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toppik vs. couvre

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by stella, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. stella

    stella Guest

    i know there have been many other discussions already, but can someone explain the difference between the two, how they are applied and which is better? (i.e looks the most natural and is least messy)

    i have naturally long and fine hair, so i wasn't sure about couvre because it seems to way your hair down (being a gel-type texture)

  2. SallyTurney

    SallyTurney Guest

    They are a very different consistency. Toppik comes in a canister and you shake the tiny fibres on to your scalp or can use a little hand spray to puff it in. The idea is that the flakes bond with your existing hair and make it look thicker, as well as covering any gaps on the scalp and you would use a little hair spray or a fixing spray to hold it all in place.
    Couvre is like a paste, which comes in a tube and is applied with a small brush or sponge and you work the product in. You have direct contact with the product which some people find messy. Some people also find it dries quickly and flakes and they find it a difficult medium to work with. I have seen both and if I have to use either on a client, I opt for Toppik.

    Hope this helps!

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