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This month's Oprah magazine

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by HopefulMama, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. HopefulMama

    HopefulMama Member

    Jan 5, 2011
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    #1 HopefulMama, Aug 5, 2011
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  2. aries

    aries Guest

    Wow, I hope this is true. I just don't know if I have five years to spare :(
  3. WorriedMom

    WorriedMom Guest

    I hope that it is true as well. It sounds pretty plausible to me. What encouragement! Thank you so much for posting it!
  4. Lost

    Lost Guest

    It would be nice to have something topical other then rogaine! :)
  5. mshistory

    mshistory Guest

    That's encouraging!
  6. Kristi

    Kristi Guest

    Thanks for sharing. It's nice to hear that some new products that offer more hope for us are about to hit the market.

    The topicals are probably for Androgenetic Alopecia and the injectable is probably something for use with Alopecia Areata, but that's just my guess. It will be so nice if they have some great new treatment options coming out for the two most common forms of Alopecia. :)
  7. Sassy

    Sassy Established Member

    Apr 16, 2011
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    Oh this is so exciting!!! I'm going to do some more research right now. Hoenestly, leave it to Oprah...I think she has helpred more women than any single president has.
  8. :) Thanks for sharing, needed to hear something like that right now!
  9. Phenix

    Phenix Established Member

    Feb 8, 2011
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    Here's an excerpt from his blog:

    My dermatologist (who is also well known hair loss specialist in NYC) prescribed a 3 month supply of Latisse to me as an option for my hair loss treatment. I will probably try this next month. The negative side, its expensive and is NOT covered by insurance.
  10. Marsen

    Marsen Guest

    I used Bimatoprost on my brows, which I had overplucked in my 20s. It took about 4 months to see any effects. It did not regrow hairs, but it made the existing hairs darker and thicker. The brows went back to normal one month after discontinuing.

    I started using Rogaine on my brows in March and it has definitely regrown hairs I hadn´t seen since my 20s. My brows look thicker and fuller too. Rogaine is the clear winner between the two drugs.

    If the Bimatoprost solution for hair is affordable, I´ll definitely try it too. I didn´t get any irritation from using it on my brows. I suspect it will only make existing hairs grow thicker and darker, which would take a long time to see, but anything helps I suppose.

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