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time to remins what PCOS is. even regular period can be pcos

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by dying curls, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    While 75% of women with PCOS do have menstrual problems, 25% do not. In these women, perhaps they have always had regular periods but never realized that they were not ovulating. Others may have had the occasional irregular period, but felt that it was nothing to be too concerned about, assuming a skipped period was due to stress or some other factor.

    i thought this was a necessary reminder for many women on here who think it is impossible they have pcos because they never had period issues. 25 percent of women with pcos have they periods like a clock..25 percent is a lot.
    More than the cysts or the period issues what is important in pcos are the symptoms...remember somen omen do not have cysts but still have pcos...and some women do not have the symptoms but do have the cysts.
    you have to understand it is a complex syndrome. What doctor do when they treat us for PCOS is not really looking at every sign that can tell we have pcos ..the most important for docs is to treat the symptoms that bother us. then if there is a risk of insulin resistance or diabetes..but here we're talking about hair loss that is just a telling symptoms some of us might experience just like hirsutim or unwanted hair:

    Androgens are a group of hormones, such as testosterone, found at high levels in men but present in women at much lower levels. PCOS sufferers, though, often have higher than normal levels of androgens. These excess hormones can cause a disorder known as hirsutism. Women with hirsutism typically have thicker and darker hair growing on their face and body. The areas most commonly affected are the mustache and beard, though the extra hair growth may also be noticed on the chest, back, stomach, arms, legs, and pubic region. While not all women with PCOS will have hirsutism, a whopping 95% of those women with hirsutism will have PCOS.

    unwanted hair cannot be accounted by origin as many of you seem to think...facial hair is not something a women should have before menaupose if she is hormonally balanced..unless she is extremy androgen sensitive which comes down to what doctor call pcos tendency...it's a myth to think that spanish girls are more hairy than let's say english girls...they're the same the only difference maybe that spanish girls with pcos are likely to be brunette and their facial hair dark, whereas an english girl will be more likely to have less visible fair hair ...the face is not a place for women to have hair normally whatever their country of origin...especially if you notice a change in those hair.

    also for the acne .;much more than T , it is DHT that is responsible. dht is worse than t in many way...so when you are looking for pcos look for all the androgens.
  2. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Also remember tha tin pcos not just the ovaries are responsible...ovaries produce hormone syeah but also the adrenal glands...adreanal glands produce many hormones and are linked to pcos.
  3. Nikoletta

    Nikoletta Guest

    Ok so how would someone ever know truly if they have pcos?
  4. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    you can be diagnosed..if you have several pcos symptoms, external one like acne, and if this symptoms react to antiandrogen

    you need both a blood sample, and an ultrasound, and also to see the symptoms you have.

    only your endo and you will know if yes or no you have pcos or a pcos tendency..it is difficult it took me years to be diagnosed because i always had regular period and no acne , plus i am underweight. so peple always told me it was impossible i had pcos..then one day i developped AN (dark patched on the skin) that appaer in pcos or dabites, and my facial hair became more clear..and my hormones were in a whack when it was not before, yet i had pcos all along..
  5. GoodYear

    GoodYear Guest

    Thanks DC for reminding us. Its important that we are aware of PCOS.
  6. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    the thing is that many people think youhave to be overweight with a beard and irregular period to have it, oreven unable to have kids....all of this is wrong!!many pcos women have kids without any help!

    i am sure it is the same for the thyroid ladies many many profiles.
  7. mjh

    mjh Guest

    I have a pretty regular period. Never had any real problem with it. I've got PCOS though. The worst symptom by far is the hair loss...I could have dealt very well with the rest.

    However I did see some pics online of very hairy PCOS women. It was literally like male hair growth and I felt so bad for them. I'm sure dealing with that is as hard as dealing with alopecia.
  8. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    Yeah, I never had an irregular period, aside from the times I was suffering from an eating disorder. My gyno doesn't think I have PCOS because she looked through my files and saw that my testosterone was only elevated the times I was deep into my eating disorder, and at normal levels while in remission. She thinks my hormones are just out of wack when I'm not eating properly.
  9. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Why then did she start you on Yasmin?? I thought it was because you run a blood test just before?

    weird i just researched eating disorders and Testosterone..they say a higehr T in women protect from eating disorders...many articles on that..and that women with lower T are more likely to suffer anorexia. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  10. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    i also would like to remind ...though PCOS is supposed to affect fertility not all women with PCOS need assistance in getting pregnant , especially those with regular period...my sister got pregnant naturally and is having now troubled to get pregnant not because of her PCOS but becase she has somehting called hydrosalpinx , her trumps are closed and apparently that is bad for the embryo to hold onto the unterus.

    ALso PCOS is gentic and it means certainly women in our family before us had it, and yet they are kids since we are here..the thing is that our generation pcos seems to be worse because of the processed food and worse way of life obviously..i believed my paternal grandma had it and she had five kids absolutely naturally.
  11. mjh

    mjh Guest

    i think my mom might have had it although I don't think she had irregular periods. She had no hair loss at all until she passed away at the age of 54. She didn't have acne at all. But she did have a little extra facial hair. And a little bit of leg and arm hair but it was nothing like mine. Also we are a little hairier in our ethnicity. She was a little heavy too but not too much.
  12. GoodYear

    GoodYear Guest

    I believed (but not sure) that when you have an eating disorder and especially anorexia and being thin, your estrogens are very low. Your period disappeares too then.
  13. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    yeah when you have an eating disorder you're estrogens go down..and also often your periods...but apparently the testosterone does not go up...i just did some research this afternoon...some anorexic get facial hair but it's seem to be more similar to what happens in menaupose when lower estrogen does not counter as well the androgens...
    and PCOS is characterized by hgher androgens but also higher estrogen not lower estrogens.
  14. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    If someone is not ovulating they cannot get pregnant. Isnt that right?
  15. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    yes that's is why i posted again after to explain that that part is not exactly true for PCOS ( i took some part in the first post from womento women website)...after i explained..that yes women with PCOS have more trouble to ovulate than others, but those who still have regular periods likely still ovulate even if the ovulation quality is not as good as a women without pcos....i gave the exemple of my sister who got pregnant at 27 when her boyfriend forgot to use a condoms and she already had pcos...a woman with pcos may have or may not have difficulties to get pregnant...also she might get pregnant very easily at one point, and at another moment for some reason she wont....
    I guess the most difficult cases are when pcos women dont get period naturally...
    i explained pcos was genetic so likely women in our family before us had it and yet they had children (otherwise we would not be there to talk about it) but since it's hormonal and hence very dependant on the way of life ect...and that our way of life is bad now, pcos now gets a bit worse than during our grandma generation i guess...i like to compare it with the evolution of diabetes type 2 since basically pcos and diabetes have the same root cause.

    my grandma who is dead had 5 children and i think she had pcos because she lost all her hair at menaupose and had a huge belly..and when my dad was born in 1946 there was no other way to get pregnant that the old fashion one...

    basically pcos is the first cause of infertility among women...because it's common but it's a problem easily overcome, a problem with the trumps or another cause will be less common but still harder to overcome than PCOS because they're fixed problems..whereas hormones are fluctuating and easily monitored...so it means that a pcos women have chances to get pregnant naturally if her hormones are ok at a given moment, and this happens, or other wise she will be given a little halper like clomid or metformin....
  16. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    I have a hard time believing that a women can have PCOS with NO signs of it AND have normal hormone levels. They cannot have PCOS if they dont meet any criteria of PCOS becuase that is what PCOS is..
  17. Nikoletta

    Nikoletta Guest

    I agree
  18. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Okay...can you read what i worte or do i express myself too awkwardly???????

    i explained several time pcos is very complex..and there many many many forms....and yes it is possible for a woman to have PCOS and be completely asymptomatic if she has very good gene to start with....a symptoms is a manifestion of a disease you can grasp, it's external...so many women are asymptomatic ( i did not say that mean they had normal hormone levels)..and never know they have pcos until they try to get pregnant, also other had several kids and are asymtomatic and all of a sudden they experience difficulties to be pregant because their PCOS is stronger...

    My sister is a living proof of this...
    I am a proof of this as i was asymtomatic for many years.

    Hormones are fluctuating...not stable expecially in women....you have to understand this....that 's why plenty of pcos woment are able to get pregnant completely naturally because even if it's harder than for another women, it's possible that's their hormone during one cycle are not that much in a whack that they ovulate and get pregnant...

    my sister has pcos, she has not unwanted hair issue, a very smmoth skin, never had acne, regular period, and got pregnant naturally when she did not even know she has pcos. YET SHE HAS PCOS, and yet at one moment her hormones were balanced enough to get pregnant naturally.

    i thought i had been careful enough in my explanation....
    then most of my pcos friends are asymptomatic dermatologically speaking , and only have perios problems....i dont have period issues but started to develop dermatological issues...so why a women could not be lucky enough to have neither dermatological issues nor period irregularities???it happens...many many many women dont even know they have pcos...
    you oucld have one asymptomatic women who has three kids and never had to deal with her pcos..but had she try to get pregnant a fourth time all of a sudden her pcos got worse ovulatory speaking and she would have had difficulties to get pregnant...but since this woman never tried to have a fourth kid she never know she had pcos...only maybe at menaupose and her doctor wont even speak about pcos and put everyhitng on the account of menaupose...

    there are many many many asymptomatic pcos women as there are many many many asymptomatic diabetic people, that's why doctor say diabetes is dangerous because it's often asymptomatic, there are many many many asymtomatic pcos women just in the same way are there many disease that are asymptomatic....since pcos is not considered threatening...espcially if you have a mild pcos all your life, many docs wont even mention it to their patient...

    was that clear enough?????
  19. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    MY question is this

    If PCOS means Polycystic Ovarian disease and you have NO ovarian cycts, NO hormone problems, regular periods, Regular hormone levels of E, P and T, then they need to create a new name for these instances, dont they? For those that only have the faical hair and Alopecia....... sounds like just a sensitivity to androgens...??

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