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Testosterone Levels?

Discussion in 'AGA Related Blood Work and Doctors' started by chicagotosf, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. chicagotosf

    chicagotosf Guest

    At what levels of testosterone will hair loss happen? What is "too high"?
  2. WorriedMom

    WorriedMom Guest

    From what I can understand, it is different for everyone. I think it also can involve whether or not you carry the genes for baldness. Also, there is the belief in hormone sensitivity which means that some people are more sensitive to androgens than others. Hair loss is such a complicated thing.
  3. mshistory

    mshistory Guest

    Different labs will have different reference ranges for free and total testosterone (and this may also depend on your age). My lab, Quest Diagnostics, uses reference ranges of 2-45 ng/DL for total testosterone and 0.1 - 6.4 pg/mL for free testosterone.

    But like WorriedMom mentioned, you don't need high testosterone levels to have hair loss, just an androgen susceptibility that we unfortunately inherit. I have Androgenetic Alopecia and my total testosterone level was only 12 and my free was 1.1, so both were on the lower end of normal...and I am losing my hair anyway.
  4. Marsen

    Marsen Guest

    Even if testosterone levels were too high, what could they do?

    Also would you not have other symptoms from the imbalance?
  5. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    There are many treatments for elevated androgens...if a women has elevated androgens, more often than not she has a specific syndrome like PCOS or congenital adrenal hyperplasia...if untreated those conditions can cause (sometimes) cause other problems.

    Many women with elevated androgens do not evince any external symptoms...take two men for example with the same levels of androgens, one will be hairy and the other will be as soft as a baby...it's just that their body are not receptive in the same way to androgens. This is true for women too.

    In the same way not all bald men are hairy men, and not all hairy men are bald. My dad is bald but does not have a lot of body hair. My boyfriend is a little monkey and has a full head of hair.

    you have to imagine that we have tiny androgens receptors all over our body and each receptors react differently to the same level of androgens. You can be androgen sensitive on your scalp and leg for example but not at all in your armpit area...
  6. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Some women with low androgens with Androgenetic Alopecia can benefit from drugs like spironolactone...unfortunately some will not respond (as far as hair loss is concerned)...it's the same for women with Androgenetic Alopecia and unbalanced hormones, soms will see improvement some wont....

    There is no way to know until you try :(

    I know i am preaching a lot for antiandrogens on here it just because it woked for me and it took me soooo long to get a proper diagnosis...I realized during those years of searching ofr an answer that many doctor just don't take you seriously when you tell them you have hair loss. I could have said hairs and time if i had knew those things before...

    I learnt a lot on this board and yet what we, as members, know here is so little compared to the complex process that hair loss is....

    But in the field of Androgenetic Alopecia currently there are only a few treatments that have been proven effective : rogaine , BCP, antiandrogens and / or HRT.

    However, there are a few cases of women with PCOS (i know i always bring this back but it's because i know more about PCOS related Androgenetic Alopecia than about "simple" Androgenetic Alopecia) who managed to balance out their hormones "naturally" thanks to a drastic lifestyle change, but those who manage to control or stop their hair loss like are not numerous even if there are some cases!...Not on this board though, but there are some on the Soulcysters board...Often they were women who had a few pounds to shed to start with...

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