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Symptoms of diffuse alopecia areata?

Discussion in 'The Undiagnosed' started by Paulina, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Hi everyone...I have been diagnosed today with diffuse alopecia areata. My dermatologist had seen many, many cases of alopecia areata but never in his whole career has he seen a case or "rare" diffuse alopecia areata. He did a biopsy today to confirm his diagnosis and results should be in soon. I seem to have all the symptoms for a.a. : longitudinal ridging in one of my fingernails, burning/itching/pricking pain in scalp, very diffuse hair loss...even new hairs that are growing are falling out before they even get long enough to cut...and I have above shoulder length hair! Seems as though I lose only about 150 hairs a day but very VERY few regrowing, and the ones that DO fall out fairly quickly. I have very little hair left and am about to start wig shopping. Is devastating but have to face reality. So, the weird thing is that most of the hairs that fall out are telogen hairs but one or two a day that fall out are exclamation point hairs....long ones (not short as seen with patchy a.a.)...I guess I want to know if anyone else out there has been diagnosed with diffuse alopecia areata and what that looks like both in active disease and if there is any recovery of hair. My current derm says I will not go bald...but I think he is wrong...I am ALMOST bald already and not much is regrowing at all....and he said himself he knows very little about diffuse alopecia areata and has never had a case in his whole long career. I am just sure he is not correct because I am heading to baldness fast. OK, maybe not complete baldness, but if I have 300 hairs on my head in 6 months I may not be technically bald but I might as well be! My hair loss has been going on for 2 years now and is pretty much almost gone. Have lost eyebrows and eyelashes in last few months too. :( Any comments I would appreciate. Am going to try lavander and rosemary essential oils as soon as my biopsy stitches removed. Thanks in advance for any advice or experience you can share.
  2. hairscared

    hairscared Experienced Member

    Jun 28, 2009
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    I am sorry that your going through this. My problem is very similar to yours. My started when I joined this forum, which if you look to the left you can see that was almost a year ago.
    I have diffuse hair loss too. In one years time I went from a Jessica Simpson fringe bang to a topper then to a 3/4 wig which is bonded to my head
    ( which might as well be called a full wig because the thing comes down so far behind my ears my ears stick out..lol)

    Now I am not bald but I might as well be, I can't show my head to anyone, its so stupid looking... I think bald to us is the same as bald to someone who is bald bald...

    I gave up chasing a cure, now I chase finding good realistic hair.
    Maybe yours is a medical issue and can heal over time. I have read about many who have had their hair come back, so don't give up.
  3. tique706

    tique706 Guest

    Paulina, I'm sorry that I have no advise for you, but your post put me in a mood so I am going to vent!!! How much are we paying these dumbass doctors to tell us, oh don't worry, you aren't going to loose all your hair, you will probably still have that pretty little circle of it on the back of your head. :shakehead: Frickin dumbass doctors.
    Sorry :$
  4. I wish I had some answers. I've had many biopsies...the diagnosis' have run the gamut from Androgenetic Alopecia to Seb Derm to Folliculitis back to Chronic Telogen Effluvium. My last diagnosis was Diffuse Alopecia Areata..!!!

    I have diffuse thinning, it's worse at the hairline, temples and back crown. I also have the burning/stinging pain...but ONLY only in the areas where I have small red scabs. The burning is not throughout the entire scalp. This week I have burning at my left temple. The burning kind of shoots into different areas. If it was the entire head I'd need sedatives!

    These small red scabs are NOT caused by me scratching, they appear out of nowhere and take forever to heal. Most of the meds my derm has prescribed for these scabs, have not helped. You name the cortisone and antibiotic, I've used it.

    Is exclamation point hair also part of DAA? If so, I don't have that. The hair that sheds is all different diameters, as well as having different types of bulbs. Mostly I lose long hairs.

    I honestly don't know what to believe because I feel most doctors simply don't know how to diagnose, let alone treat, female hair loss...mostly because there are so many variables as to why we are losing our hair and the labs they use for the biopsy...seem to have different conclusions, much in the same way different labs have different Reference Ranges for blood tests..

    I'm also baffled about my last biopsy diagnosis of Diffuse Alopecia Areata....I thought most forms of Alopecia Areata happened to younger people or it's onset happened in childhood. I'm in my 50s. Can women get any form of Alopecia Areata in their 40s or 50s? Asking my derm this was also futile.

    One derm I saw a few years ago, was so SURE I had Androgenetic Alopecia because I was in menopause...this was without her even LOOKING at my scalp, checking my labs and discussing family hair loss history. I had to force her to check my scalp. She sat across the room, yet somehow knew what form of hair loss I had.

    I'm baffled by my last diagnosis....especially as my derm took the last punch biopsy from the same EXACT area where I had been diagnosed as having Androgenetic Alopecia. Sure, you can have two types of hair loss at the same time, but not in the same exact area.

    The next step would have been for my derm to do TWO more biopsies...from the same exact area...then send them to different labs. This is something which has yet to be done. I would advise all women who are losing hair, to do this. This way, you are getting this done immediately, rather having to wait for a second biopsy opinion. Get it done at the same time, tell them to send the specimens to different labs.

    The best advice for any woman losing hair...is to do some research before seeing a doctor about your hair loss. I wish I had. Get informed BEFORE going to a doctor.

    My derm did tell me,"DAA is very hard to diagnose. I don't think this is DAA." Gee thanks doctor! Then WHAT type of hair loss is it? Seven years of this, I'm getting closer to supplemental hair, that's for sure.

    Another question I had for my derm, which she also couldn't answer, "Can Androgenetic Alopecia turn into DAA?" We've all read that an TE can unmask Androgenetic Alopecia...but can Androgenetic Alopecia turn into DAA?

    There is a lot more research which needs to be done, researchers are dragging their feet....mostly because hair loss is not life threatening. Most of the doctors I've seen over the years....simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND the psychological toll that losing their hair has on so many women.
  5. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Ms_Understood...you DO sound a lot like me. Biopsy today was taken from a place where I feel the burning/stinging a lot. I think many doctors are just clueless about female hair loss..even derms. For a doctor to say I have FPB is ridiculous...I have none of those signs...including normal hormone levels and was only 36 when all this started. I think they also don't want to be detectives and really figure out a tough case...like ours. They will listen to us for 3 minutes tops...if we are lucky...than stick us with a diagnosis that is totally groundless and based on assumption rather than facts gathered from a little investigation work! My current NEW general practitioner told me there was debate and likely no such thing as DAA when I first brought up the possibility of this to him! Had to show him my eyebrows and eyelashes coming out VERY EASILY in large quantities just to get a referral to see a derm! He was going to deny me and not give me the referral until he saw all the brow and lash hair on my fingers! I DID have doctors before him look at my hormone levels, check me for lupus, PCOS, thyroid, all of it. When they found none of this, they labeled me "TE" because I was going through a divorce! I told the docs I was NOT stressed enough to be losing my hair...they did not listen to me. I feel lucky to have found the doctor I see now...Dr. Wolf in Escondido, CA...he seems to be the best derm I have seen in the past few years with the exception of Dr. Mark...who is equally as wonderful but not covered by my insurance. Anyway, I guess I feel that good doctors are few and far inbetween these days and just have NO interest in helping a patient with hair loss issues because we are not dying! HELLO! Do they have any idea how many tears I cried? How many sleepless nights I have had over this? For 2 years! That is not worth listening to me and doing a little "work"??? Ok...sorry. I took a lot of space to agree with you. I pray for you that your hair WILL grow back spontaneously too! I will keep you all in my prayers! I know how each and every one of you feels and it is my prayer that there is a cure for this soon! Thanks so much for your response Ms_understood. :) Oh...I also wanted to agree and say that I from all the research I have done on hair loss over the last few years, from what I understand, Androgenetic Alopecia can be active WITH DAA, but not morph into it. DAA, from what I can read on internet...which is not much...is not caused by too much DHT...they are caused by two completely different things...so can run concurrently but one won't change in to the other. I probably know more than most doctors about female hair loss now....actually DID diagnose myself with the DAA before I even saw this new derm who agreed with what I thought it was because he actually LOOKED at the hair samples I brought him under a microscope!...I just am able to find very little about DAA since so little is out there! So...gosh...Please smile and be well. Thanks again for your response. A big hug to you!
  6. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Thanks to everyone for your replies! I know how each and every one of you feels and it breaks my heart to know others have to deal with the same thing I do. This is one of those things where I wish I WAS alone in having to deal with this. Sad to know I am not. But I have to remind myself that life is more than hair and everything will be ok....I will just never date again..other than that with a good wig maybe no one will know and my life can still be good. Wishing the very very best for all of you.
  7. Cas

    Cas Established Member

    Feb 24, 2010
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    Paulina, you sound very similar to me. 8 months ago I had my usual thick head of hair. Within 8 months I have lost over half of it. I need to get supplemental hair very soon. I'm having a biopsy done in 2 wks. I will also be seeing a gastrointernologist, allergist and hematologist in the next two months. I'm sure I will be wearing hair my then. I too loose at least 150 a day. I have hair growing but it cannot keep up with the loss. At first I lost long hairs (that I noticed) but now I am losing ALOT of shorter ones. My ferritin level is 14 and I've been taking 900 mg of ferrous gluconate a day. Most of my doctors feel my hair loss is iron related. My ferritin level has never gone over 20. BUT I also think this started with emergency contraceptives.

    What are exclamation point hairs? Maybe you shouldn't tell me since I'm obsessed enough already. :crazy:
  8. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Hi Cas....you know what? I had a case of TE once that started with use of emergency contraception! I was told by my doctor that taking 5 BCP's at once (of the particular BCP's I once used and had around) would do the same as the morning after pill. PLEASE DON"T ANYONE EVER DO THIS ANYONE!!! I started losing handfuls of hair shortly thereafter...about 2 months. TE lasted a long time! Then all the hairs started growing back. My hair got very thin....lost about half or more...then ALL the hair started growing back! Was great! Then I moved in to an apartment full of toxic mold (aspergillus) and possibly some other chemicals I was reacting to...and lived there a year and a half with my daughter before I found out about it. We had pretty devastating health effects from it and my daughter now has an immunodeficiency. Anyway, my hair started falling out again...but was very different this time. Wasn't MASS shed like before...about 150 hairs a day....got pain in my scalp and a pin prick feeling in my scalp shortly after moving in...and all the NEW HAIRS were all falling out along with older hair too (lots of hair lost was longer but had pointed tip indicating the new hair growing that had never been cut yet)...and pretty much has not stopped! I moved out of my apartment with mold 7 months ago into another apartment in the same complex....had new carpets and a heavy chemical smell. We had terrible allergic reactions for 7 months before we realized there were new carpets! (management told us they were cleaned, not new when I asked as we moved in). Hair loss continued for both me an my daughter...who has lost about 60% of the hair on her head and she is only 10. Same as me...diffuse and slow...but almost no regrowth. We moved out of that complex almost 2 weeks ago now and immediately our allergy symptoms went away! I moved in with my ex husband who I went through a nasty divorce with that was just finalized last summer! That is how desperate I am to get me and my daughter our of there! Before...in those two apartments...we would take 24 hr Claritin AND Zyrtec and STILL have horrible allergy symptoms. My ex has carpets here too but we are having no problems here...is SOMETHING there! Has to be. Anwyay...did you move before hair loss or get new carpets or anything like that? I would say this to you Cas...If your symptoms started after Emergency Contraception, I would say to you that I had the SAME thing happen to me and it took a long time, but it DID all start growing back! Out of nowhere! I think there is GREAT reason for you to have a lot of hope! Unfortunately for me, I moved to a place that was toxic and the hair loss started all over again! I am praying the hair loss for me and my daughter is a toxins induced chronic telogen effluvium and NOT the suspected Diffuse Alopecia Areata triggered by the toxins. The biopsy will tell me one way or the other....will find out in two weeks. Anyway....I think you have GOOD reason to be very hopeful and I am praying for you to have all your hair spontaneously regrow like mine did!! Have a good feeling for you my dear. :)
  9. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys Guest

    Hi ladies,

    I've been in hiding or denial or something for the past 6 months so I have not been on to post.

    This thread actually got my attention as I have been suffering a burning scalp for exactly 4 years now. My burning mainly is my nape, like a neuralgia type intense sickening pain and also my crown, or the whole top of my head I guess I should say.

    In this journey I've been both humiliated and educated in female hair loss. Early on I had people tell me it was psychological, stress etc. But 4 years later the damage is evident in my cotton candy texture, and diffuse loss. I don't think I am much thinner in any particular place. Perhaps the nape and behind my bangs are moreso then other places but if I see the sun shinning behind me and I look at the shadow on the wall I see basically gaps where my hair hangs down in the shadow, see through.

    I am not wearing a wig or hairpiece yet however I do have one sitting in the closet on a wig head and it needs cut in. I know once I get it cut and wear it that I won't be able to go back to nothing again so I am holding out. Not for much longer though. I sort of had bad experiences with toppers and need to work myself into learning there are good ones and fit is so important.

    I wanted to share with you that I saw a top derm in Cleveland Ohio who told me Androgenetic Alopecia does not hurt. Ladies with androgenic alopecia do not get burning heads. I asked her about a condition called Lichen Planopilaris and she did not feel I had it, I asked her about diffuse Alopecia Areata and her reply was you would be shedding hundreds per day and would gain bald spots eventually. Anyhow I shed about 150 hairs per day, i've also shed out lashes and brows all in a diffuse manor. I did finally convince her to give me a scalp biopsy on my nape where the fire is the worst. She said it would not show anything and well she was right. Nothing really showed per inflammation, scarring it was fairly normal. And hurt like hell. I'd not suggest a biopsy on the nape where your skin tugs the most on your scalp.

    I think possibly what could be happening is a mixture of hormonal fluctuations, autoimmune component, TE and maybe some deficiency somewhere? To make matters more confusing my testosterone was considered high for hair at 69 or 67 I kind of forget and I am an oil pit. So I think maybe something went wacky with our immune systems throwing the hormones out of whack too.

    I continue to get thinner and thinner. My scalp pain goes through different cycles of pain, short breaks etc. I finally decided to get on Lexipro for the anxiety this has caused me, but no relief in the hair department.

    Two products that seem to help my burning are tricomin and a product called Alpecin a german hair tonic with caffene. I actually thought I was seeing black dots again on my scalp but the next day they were gone. I read one woman who used boots hairloss spray for her Alopecia Areata and it helped.
  10. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Hi mythreeboys,

    I know about the denial thing...this is so traumatic that it seems that is the best option so we don't focus on this and get so much anxiety and depression. People who have not gone through this just do not understand. I wanted to say to you that it is really great that your biopsy came back with no inflammation and obviously no alopecia areata. Your doctor is right that Androgenetic Alopecia does not cause burning or pain but losing a LOT of hair in a short time can cause the burning you are feeling...and there is a more chronic form of TE that eventually leads to eyebrow and eyelash loss after a while. Ususally some persisting trigger factor causes the chronic TE... I would ask yourself this: Could there be ANY chance that there are toxins in your environment? Did you move shortly before this happened or start a new job in a new office building? Because if you are not that stressed (other than the hair loss) this is a possibility. Is anyone else in your house having health problems that started around the same time? Even if not hair loss? Molds and toxins can affect everyone differently. When we were in the toxic mold, my daughter and I had very different symptoms...but all caused by the toxic mold. I am not saying you have toxic mold of course, but just that toxic substances can affect people differently...so another question is...is anyone else in your family having any issues at all that started at or around the same time? All possibilities and circumstances should be looked at for when this all started. If there is a trigger factor, it will only resolve when that trigger factor...not stress...is removed. That is why I am now living with my ex husband! I think our trigger factor is that apartment. Oh how I sympathize with you and pray for a very good outcome for you. Please keep me posted and let me know how you do my dear and I will do the same. Oh...and THANKS for the tips on products you use or heard about! I am going to look seriously into this "boots" spray since my derm thinks I have the diffuse A. A. Good info!! :)
  11. Cas

    Cas Established Member

    Feb 24, 2010
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    Thanks Paulina, you've given me a glimmer of hope! Every doctor I've seen has told me "no it couldn't be from emergency contraceptives" but I would bet my house that is what started it! I took them july/aug last year and by mid October my hair felt much thinner. This is when I started to notice handfuls on my clothing and floors.

    I haven't moved in years but my house is at least 100 years old and I had substantial water damage a couple years ago that hasn't been repaired properly. I am planning to get someone in to check for mold soon.

    Thanks for the hope, even if it just lasts for the day!

    I hope moving is the answer to your hair issues!!!
  12. medusa

    medusa Guest

    I don't come to the boards very often anymore. I've decided that I want to try to live my life again after spending so many years depressed about my hairloss. But I wanted to post to tell you that I have diffuse alopecia. I am losing hair all over my head and it is noticeably thinner. I'm sure I've lost more than 50% of my hair because it is literally see-through. I have a Flora wig but can't quite get up the nerve to wear it. (Almost $2000 sitting in the cupboard. :( ) However, I have no pain, burning, tingling, or scabs...I never have. I was diagnosed with telogen effluvium but I thought TE was temporary. This has been going on for 6 years.
  13. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Dear Medusa,
    I am so sorry that this has gone on for so long for you :( I think you are right in staying away from the message boards if you are really depressed about it...just makes you think about it more unfortunately...but you could also get some good info also...hard to know what to do. I have heard long term TE can go on for 6 years or more. I am so broke...I am going to be wig shopping soon and I don't have 200 bucks much less 2,000! Now I am depressed! Kidding....kind of! Arg! I wish I had the answers for all of us. Thank you so much for your post. I know this is not easy for you. I understand, believe me. I have felt my whole life is over because of this. Very embarrassing. And as far as wigs go, I would rather wear one than be almost bald and go out that way. I am just afraid people will know and that I won't be able to afford one of the wigs that look natural. :( You and all the other women are in my prayers. If any doctors or research scientists ever read this, I hope they will see how devastating this is for so many women and see the need for a cure for hair loss of all types. I just don't understand how we can land a rover on Mars with such precision...build the Hubble telescope to see millions of light years into space...but we can't come up with a medicine or tonic to grow hair? Insane. Be blessed and I hope and pray you can be really happy and joyful even with the hair loss. I wish for you the same thing I wish for myself. XO
  14. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys Guest

  15. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    mythreeboys...this is OUR thread so I am happy to hear your whole story and all you have to share. Ya, I WOULD look in to the mold thing if you even think there is a possibility. My daughter and I had so many scary symptoms all from the mold...we had aspergillus...you can't see it or smell it...it is just a dust in the air. The house was always dusty...even an hour or two after just cleaning and dusting it! I though I had cheap carpets. Turned out to be toxic mold! I had no idea mold can be a dust in the air! I thought it was brown or black and grew on things! I learned a terrible lesson. My daughter is now immunocompromised and we went through hell. But, most of our symptoms were different (though all caused by mycotoxicosis). Anyway, I certainly understand you not wanting to find out because of disclosure in selling house, but I have to say that nothing...even a house...is more important than your health. I would encourage you to have your home tested if you think there is any possibility at all of having it. Also, the chems from the dolls...ya...have no clue what that is about, but I DO know that toxins can cause hair loss also...they can cause chronic TE and induce alopecia areata if you are suseptible to it. Can also cause anagen effluvium...though that is usually caused by chemotherapy or heavy metal poisoning. Either or both of those things could potentially be factors on you and your husband's health problems and hair loss. I know that toxic mold causes both hair loss and impaired or complete shut down of Thyroid as well. I would not worry too much about it or lose sleep over it for sure, but I would look in to it. Since your symptoms both started at around the same time, could potentially be a link. I am saying this because I feel I went through all of this for a reason and if I can help just one person in my life...then it makes it easier to accept. You should know...most of the symptoms went away withing one to two months of leaving the toxic mold. We then moved into an apartment in the same complex and it had new carpets....and possibly some chemicals elsewhere causing us severe allergy problems and continued hair loss. Right now doctor thinks it is diffuse alopecia areata...biopsy done yesterday should say for sure...but I am praying somehow, someway it is NOT. My daughter has lost more than half her hair too and continues to. This cannot be a coincidence! She is 10...not stressed at all, no thyroid probls, iron fine, zinc fine, etc. The only thing physcially wrong with her now (besides severe diffuse hair loss) is she now has that lowered immune system I mentioned before (IgG, IgA, IgM all low) and sick a lot...when she used to rarely get sick...her dad and I used to marvel how she rarely got sick and had such a great immune system....just like HIM. So what I am saying is please don't worry at all over it but check it out if you think there is any possibility of these things being the problem. It does take some detective work and some money to do the testing, but your health and future health are just too important not to. I hope you will keep me posted as to how you two are doing. One thing you can do that doesn't cost a penny is to google "mycotoxicosis" and look at the symptoms. You can go to
    for a list of symptoms. As I mentioned before, hair loss (diffuse) is one of them and so is impairment of thyroid but you would likely be having many more symptoms if there was mold...not just those 2. So likely just a coincidence so please don't worry one second about it..but do look in to it if you both have several symptoms. Is easy to test air. And write whatever and whenever you want. As I said...this is our thread...for everyone. :) XO I am keeping everyone in this thread in my prayers. What a beautiful group of people who have responded. May God truly bless us all.

    BTW...when I take a multi B Vitamin supplement...my scalp pain gets way worse! So I don't take it anymore. ???
  16. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Dear Cas...you are so very welcome! I took them in June and was losing mass amounts of hair by August. It lasted over a year and a half...but DID all start regrowing out of nowhere! I thing you have very good reason to have a lot of hope and for more than just a day! :)

    I am glad you are getting the biopsy done too though. Ruling other things out, like Alopecia Areata, will be a great comfort to you as well and ease your anxiety. I think it is a good thing to do even though I believe it is caused by the emergency contraception. I had it done a couple days ago and was easy macheesy.

    I also think since you had the water leak and it was not repaired properly, you should absolutely look in to having the air tested in your house. It astounds me how little is known to the general public about the health problems caused by mold. I will never move anywhere ever again without having a mold test first. Because what happened to me and my daughter was such a nightmare. That is NOT an understatement. AND if we are ever re-exposed we could respond even worse to it because we would be sensitized to it now and my daughter now has an immunodeficiency which would make it harder for her to fight off...and anaphalaxsis (spelling?) is a real possibility for us. Maybe you could go to the same website as I gave mythreeboys and check out the symptoms. I really and truly believe your hair loss is from the emergency contraception...I really do 100%. However, I also know how dangerous mold is and this could cause probs that make hair loss look like no big deal. Please trust me on this. Here is the link:
    ...take a look at it and take notice of symptoms of mold exposure and mycotoxicosis. If you even notice any of the symptoms ever, you need to get a mold inspector in the house, or back in the house, and see your doctor. I am so happy you are having your house tested. I think this is very important for you for sure! If I have diffuse A.A., and it looks like I do (and my daughter does too..at same time!) I would be sure it was brought on by the toxic exposure (as CAN happen). God bless you sweetheart and keep your hope! :) Things should get much better for you! Thanks so much for your well wishes too! It is my prayer now that we are gone this will all resolve! Won't be in time to avoid a wig for me, but hoping that I won't be in one for very long. So, thanks again! :)
  17. Paulina

    Paulina Guest

    Hey ladies...I wanted to share three products I use that really help make my hair look thicker. There are a million hair thickeners out there and I have likely tried them alll! But there are a few that I have found work very well and I use them together.

    First thing I apply all over is a new product developed by MIT folkes called "full thickening cream" made by a company called Living Proof. Is great stuff. Don't use the anti-frizz stuff tho because it doesn't work well...even saleslady said she didn't think so either when I returned it. But the full thickening cream works great. Was weird at first but after a few days of using it, was great.

    Second thing I apply all over (sparingly because expensive) is called "Hydrating Thickening Spray" by a company called Ojon. Works amazingly well...especially on top of thickening cream.

    The last thing I do is spray "Extra Body Daily Boost"... made by Paul Mitchell...at my roots at top of head.

    These three things help me a lot. Because my hair loss is diffuse I have no bald or bare patches, and these products really help it look and FEEL thicker (when I run my hands through it). Hope this helps someone. Big hugs to you all! XO
  18. RubyRoo

    RubyRoo Guest

    Ladies I'm sorry I may not have read your thread properly and apologies if this has already been answered but how would you know if it was a mold thing that had caused your hair loss? It never occurred to me that is what it could be but thinking about it...a month or 2 before my hair started to shed I moved my bed, I live in a wooden house and area where my bed had been was masking a ridiculous amount of damp and mold (gross I know). Well it took weeks for this to dry out and the smell etc to go. It was hideous! It affected my chest, I was wheezing horribly and would wake up with headaches and sore throats. It has been gone for months now, but I have been taking Piriton non stop since December because I'm allergic to 'something' and it drives me round the bend. Interesting, I might leave my house for a couple of weeks and see what happens.

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