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too many drs...no final diagnosis

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by baldgirl, May 18, 2006.

  1. baldgirl

    baldgirl Guest

    I began losing my hair shortly after I learned that I was pregnant with my first child. My doctor attributed it to stress. My hair kept falling out in chunks in a pattern similar to someone undergoing chemotherapy. By the time my precious baby girl was born, I had undergone several tests, blood work, and had visited several doctors and specialists (all of which were baffled), and by the time of delivery, I was completely bald. No hair on my head whatsoever! My hair started to grow back shortly after she was born; then four months later, I lost it all again--including my eyebrows. Then a few months later, I started seeing some re-growth. Then my eyelashes fell out from one eye. I still have some hair, but it seems to be "deciding" whether it will come back or not. I have been on prednisone, topical treatments, and too many injections to even count (hundreds!). I've been tested for all auto-immune diseases and everything else from lupus to arsenic poisoning. Most doctors fall back on alopecia areata, but an extreme form of it???? I really don't feel as if I'm under a lot of stress, and other than one week of extreme stress shortly after I got pregnant, my life has been pretty stable (except the whole balding-thing!) Also, I have always struggled with exzema. any ideas?


    Hi Baldgirl,
    Sorry to hear about all you are going through. It sure sounds like you have Alopecia Areata. I have Alopecia Areata and my ANA test came back negative for autoimmune diseases. I have read many articles on the web and most mention eczema as having a connection to Alopecia Areata. I have allergic contact dermatitis, which is different from eczema, but I believe that my skin condition along with stress brought on my Alopecia Areata. I recommend that you google Alopecia Areata eczema and see what you can find out. Good luck.
  3. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    Hi again Baldgirl, :)

    I replied to your message on the "Tell Your Story" forum so you may want to read there first. I would just like to add some information from the National Alopecia Areata Foundation about having certain other conditions yourself or in your family that may predispose you to Alopecia Areata.

    "Alopecia areata often occurs in families whose members have had asthma, hay fever, atopic eczema, or other autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease, early-onset diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, vitiligo, pernicious anemia, or Addison's disease."

    I feel that there are various triggers which cause the Alopecia Areata to flare up in certain individuals however I think genetically we must have one thing which is common in all of us. When they find out what that is a cure will be found that will put the Alopecia Areata into permanent remission.

    The Alopecia Areata Regisrty gives us the most hope of finding out. People who register are given pages of questions and have bloodwork done. Families who have more than one member with Alopecia Areata are of particular interest to the researchers.

    Hope this information helps. Take care. Hugs. Joann

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