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So tired of people implying my hair loss is my *fault*

Discussion in 'Girl Talk!' started by Nilli57211, Oct 4, 2016.

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    Jul 9, 2010
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    Every time I mention my hair loss to someone, they instantly jump in with unwanted input. The most common one is "it's because of your diet." Yet if it was a man who was going bald, they would just acknowledge that it's genetics and not his fault. In fact, in one case, very same person who told me I had lost hair because of a poor diet, when referring to a man who had gone bald, said "that's not his fault, it's not like he has any control over it."

    And all of the people who make these suggestions are completely UNQUALIFIED, too. They are not doctors and know nothing about hair loss.

    My hair loss is not my FAULT. I just got dealt a bad genetic hand, that's all. I'm tired of people blaming me for it, because it causes me to doubt myself. It causes me to wonder things like "what if I had had a better diet, could I still have my hair now?" I know it's not true, but since there is not 100% certainty the doubt is still there.

    They just don't even think when they say things like that. It's just verbal diarrhea flying out of their mouths because they fail to think before they speak and consider that maybe someone wouldn't want to be told that something causing them a great deal of anxiety is their own fault especially when you have NO evidence that that is true.

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