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Topper with lace front?

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by jmfal, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. jmfal

    jmfal Guest

    Hi all -

    After 4 bouts of TE due to medication changes, my hair is a complete mess. Because the shedding has been due to TE, the loss is all over my head so I don't really have too much scalp showing but it's REALLY thin and impossible to do anything with it. After months of clipping it back to take my mind off the massive shedding, I am so ready to have cute hair again. I am hitting the back half of the latest TE incident and am hopeful that this is the last one but who knows. Once this last round started I honestly started to think this may never end and so I started Getting my plan together.

    My stylist (who I have known for 15 years) referred me to a guy who does beautiful European human hair toppers/ wigs in our area. I trust her and, after meeting with him for over an hour, trust him as well. He personally doesn't think I NEED a topper and while I appreciate his honesty that my hair isn't nearly as bad as some he has seen, I definitely need something. I am tired of looking like crap, being cranky because of my hair and dreading washing and combing it because the shedding really depresses me. I also dont know if there will be another bout of TE and just cant wait any long to find out given how in it is now. Most importantly, I am a mom to a 5 year old boy and I just want to enjoy him, my husband and my life without worrying about my hair and how horrendous it looks. Now, onto my point......

    The stylist I met with said that if I did want a topper that he would suggest a smaller one (since i still have some hair) with a lace front. I normally do not wear bangs but did mention that I am open to some side swept bangs if it helps the blending of my hair and the topper. He said he thinks a lace front on the topper would be best for me since I have a high forehead and he could place it in front of my natural hairline. I could keep my hair style and it would look like the hair was growing out of my head. I haven't seen anyone mention a lace front on a topper. I wanted to see if anyone had any experience or insight?

  2. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Would this be a bondable topper or a clip on?

    The only reason I am asking is that lace fronts on toppers usually work best when the topper is being strongly secured, so that it lies completely snug/flat to your skin. That way the lace should blend with the skin and not have a distinct raw edge to it. In theory, you can clip a lace front topper to your hair and then bond just the front, but I would be cautious about that with VEHH as you don't want to risk the lace front area shedding hair (the bonding can be rough on hair and make it shed). If you still have a reasonable amount of hair, you might find that your own hair pushes the topper profile up enough that the lace front won't lie flat/naturally to your skin/scalp unless it is stuck down. That would be my concern. The better (less detectable lace) has vitually no structure to it... so it will just flop around and it depends on the construction of the topper as to how well a LF edge would work. If you haven't already, I would definitely ask to see a sample of the base so that you can get a good idea of how it would work. It might be that none of this is an issue, but I would definitely want to double check first.
  3. jmfal

    jmfal Guest

    Hi Vlal-

    Thanks for your response. It would be a clip on as I
    I am not interested in saving any of my existing hair. My doctor tells me that my hair will come back since it was TE and now that I don't have any medication changes, the worst should be over. At this point I am hopeful but not delusional and have been preparing myself as if it won't. Either way, I am not prepared to shave any of it to bond as I can still go out with my hair and most people wouldnt really notice much except that my hair is thin.

    I am going to go for another consultation next week and will definitely discuss with him further. I was a little concerned about it laying flat but wanted to ask since I am so new at this.

    Thanks again!
  4. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    When you go, see if they have any toppers that you can try on that have the LF. It doesn't matter about colour, just so you can see how it will lie on your head and front hairline etc.

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