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Touch proof concealers? Does one exist?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by watersarebluer, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Single and dating girl over here, it's a big problem.
    I'm a toppik user, I've tried b&b spray, it looks good on my almost black hair, sticks to the scalp real well, but comes right off the hair. I have dermatch, but it's too dry and messy, is there anything out there that will stick? Date 3 this week, he's a hair toucher! They all are actually. tell me you ladies have come up with some tricks or some product that won't come off with touching the hair?:) If i could get bumble an bumble just on my scalp, it would be great. But there's no way!
  2. nocturne

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    Mar 10, 2008
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    Fullmore does pretty well w/touch, I find. Only thing is, you have to learn to spray it at the right distance and in short bursts or else it can look like you painted your scalp...
  3. YumiKitty

    YumiKitty Guest

    i think it also depends on your hairstyle. he may be a hair toucher, but i doubt he is a scalp toucher, ew! :crazy: if you wore your hair pinned back pretty taut for example, you will feel less insecure about him touching your concealers.

    personally, before i went the topper route, i used both dermatch and toppik, but i always used dermatch w/a tiny bit of water on DRY hair (putting it on damp hair made it get on my hair more than on my scalp, which i definitely DIDN'T want), and then a shook the toppik on and sprayed. often i wore my bangs pulled completely back and clipped on top of my head, which covered everything, can't be touched, and looks cute, if i do say so myself! :) i actually miss the hairstyle sometimes; maybe i will forego the topper today and do that routine today... ;)

    you will probably have to experiment and figure out what's right for you. for me, once it got serious, i told my bfs about my hair loss, and they were all ok with it. i'm now married to a husband who thinks i'm gorgeous and although it may be a stretch to assume he LIKES me showing my hairloss, he is so totally over it, and guys, often being practical, shrug it off and say "ok, so what can you do? nothing. well ok, if you think there's something that can be done, fine, but i don't care."

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