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Today Show--July 19th

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by moviegirl, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. moviegirl

    moviegirl Guest

    Hi Ladies,

    What a great job you all did. The courage and truthfullness it took to appear on national television---WOW :)

    No telling how many women you enlightened and encouraged along the way!

    I am so glad I was able to tape it--again,bravo!

  2. fancifixinz

    fancifixinz Guest

    Today show

    I was so proud of the ladies that appeared on the show ! :D They did a great job!I must say I was a bit let down . :? I really wished that they would have given more time to this topic. I felt as though they only painted part of the picture.It just seemed that the Dr. had very cut & dry causes for every hair loss. I was told that the type I have was"highly unpredictable & has No know cause or cure!" To me, she just made it sound sooo simple. If it is so simple , then why don't we have a cure? I don't mean to be so critical . But, I didn't hear about suicidal thoughts, that some people face. I apologize if I missed important facts. Maybe this is just an introduction to the world from the media. Maybe they should have displayed this website address so that People could paint the other half of the picture. Just my thoughts! "I maybe crazy...but it's kept me from going insane!" ~fancifixinz :lol:
  3. I couldn't agree more fancifixinz!!! I thought the Dr. was very cut and dry like you said. I disagree with what the Dr. said about low blood iron causing alopecia areata. I mean I guess it could be one cause but I've never had low iron in my life. The only abnormal result I've had when my hair was falling out is my Antinuclear Antibodies.

    This segment just touched the surface of it. I'm thinking maybe one of the primetime programs will pick up from here and go with it. Let's all cross our fingers and hope to see a more indepth program on this issue.

    Thanks for all the support!!! I'm glad I didn't look like a total blubbering fool.
  4. fancifixinz

    fancifixinz Guest

    Contacting The Today Show

    Hey kimby.....Do You think if all of the members from Her Alopecia were to contact The today Show , that they'd do a follow up? What do you think ladies? I personally have been thinking about doing it. I have even thought of contacting local hospitals about support groups. Maybe even starting my own local meetings. I'really not sure how to get started. I'm thinking strongly about it. :p ~fancifixinz
  5. I'm not really sure. I was hoping that Primetime would pick up on it. Only because both shows are from the same network.
  6. Mane_Trouble

    Mane_Trouble Guest

    I always thought Oprah should dedicate a show to the emotional turmoil caused by hair loss. Has it not happened yet?
  7. I know she has done a show where they give a wig to a little girl. I don't want to sound mean but she's to busy doing makeovers and calling women's hair their crowning glory.

    My thing is I would like to see a show like you said about the emotional side of it. Or how about the social side......why is it acceptable for men to be bald in society and not women?
  8. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    There's a group trying to get her to address the thyroid issue as well. With all her speaches of diet and how to feel better about yourself, she is completely ignoring that there are some medical conditions out there that work against women.
    Hair loss is totally one of them. I'm disapointed in the turn the Oprah show has taken lately. How many times do we have to watch an over paid actor wax poetic about how hard they have it too?
  9. colline

    colline Guest

    rally round

    Nothing like a rally round to get our point across - i would gladly contact whatever network out there to get the point that this is an important issue and is one on the upscale in women - My question to you is would you all do the same - a bombardment of letters to the correct people would work - if we can ask kimberly who to contact then write in with our concerns we could raise the awareness of the issue.

    Before the pessmistic group between us say anything - how do you get want you want in life? you fight for it right so it does none of us any harm to write to the appropriate bodies and express this.
  10. fancifixinz

    fancifixinz Guest

    Hey ladies ...I did it! I contacted The Today Show . I commented on the fact that the ladies with alopecia did a great job. I went on to tell them that I have it . I told them that I was dissapointed in the amount of time given to this important issue. I brought up the fact that the Dr. had very cut & dry answers. I mentioned emotional issues and suicidal thoughts. I suggested that they have Kim do another segment. I also suggested that they interview Peggy Knight , who founded am image institute in 1978. It has a focus to help women regain self esteem . I told them , it was women like Kim, who helped me to face this alopecia with great strength . I asked them Please, Please , do another show on this important issue. I think I saved a copy of the email. Maybe if We voice our view ....then thye will have no choice to listen ! Just a thought. By the way , this comes from a girl who's never even wrote to the local paper ! ~Fancifixinz
  11. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    YEY for you!
    What a great idea! And you could send a copy of that letter to Oprah too. It's amazing how quickly one show will want to outdo another.
  12. Fancifixinz.....you are an amazing lady yourself. I don't know what else to say but thank you for being so supportive. I do hope that a show somewhere will pick up where this one left off. If you don't mind my asking where did you send your email to....Sandra? I am in the process myself of putting a letter together in response to the segment and how it was aired. I would like to invite them in to my daily life and see the kind of things I get asked or the stares and comments that are made. To me that's the key in getting others to see what we go through and moving more towards the acceptance that men have. For me every time I hear about another show doing a makeover and calling a woman's hair her crowning glory it hurts even more. I don't have the option of just changing my hair style when I get tired of the color or length.
  13. fancifixinz

    fancifixinz Guest

    Thanks Kimby......YOU MY :D HERO ! If your not careful you're gonna make me blush. :oops: HA! HA! I 'll go back & see what I used. I reallly think it was just a general contact us type of link. Be back later with info.~Blessings ~Fancifixinz
  14. fancifixinz

    fancifixinz Guest

    Hey Kimby , . Ididn't think to look up Sandra . Do you think She needs to know mine and the other ladies responses? I could copy and paste the body of the email to her if I need to . When I was trying to find the e-mail, I entered The Today Show in a search engine and then narrowed it down . When it brought up NBC listings for The Today Show, I clicked on it and found a contact us type link. I may have chosen one under Anns name . I really don't recall. I hope it got before the right set of eyes. :shock: Kimby , What do you think ? ~ Kel
  15. Hi Kel,

    Guess it wouldn't hurt to send it to her. After talking to most of my friends and others that I knew saw it they all had the same response. In fact every single person told me they didn't care for the Doctor they had on the show. That address is very general so I'm not sure who goes through those emails. Either way I'm glad that they are getting some feedback even if it's in a general email. Sandra's post is in the tell your story section with her direct address. Hope to send my letter to her tomorrow.

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