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Synthetic Curly Wig - Help Untangling!!!

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by miss_fifi, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. miss_fifi

    miss_fifi Guest

    Hey Y'all!!

    I purchased a wig (that I now know is synthetic!) On eBay. It was sold as "long human hair healthy womens wig" from China, I wasnt hoping for much as it was relatively cheap but when I received it, it was actually really nice:) I need to wear it for a dance performance, so I basically need it for one or two wears! It actually feels really nice at the top, its got a sort of long straight fringe and then the hair towards the ends it has curls in it. Now here is my issue! I have put it on a few times to practice the routine and its become really frizzy and tangled, I slightly tried to brush it and some hair came out. So I stopped that! I checked to see if it was real or not using a hair straightener on a small bit....it melted! LOL!

    How do I get the frizz to calm down??? I was thinking that I could put something like frizz ease in it?? Does anyone have any experience with this? I don't really want to wash it as its very long and I think I could possibly mess it up more!!

    Any suggestions would be great!! Thanks :D:D
    Miss Fifi
  2. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    On really cheap fashion wigs, it is common for hair to come out when brushing - some of them do tend to shed quite a bit. If there is plenty of hair and you only need it for a couple of wears, I would try and finger comb it as much as possible. Then get a wide tooth comb and holding the hair above areas where you have the worst tangling, gently try and comb through it... even pull the hair gently apart to try and separate the strands that are tangled. The main thing is try not to pull on the strands without holding them a little above where you are pulling them because otherwise you will stretch the synthetic fibres and make it frizz up even worse.

    You can use Frizz Ease on the wig. Some people advocate putting some on the brush or comb before brushing through, so perhaps try that.
  3. yardgirl66

    yardgirl66 Guest

    I rinse my synthetic wigs, after washing in unscented fabric softner and water. I also kept a mixture of water and fabric softner to freshen them up a bit. Frizz eaze never worked for me made the wig look greasy.
  4. el123

    el123 Guest

    The place I got my first wig from also sold me Shampoo and Conditioning for the wig and also showed me how to wash it.
    She said to fill a tub with water then put your hand inside the wig and gently sway it in the water - never going in the opposite direction of the wig hair - coz if not it wall knot up. Put a few drops on Wig Shampoo for the first rinse. Then fill another tub of clean water and do the same but without the Wig Shampoo. I tried this a few times and it worked well.
    Dry inside out and hang it from the tab on the line.
    I'm never concerned about being gentle whilst combing. As far as I'm concerned most if not all wigs have too much hair and in my opinion a few hairs out is not a concern.
    I tried frizz ease on my full curly mid/long length wig. It worked OK. I ended up having to put heaps - but coz only your ends are curly you prob don't need much. Adding the Wig Conditioner helps too.

    At the moment coz I've switched to short wigs now... I just rinse under the tap. Drying is really easy - I hang it up behind my bedroom door and it dries over night. I don't comb it anymore - just a quick shake and I put it on. I don't use any product on it. Sometimes I purposely frizz it up to make it look slightly different. Sometimes If I want to blend with my bio hair or just control fly aways I use texture paste. :hairy:
  5. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Miss Fifi - to add to what el123 just wrote... if you wash the wig, make sure to use cool/tepid water and not hot!

    I am only careful not to "stretch" the fibres by pulling on them forefully when detangling/brushing, as this causes frizzing (and most of my synths are straight so frizzing is really obvious and very unnatural as human hair would never achieve that kinda weird stretched frizz that synth fibre does). I agree with el123 that most of these wigs can afford to lose some hair - which is a bonus really if they shed a bit. However, I noticed that my medical synthetic wigs never shed like some of the cheap fashion ones do because the construction is sturdier.
  6. miss_fifi

    miss_fifi Guest

    Hey thanks for all the suggestions! I have dosed it up with the Wig conditioner and it doesnt look too bad, I think it will always prob look a bit frizzy cos its so long!! I will prob wash it after the first wear.. I think the brushing didnt do it much good but thankfully I stopped before I managed to drag all the curls out lol!!
    Still not 100% if I will be able to wear it, for the performance, its super long..will keep everyone posted!! I might even put up a pic if I do!!
  7. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    If you wash it, they should refresh a bit as the style is kinda "built in" to the synthetic... so a curly or wavy should bounce back when washed a bit like if you permed bio hair.
  8. Porshiana

    Porshiana Member

    Nov 1, 2013
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    put a lot of baby oil on it. a ton. then detangle it using only your fingers. do the ends first then slowly move up. do not use a brush. then fill a big pot or bowl with room temperature water and add liquid fabric softener. about 3:1. let it soak for an hour.dump the water and refill it with clean water and and Any old shampoo, or even dish soap will do. put the wig in and massage it very gently. rinse. repeat until the water rinses clean. Then let it air dry or use a cool fan. once dry if It It's to dull you can use bonfi oil free wig spray. you dont want to use oils or fabric softener left in because it sits on top and will make dirt stock to the wig and feel nasty. oil free doesn't do that. if you ends are frizzy you can take a metal comb with tight teeth. boil some water. dip the comb into the boiling water and then brush the ends while its hot. the same heat that frizzed it can help straighten it in this more controlled way. but beware, this makes it very straight removibg the set in curl

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    forgive my typos. I'm on a pos phone.
  9. orbit

    orbit Guest

    I just made a little post about this exact thing and was sharing the success that I had when I used this technique:


    I did it on my Jon Renau Lola synthetic wig and worked very very well. If you are nervous about doing it on the wig you mentioned I suggest trying it on an old synthetic wig first.
    Good luck!

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