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Discussion in 'Success Stories and Positive Outlook' started by neencali, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. neencali

    neencali Guest

    Thank you all. The only thing I did that I think actually helped was adding T3 to my thyroid reg. Adding b12 and cutting gluten. I am not sure which one was the thing but I think one of them helped. Yes to the prozac helping. I was tapering off but as I teach Kindergarten it was not going well last week I decided to go back to every day. I get soooo stressed at work. I work in a low income school where kids are put in foster care often and deal with drug addicted parents. It makes my heart break. Any way I think i the hair loss will continue to improve although I have a couple spots that just wont grow in. Wondering if rogaine would help? Not sure.
  2. neencali

    neencali Guest

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this holiday. I love Thanksgiving because I alway ponder what I am grateful for. Last year at this time we went to the family thanksgiving and I spent most of the weekend huddled in the hotel looking at my hair loss and crying. What a waste of good family time. I think this thing hits us harder than we would think logical. This year I am hosting (40 people over three days). I still have spots, I still have thin hair (actually this time last year I had more hair than now but was still in shock of it). My obvious spots are gone and the ones I have are hidden - thankful for Toppik. My hair fills in every day and I am so thankful for it (still finding spots from time to time). I think mostly I am thankful that I am not in the dark dark hole of depression I was in last year. I have never felt so hopeless and and I hope never to again. This year I am Thankful that I have my family and that I have my health back (mental and physical). I am thankful for you gals and all of the support you have given. I love you ladies and I pray for you all. Happy Thanksgiving.

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