot worse. And I know that. I'm kind of in denial. There's this part of me that says "you haven't been diagnosed, so you never know"...
  9. lemongrass

    lemongrass Guest

    My hair loss is at least partly genetic.

    I was very pessimistic about it all until I started throwing everything at it and have been getting significant regrowth. It's fantastic but I don't consider the problem solved. This will probably be an ongoing battle.

    I guess it's because of my recent success and the fact that I am no longer relying on doctors for treatment or even diagnosis that I have an illusion of control at the moment. I feel like I have further options to try if the need arises.
  10. Marsen

    Marsen Guest


    What is working best for you lately? What do you attribute the regrowth to?

    Congrats and hope it continues.
  11. leslielam

    leslielam Guest

    Have you looked into the Laser Comb? I researched it and it looks very hopeful for someone with thinning hair. I would try it but i have only a little fuzz left and i still think about using one but i hate the thought of being disappointed AGAIN. I know you have so many mths to return one if you need to. Go to the Hair Max website and ck it out.
  12. Marsen

    Marsen Guest

    Lasercomb does not work :(

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