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Sides very thin

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by Rainbowgirl, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Rainbowgirl

    Rainbowgirl Guest

    So all of a sudden my sides got very thin too. Does Toppik work on the sides? I guess I will find out, just bought some today. Feeling down about my hair.. It seems like it's going downhill.. I went to the mall today.. And all I saw was women with gorgeous hair.. Why me.? :(
    Thanks for listening.
  2. Kay777

    Kay777 Guest

    sorry you are feeling down! it sucks to notice everyone else's great hair. but do let us know if the toppik works for you. i've never tried it myself...
  3. FLgirl

    FLgirl Guest

    Hi Rainbowgirl,
    Are you referring to your temples, when you say "sides"? In that case, I think toppik helps, but also using Joan Rivers Good Hair Day works for the temples/sides too. If you use Toppik, it can get messy, so I usually have a blush brush handy to clean up the stuff that gets on my forehead/ skin.
    Sorry about seeing all the gorgeous hair at the mall... I did too today while shopping, I was just soooo bummed and wanted to scream "Do you know how LUCKY you are?!!!!"..... hmmmpf.

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