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thinking of taking Lugol's Solution... need help...

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by lilly82, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. lilly82

    lilly82 Guest

    I’m getting desperate to use anything that will stop my shedding and regrow my hair. I’m afraid that the Lugol's can be toxic and hurt me somehow.
    I read online that you are supposed to use one drop of the 5% 3 times a week only. What have you learned researching and how much is safe to take? I have gone to many docs... many don't think I have PCOS. One did but he was a neurologist just giving his opinion. I went to a reproductive endocrinologist and she said that even though my estrodol was low... that it happens in perfectly healthy women and she does not think I have PCOS.
    I don’t know if I have PCOS or Androgenetic Alopecia. My grandmother on my father’s side had vellus type hair on her scalp. Really thinned out... but not sure when that started. My mom also has very thin hair but not anywhere near like that.

    I’m 26 years old... have had significant shedding for 6 years... have diabetes since the age of 19.... Oily scalp.... hair that easily breaks. I did a scalp biopsy and found out I have a lot of oil glands and the hair follicles are really close to the top of the scalp.

    I’m freaking out... and I got back on this site... hoping I can find a solution. I have depression. Had that for as long as I could remember.
    I am not taking anything at all right now. I want to introduce things to my body that will help and not hurt me. That is why I have been afraid to touch BC.

    I know I have a lot of questions :
    What is this Bromide detox symptoms?
    And is it dangerous?
    What can I take to prevent it?
    Will Lugols solution regrow my hair as well as stop shedding?
    What is a safe amount to take and what has worked?
    Are there any other supplements (Chinese or other ) I should be taking along with this?
    Can taking Lugol's solution be combined with suppliments like biotin, iron, zinc, ect? how about if I use Retin A for my skin... can there be a side affect?

    I'm in the US... I don't think I can get the 5%. Is the 2% just as good and does anyone recommend a specific brand?
    Thank you very much in advance
  2. Megan

    Megan Guest

    Hi Lilly,
    Look at Web Diva's posts. She has said that Lugols stopped her shedding. I've been using it now for a few days, but sadly my shedding has not decreased. Did you read somewhere that it stops hair loss?

  3. web_diva

    web_diva Guest


    We PM'd about this so I won't repeat myself. Hopefully other gals can weigh in if you are looking for varied opinions. Take care

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