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Trying to make sense of it...again!

Discussion in 'The Undiagnosed' started by Bron, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Bron

    Bron Guest

    I wish! If that were the case I'd be skipping happily along to Ben & Jerry's with a 50 clutched in my palm, ringing my order in advance as I go! No, instead I sat looking enviously at somebody eating what looked suspiciously at cookie dough at the movies last night while I drank mineral water! :badmood:
  2. alicat

    alicat Guest

    i wish i knew.

    i too, don't have anyone in my family with hair loss.

    Androgenetic Alopecia could be androgenic alopecia, not necessarily androgenetic alopecia.

    someone correct me if i'm wrong!!
  3. alicat

    alicat Guest

    & a "normal" TSH for one person isn't "normal" for another!

    found out yesterday my TSH is currently .55!!! woo hoo! :)
  4. alicat

    alicat Guest

    which must mean something. why else did my endo up my dose from .025 to .1 if my TSH was "normal" at 4-ish?? ya know? hmmmm. he wanted it way low i 'spose 'cause now it's only .55...
  5. alicat

    alicat Guest

    i can't either, bunny. i literally get SICK if i don't eat every few hours :(
  6. Nikoletta

    Nikoletta Guest

    ....I dont understand?
    They only way someone can have hairloss if no family member has it is if their hormones are unbalanced or thyroid or pcos...

    VANESA Guest

    Bron - if you have any balding men or thinning men in your family whatso ever you can rule in GENETCIct thinning ie Androgenetic Alopecia.

    Everyone is born either with or withiout the gene... most women because of the level of their free testosterone do not get the thinning till late 30s or early forties at earlies and after menopuase even with the gene.

    The women with PCOS ( like me) who have slightly higher free androgens levels due to high insulin levels trigger the hairloss gene
    ie even if you have PCOS - if you don't have the hairloss gene you wont lose your hair as your follicles are not senstive to the free testosterone. Think about it there are lots of men aroudn with tons more testosterone than even women with PCOS and they dont lose hair.

    So most noticeabl hair loss is just our genes reacting to hormones - mostly free androgens.. so even if androges get high - if you havent the gene you wont thin. Your follicles are not sensitive to androgens. eg my father, 67 and a full head of thick salt and pepper hair.

    I don't want to shock you but I would say you do have your hairloss gene. Look at your Father and unlces on both sides, brothers if you have any, Grandfathers and if one during that lot is balding you could have the gene... obviously look at grandfathers, fathers and brothers mostly... (I don't mention women as women as I said can have the hairloss gene but if there hormones are ok they dont get hairloss till later in life so its not "noticeable" - its only with PCOS or hormone al problems where the gene is triggered.
    men of course because of their high levels of androgens will noticable lose hair starting usually in early to mid 20;s.

    Ie my mum gave me my hair loss gene but she is 64 witha full head of hair as she has never had high androgens and PcOS. I do. My twin brother started thining about 5 years before me.. which is typical.. hairloss for women in response to free androgesn starts a good 5 years before women. Also if I did not have PCOs.. my hari probably would have stayed thinck till peri menopuase or menopause itself.....

    VANESA Guest

    Also you can have Androgenetic Alopecia when you are the first. as my dermn said " it had to have started somewhere? Where do you think the first one started?/"

    He is right. although most people have the thinning gene from someone in their family..... some don't know of it - but if you really look into it you could get it from the women in your family WHO HAVE THE HAIRLOSS GENE but didnt' have the hormone problem so didnt express the hair loss but who passed the gene down - perhaps this woemn did not have any sons.. so there was no clearly thining person and only had a daughter who had no hormoneal problem so the gene was yet again no expressed then she had a daughter who HAD PCOS a hormonal problem bringing free androgens higher therefore triggering the hair to fall ! That girls says "how can I have Androgenetic Alopecia no other women in the family have it :" no men so there is no clear expression of the hairloss but her.

    Does anyone understand what I am getting at.
    Geness can be expressed or not expressed depending on triggers but they are still passed down....
  9. Nikoletta

    Nikoletta Guest


    it has to be more than just one gene....
    AND it is very unlikley that a family with all full heads have the balding gene..my opinion
  10. Nikoletta

    Nikoletta Guest

    And if one has the hair loss gene you can get hair loss with NORMAL hormone levels.... so it doesn't make sense that if one has the gene they had a full head of hair because say their hormones were fine because even with NORMAL levels your still sensitive to dht...
  11. Bron

    Bron Guest

    No, I don't have any balding men in my family on either side, for sure! My Dad has a full head of healthy hair at 65, only started greying about 10 years ago! His Father definitely wasn't bald, none of my uncles on that side. My paternal grandfather I clearly remember before he died over 15 years ago at 70something with lots of hair standing up straight on his head, and my one uncle there has a full head...brother and cousins all lucky heads too!
    Interesting, I didn't know PCOS couldn't affect hair loss without the gene. In my heart I don't think I have it anyway as that'd be the only symptom...I've always been somewhat overweight my whole life so not counting that!!
    I'm a medical mystery! :crazy:
  12. Bron

    Bron Guest

    Me, again! :)
    I've noticed the hairs that I shed (the ones I pick up off my pillow anyway, I try not to obsess over the ones in the hairbrush) all seem to have a little white club/bulb thingy at the end. Does this mean anything or is that normal with all shed hairs?
  13. michelesmith

    michelesmith Guest

    my gene came strictly from my mom, but she just started going bald at 70s so hers stayed intact, her dad and mom had tons of hair but her grandfather was bald by 20 so looks like thats where the gene came from.............my brother went bald at 18, poor kid most of his hair was gone by 25, he also suffered sevre acne where i did not so its strange how these genes go back and forth, on my dads side they all had tons of hair until they died or whomever is still alive even the women some are in their 80s and 90s and have tons of hair lol......

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