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To treat PCOS or not??? (Long)

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by Peanut-n-Bean, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. When I was 17yrs old I was diagnosed with my first ovarian cyst. I was told by the doctor that they just happen sometimes. Over the next 22yrs I have had numerous episodes of abdominal pain and cysts. Nobody could ever give me a reason or a diagnosis. When I was 26yrs old I noticed my hair starting to shed. I chalked it up to postpartum hormonal changes and figured it would get better. At the age of 30 I finally asked a doctor about it and he checked my thyroid. That turned out fine so once again I didn't have any explantion.

    Over the next 10yrs my hair on my head has continued to thin with no diagnosis or treatment. However, around the age of 32 I started noticing odd stray hairs growning on my chin. Just a couple at first, and then they started to multiply. I chalked it up to getting older, bad genes, and kharma kicking me in the butt for making fun of an old neighbor that had bad body hair issues.

    Now at the age of 40 I have a large amount of facial hair on my upper lip, chin, jawline, sideburns, and odd long hairs sprouting around my neck area. Luckily it's mostly blonde, but the underside of my chin gets these course black hairs. Which are really weird because they don't hurt to pluck but yet the fine blonde ones hurt like heck! I go get waxed about every 2 weeks and pluck most other days. Often times when we have company coming over my BF will tell me "go give yourself a good plucking". Grrrrrr!

    I have also had weird, unexplained female reproductive issues that include abnormal bleeding between periods, heavy clotting during periods, breast tendernace, breast cysts, and super psycho PMS issues that have ruined several relationships over the years. All of these issues without ever getting a diagnosis or reccomendations for treatment.

    I do remember the last ultrasound I had about a year ago when I had another cyst, my doctor did mention briefly something about she thought I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I asked her what that was and she told me it was nothing to worry about. That since I no longer planned to have children (my tubes are tied) that I didn't have to worry about it and that it just sometimes causes cysts on the ovaries. Nothing to worry about she says... I knew I didn't like that doctor for a reason!

    Never at any time did I have any idea that all of these issues that I have had for years were related or that there were treatment options. I just thought I was a freak that got the shallow end of the gene pool.

    So after doing lots of reading online for the past couple of weeks I'm thinking I sound like a classic case of PCOS. So today I made an appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist who specializes in PCOS. At first I was excited about the idea of getting treatment but now after reading about the different medications I wonder if the ramifications of the meds justifies the results.

    Do medications and treatments for PCOS really work to stop the unwanted body hair? And does treatment actually make the hair on the head actually grow back or is this all just a pipedream? The costs involved with treatment will easily end up costing me $1000 or more. Would it be money better spent to just apply towards my new Flora wig and give up the idea that a doctor can fix me?



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  2. Sally

    Sally Guest

    Hey I have PCOS and I too was diagnosed at 17 I too ignored the ever thinnin on my head but always had some dark hairs on my navel to pubic area and then they to spouted from my face I say before treatment I was plucking something like ten big black course hairs frmo my chin area and other body areas. the hair loss has been worst for me to deal with and that is when I started treatment I tried many but am now on Flutamide which is a very strong anti androgen .. it has not helped my hair loss BUT it has definatly slowed dwn the facial hair and the belly hair has al but gone on this. there are treatments such as Spirolactone that can help the only downside is whilst my body got used to these tablets I felt bl*ody terrible but you get used to it .. I knwo when I stopped Flutamide for a six month break all my hair came growing in faster.

    If it bothers you then why not try and get it at least a bit more managerable.

    Good luck
  3. cwoc

    cwoc Guest

    I believe medications will help with some symptoms, although it's not guaranteed they will help with hair loss.

    I might have PCOS but at this point since my hormone levels are "normal" (on the high end of the range, but still within the range), all the Dr. has said is I can go on birth control if I want. They do not believe my hair loss is caused by the hormones. Right now I am iffy as to whether or not the hormones are causing it. I do have regular periods, but if I didn't I would most likely go on BCP, even though I am not a huge medication person. BCPs can also help slow excess hair growth, and some hair will come back finer, but nothing will permanently remove the hair aside from laser or electrolysis.

    I believe there are also anti-androgens (finasteride, Spironolactone) that can help with the excess hair, although it seems that some of the side effects of them include (more) hair loss as well as other more serious side effects that may negate any mild hair benefits.

    Not to be a downer, but I kind of feel like you've gone a very long time without treating your hair, so it might be irreversible at this point... BUT I do hope for the best and that if not your hair, you can at least get some of the other symptoms under control!
  4. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    I would say def get treated!
    You will feel so much better on so many levels you have no idea.
    Of course, for hair regrowth, you might no get the result you expect, but who know?? You might be one of those lucky gals who get regrowth!

    As for facial hair , yeah those are usually easy to take care of once on treatment. Some might not go away rigth away but over time (it can go from just one month or even less to one year ,, and you can see improvement even beyond that! they will get lighter and lighter and even come back to baby like blond invisible hairs.
    You will get lighter period, less headaches if you have some, you will feel less tired and so on.
    So yeah go for it! Be sure you see your doctor regularly for check ups though, and eat a proper diet. Once you know you have pcos it's good to adopt a very healthy lifestyle.

    good luck!

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