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Steroid Injection on the butt..anyone?

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by Petunia, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. Petunia

    Petunia Guest

    O.k I was just diagnosed with Alopecia Areata yesterday..wonderful!
    So anyway, part of my treatment was a cortizone shot..I THOUGHT this would go on the scalp but instead the nurse said it would go on my bottom!
    I was a bit shocked! She said it was "slow releasing" which I thought was a good thing..but I didn't ask the obviouse, WHY on the bottom?
    From what my husband understood it's because I have thinning all over, not one particular bald spot..so the shot would help distribute the cortizone evenly.

    Any thoughts? Has anyone had this done? (doctor said he only gives 3 of these MAX a year).
  2. sudsie

    sudsie Guest

    Hi, Petunia,

    Was your Alopecia Areata diagnosed with a scalp biopsy or just clinically? For diffuse thinning with Alopecia Areata, there's a limit to how much of the scalp can be injected at one time. Systemic steroids will often lead to regrowth but can also have systemic side effects. And many people find that once the steroids are stopped the hair falls out again. However, if you are losing hair all over quickly, it might be a good step to see if the process can be halted.

    Ask as many questions of your doctor as you can!!

    Take care,
  3. Petunia

    Petunia Guest

    Thanks for the reply!
    I was diagnosed with a biopsy...
    After thinking about it for a while I think maybe my doctor was trying to halt the shedding until the Rogaine kicked in..but then that wouldn't make any sense..not sure :lol:
  4. amye

    amye Guest

    hi petunia

    i was just curious..since you have thinning all over, would that be diffuse Alopecia Areata ? How did your biopsy results read?

    Could you tell me a little bit about your hair loss?

    I am so sorry for all the questions, but I am trying to figure this whole hair mess up. I've read describtions from all the derm sites, but I think I could better understand from someone who actually experiences it.

    My derm didn't give be a definitive DX and when I asked her about diffuse Alopecia Areata she said it was VERY rare, and wouldn't even consider it as an option.

    i hope everything goes well with your shots!!
  5. Petunia

    Petunia Guest

    Hi Amye!
    I don't mind the questions AT ALL! If anything I might have experienced might help someone then I'm more than willing to share!

    Yes, it would be diffuse alopecia areata. You're right, I think it is rare. The pictures the derma showed me were all of people with bare circular patches on their head, some just had one others were filled with them but the surrounding hair seemed untouched. Maybe one or two pictures were of people with hair loss that looked like mine. I imagine that might be why my derma seemed a little "baffled" by it bc he felt it WASN'T female pattern baldness yet it didn't fit the typical areata profile either. However he did say he could 100% rule out female pattern baldness but he really felt it was areata..ah! LOL

    Anyway, my hair is thin all over but much less on the bottom back..although it's getting there.
    The worse parts are at the very top right above my forehead (although I have some new hairs sprouting out) and the top left and right sides of my head. It's starting to thin out at my sides (right above my ears) but my temples seem to have the most hair..weird. I also have somewhat normal hair in the VERY TOP/BACK of my head..don't know if that makes sense.

    When he took the biopsy he took it from the very top, a little to the left so that if I wanted to part my hair it wouldn't show that much.

    I also notice I have a lot more loss on my left side than my right.

    Anyway, that's it in a nutshell. I've always had very fine hair and have never really had a FULL set of hair.

    By biopsy results said for example out of 30-40 hairs I have 26 (which the doctor said wasn't all THAT low).. he stated in the biopsy that I have a defenite reduction in terminal hairs (eeek!) with a relative increase in vellus hairs. The terminal to vellus ratio equaled 1.9 to 1 vellus.
    Anagen and telogen are 76% anagen and 24% telogen. At least one catagen hair was seen.
    The peak concentration of follicular structures equals 2 per sq millimeter, which should provide a reasonable basis for possible future regrowth.

    That's a lot of IFS and BUTS if you ask me! LOL

    Well, hope that helps a little!!
  6. amye

    amye Guest

    thank you somuch for all your answers.
    This hair loss is a nightmare and I feel like I am trying to figuring it out on my own. I think my doctor justgives the standars Androgenetic Alopecia to everyone even though she is supposed to be an hair loss specialist...(she doesn'y hesitate to remind me of that when I question her)

    It seems like with hair loss so much is hit or miss, you know. And I hink that is what is so hard for all of us.

    I'll be thinking you you!!!

    PS-Did your hair loss started suddenly?
  7. Petunia

    Petunia Guest


    Yes, my hairloss started suddenly at 4 months post partum...at first I thought it was just pp hairloss until I realized I was starting to see my scalp everywhere. I'm always had fine hair so I thought well, just hormones but the AMOUNT that has fallen out seems to be more than just some PP issue.
  8. amye

    amye Guest

    Have you noticed anything from your injections yet? Hope good things are happening for you.... :)
  9. Petunia

    Petunia Guest

    Well, I'm not sure yet. I got the shot on the 6th of this month..so what that's about 9 days ago? Gosh it seemed a lot more than that! LOL
    They gave me a "slow release" shot which I'm not sure how SLOW is SLOW..hehe
    Yesterday and today I begaaaan to notice a little less shed but I don't want to get ahead of myself, it may be nothing and in a few days it goes back to the regular shedding.
    Either away I'll post about my results close to my next visit.

  10. Petunia

    Petunia Guest

    Well, I just wanted to report back. This past Wed I started noticing a decrease in shedding...but then a big chunk came out when I ran my fingers through my hair just one last time. :lol: So I thought, damn.
    Then Thursday I saw less hair, I really tugged and pulled and shook..I didn't want to think it was stopping only to find out it was all hiding in there waiting for the right shake to fall out!! Friday, less as well.
    Today I've been running my fingers through my hair all day and I feel like I've woken up from a bad dream. HOWEVER, there's no saying what tomorrow will bring...I don't want to get my hopes up.

    If this is the shot kicking in it took about 10 days to start working. This was a "slow release" shot so the nurse said it normally takes about 2 weeks. She said the shot can work for months. doctor said he wouldn't give more than 3 in a year. I'm supposed to be using Rogaine as well but stopped it last week bc of the blood pressure issue. I'm going to restart trying a lower dose and see what happens.
  11. amye

    amye Guest

    i am so happy for you!! :D :D Having your shed slow down is like an early christmas present!
    i hope it continues to slow!!
    Best wishes

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