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this is all too much

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by joan, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. joan

    joan Guest

    Hi everyone,

    just wondering how people get through this. I sometimes feel like I can't even though I am trying really hard. I am just so sad....
  2. RugBug

    RugBug Guest

    OH Joan...... we have good days and bad. We cry, we laugh, we make do. We find other things to worry about...other things to find joy in. We prioritize....we put things in perspective. We appreciate the positive. Must mostly, we join here, together and vent. ;o)


  3. Bummer

    Bummer Established Member

    Aug 6, 2011
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    For me it helped a lot to feel like I was being proactive. I did a bunch of research, found a knowledgeable doctor that would treat me, took the treatment, waited to see if it would work. During those months of "wait and see" I would feel impatient and hopeful and also less helpless than if I wasn't trying to treat the cause of the hair loss.

    Each treatment takes a hell of a long time to find out if it's going to work and ultimately many don't but for me it still offered me a decent span of time that I could look to the future and not KNOW for certain that I was going to have to face losing the majority of my hair.

    That's just me though. Different things work for different people. I hope you are able to find the thing that works for you. :)
  4. Romy.N

    Romy.N Guest

    yesterday I had another apointment with a new derm and it was like all the other ones before.. only I got my 6 !!!! diagnosis. I am so fed up with this! I can`t even make up any more excuses for them like they try or like they just don`t know! I feel like I am in a bad movie the starring star which has to jump in and out of scenarios of hope, dispair, happiness and hatred, disgust, frustration etc. Somedays I wake up and all what I want to do is stay under my blanket and hide from the day, my life, my looks and specially my hair. Do I know that hairs are not so important?? Sure I do .. my brain tells me this all day long but somehow my emotions tell me that this is unfair and horrible that I loose my hair and all the other ones keep them. They wake up in the morning shake their hair and look cute and beautiful while I spent a hour in my bathroom in front of the mirror just trying to cover up my scalp. Lately I am in a fatalistic mood .. since I made my mind up to stop every "treatment" on Jan. 01., 2012 I feel like this is the onliest way to go before my hairs are totally taking over my life... if it is not already happening. The comment from my husband this morning when I came out of my bathroom...." Oh today your hair doesn`t look THAT bad maybe it is coming around!" Yes....and maybe I AM COMING AROUND ALSO! You know what made me happy the last 2 weeks....I was in Garmisch in the German alps and all what I did was walking, walking walking and reading books ..... 1700 pages in 5 days...at least I forgot the mess on my head :)
  5. I think you have to take all the options available into consideration. Cover ups. Concealer/ toppers/wigs. If you have something as a back up the fear and constant worry subsides. You know no matter what you have that and when the time comes you will use it or it will sit in your closet and reassure you from a far. The choice is yours and always will be. You can control it or let it control you. Good luck!!
  6. joan

    joan Guest

    I don't know how some of you do it. This thing is truly controlling me right now but I am trying to control it. I don't think things like wigs and such will ever make me feel better. I just want to be normal with my hair, with less worry, less sadness, I want my life back. I wonder if i can do this....
  7. sadgirl

    sadgirl Guest

    i feel u,,,i think reading stories and novels that take u to another world help,,,to forget,,also tryin to be active and do sth about it,,and saying to ur self it will be better
  8. alicat

    alicat Guest

    I absolutely know how you're feeling. It wasn't long ago that I was at my worst and didn't know if I'd ever be happy again. My hair loss was (and still is) horrible. I can't go outside unless I wear my wig or a hat. Nearly 4 years ago I bought a wig. Honestly, this wig saved me in so many ways. I became a much more outgoing and happier person. Of course, I'm VERY insecure about wearing a wig, but this is just something I have to deal with and move on. I do feel a little limited in day to day activities due to my hair loss, but I focus on the positive and know that I can at least walk out of my house and LOOK normal to others. I do not feel normal most days, but my wig gives that illusion :p
    Hair loss SUCKS big time. I would love to have my hair back. *sigh* Oh the things I could do with my bio hair... But that is not my reality & I try not dwell on it.
    You CAN have hair loss and be happy! Unfortunately, the grieving takes a long while and sometimes never fully goes away..BUT you can still be happy and live life! It's hard to do, but try to move on and enjoy life. We only get this life once!

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