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Trying to make sense of it...again!

Discussion in 'The Undiagnosed' started by Bron, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. alicat

    alicat Guest

    your hair loss is a lot like mine. all over the top :( i would say Androgenetic Alopecia?!?!?!
  2. aries

    aries Guest

    I have a Aunt with hair loss and also my sister and niece
  3. ttc

    ttc Guest

    Bron~What was your hair like before this started, was it already on the thin side? It just seems so odd that you've noticed such a loss in 6 months and never saw huge amounts of shedding. Did you mention how old you are?
  4. mythreeboys

    mythreeboys Guest

    Hi Bron i've seen pics of Androgenetic Alopecia and TE and what is hard is they both look the same. The deciding factor is, does it grow back and stay back. You very well could have TE or Androgenetic Alopecia. Do you take iron? Eat a balanced diet? If not that might be a good place to start. Also take monthly photos to compare for yourself if its improving or getting worse.
  5. Nikoletta

    Nikoletta Guest

    Isn't Androgenetic Alopecia genetic? How could she have it if there is no family with it
  6. Bron

    Bron Guest

    I'm almost 28 and try to eat a balanced diet though I have been vegetarian since I was 14. I'm guessing the blood tests would have shown a problem with my diet though but there is iron in my multi-vitamin and spirulina tablets anyway. Thyroid came back normal, too.
    Definitely no balding in my family. I've been to 2 family functions in the last few months and my beady eye examined every head there! ;) My Dad's family are blessed with thick hair, my mother's with fine. Unfortunately, I inherited the fine hair though that's not to say there wasn't enough of it until last December. There's no way there's balding on her side, all her siblings, her and my cousins don't have the type of haircuts or styles that would disguise it that much. Both families combined have made my Mum adament that it's not genetic.
    I have a feeling it's something got to do with my weight, but I'll keep on doing what I'm doing now, dieting and taking my pills, and take the advice on taking pics to monitor my progress/downfall! ;)
  7. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Are you underweight??
  8. catfancy

    catfancy Guest

    Bron, have you had your insulin checked? Thyroid antibodies? Both insulin and thyroid antibodies can affect your weight and hair.

    Your loss looks a lot like mine, too. You've got more hair than I've got, but mine looked like yours at one point. :(

    I also have normal thyroid and androgen levels, but my insulin was through the roof.
  9. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    catfancy and others

    I am so confused as to HOW thyroid antibodies could cause hair loss. I will explain..

    My thyroid hormone levels are still at normal.

    Too little or too much thyroid hormone is what makes hair fall out.
  10. catfancy

    catfancy Guest

    If you have high thyroid antibodies, your thyroid levels can be in range and still not work. I am a prime example of this. I admit this is kind of wishy-washy, and no real way to prove it (which is why I couldn't convince my endo to adjust my dose!). So, thyroid antibodies can interfere with your thyroid, regardless of hormone levels. That's what can screw up weight and hair.
  11. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    but you see what I am saying right?? If the levels are what makes the weight and hair go awry, and the antibodies have not effected the levles, how could weight and hair be effected...I hate not knowing!
  12. catfancy

    catfancy Guest

    My understanding is that you have the right level in your system, but the antibodies make the hormone at least partially ineffective. My thyroid levels are always normal, too.
  13. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Ohhhhh. that makes more sense!!!

    K, My natropath gave me "Nature Throid" and I had not taken it. I took 1/4 a tablet yesterday and 1/4 today and a hive popped up on my face and a rash on my arm!!! Coincidence??
  14. ttc

    ttc Guest

    I just got about 8 bottles of different pills I have to start taking from my nutrtionist...she swears she can help me stop losing hair, but of course I'm not banking on it. But it's worth trying a natural route and getting my system straightened out. I have to fast a week and have a VERY restricted diet for a month. It's going to be really hard to stick to. I'm starting Monday...so this weekend I'll be junking it up.
  15. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Wow, that is awesome!! Fasting as in only liquids?? GOD I could never do that.....I have never gone even a day without eating in my whole life, even when sick...
  16. ttc

    ttc Guest

    She said fasting/cleansing...here's about all I can eat...different kinds of squash (zucchini, buternut,pumpkin), fish, oats, rice, quinoa,lettuce, celery, carrots,okra, tahini, olive oil, flax seeds, filberts, and very few spices and herbs. I have a special natural salt to season things with, and salt for weekly bath treatments. I take a custom made herbal blend daily, then 8 different supplements...many of them 3 times a day. It's going to be so hard to stick to and keep consistant. I also can't use alot of household cleaners or laundry products. And I have a sheet of accupressure for specific areas of the body to do daily. It all sounds a little hokey but I'm going to try it anyway.
  17. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    >Fasting as in only liquids?? GOD I could never do that.....I have never gone even a day without eating in my whole life, even when sick...

    lol, try it sometime! I've found it (spiritually) mentally beneficial :)
  18. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    I HAVE tried!!! I cant get past one day!!!!!! Like today I said I was going to start my diet and I ate a greek salad (with salad dressing) 2 chicken parmigana breasts and a peice of garlic bread!!!!! I feel so guilty. :(
  19. sadie_2008

    sadie_2008 Guest

    Erm, guilty for eating that food you mentioned which is healthy?! Surely you're entitled to a piece of garlic bread and some salad dressing. lol. Man that's healthy to me! I've been a biscuit junkie (cookies to you stateside folk ;) ) and had several digestives for lunch, several dipped in tea this evening, and in between grotesque snacking. lol.

    I dont do diets, but fasting i do as part of my faith. Abstaining from both food and drink from sunrise to sunset.
  20. GoodYear

    GoodYear Guest

    But you dont know your whole family. It can be from generations before.
    I have Androgenetic Alopecia and my family has not Androgenetic Alopecia, although my dad just a little at age 64. I have a good hairy family!

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