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Supplements - Question for Joann

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by ginawat, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    magnesium is good for hair I am sure!
  2. peekaboo

    peekaboo Guest

    Have you noticed any difference since taking the magnesium? less shed, more regrowth?
  3. suzi79

    suzi79 Guest

    I only added magnesium 2 weeks ago, I will let you know on my progress after a couple of months..

    Do you take MSM..it will not hurt to try at 1st with a low dose like 1000 mg
  4. peekaboo

    peekaboo Guest

    How much are you taking a day? My doctor wants me to take 4, im not sure if its all at the same time or what? Does it really make you sleepy? In those 2 weeks have you noticed a slight decrease in shed? Anything noticeable????????
  5. suzi79

    suzi79 Guest

    I am at work right now and I will let you know later about the dosage..

    NOOO it doesn't make sleepy it isn't a DRUG it is just calming very minimal..nothing to worry about ..

    I will write you again this evening and I will give you the dosage, but I think you should take it with calcium.

    Please also check your vid d ..because vit d is so essential in autoimmune diseases.

    My shedding is weird..some days I have none, some days 150..I'm sorry I can't 100% tell you if it has subsided. Vit take up to 6 months sometimes to work sometimes so we just have to be patient.
  6. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys Guest

    I've heard great things about MSM.

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