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vitamins for hair loss

Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by valley23, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. valley23

    valley23 Guest

    hi everyone!
    I am curious about what vitamins people take for hair loss.
    Currently I take a Hair, Skin, and Nails forumla vitamin. I've read some mentions of Saw Palmetto and Biotin. What vitamins are recommended for hair loss?
  2. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    my dermatologyst recommended Biotin, so i've started with 1000mcg twice a day, now i am taking 5mg once a day (that's 5000mcg), i am also taking MSM *sulphur*, primrose oil *omega 3*...sometimes flaxeed oil *omega 6*, sometimes L-lysine *i am doing 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off rotation on Dorinha's advice*, prenatal vitamins and Viviscal.

    out of everything, i'd recommend biotin, MSM *i think it makes my hair grow longer*, Viviscal *i think it also makes my hair grow longer on a back, i've now got hair below my shoulders in just a few months*.

    I'd be careful with Saw Palmeto, it can cause real damage. I've read the article that it's a lot like Propecia...and you can't take it if you're pregnant...so i am staying away from this one.
  3. ncny

    ncny Guest

    I just got back from a dermotologist today and she recommends Biotin. She says 900 mg or more is good. Its a type of B vitamin found in animal products and greens. It's water soluble so its not toxic.

    I have heard saw palmetto helps with Androgenetic Alopecia (male pattern loss) because it helps prevent DHT from binding with the hair. But I havent tried it.

    I'm curious to find out more about MSM or Viviscal...Krapiva, could you fill us in?
  4. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I suggest evening primrose oil too. I take 1000mg's two to three times a day.
    Mary Shamone ( thyroid patient advocate) suggested it and I live by that woman's word on some days. Apparently, it also helps fight of a bit of the dht factor.
    I take 1000mcg's of biotin twice a day and prenatals once a day.
  5. texan girl

    texan girl Guest

    can u buy biotin at any drugstore like Walgreens?
  6. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Yup, I get mine at Target.
  7. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    there were threads in this forum on both MSM and Viviscal. In fact i remember posting a link to an article about MSM. MSM is sulphur which in the studies improved hair growth for with people Alopecia. It's also water soluble, so it's not toxic. Viviscal contains Silica, vit C and marine algae which improves hair growth, and in 'some' clinincal studies has been shown to increase anagen to telogen ration...basically, prolong the growth phase of hairs. I've been taking MSM since July or August, and i am on week #5 of Viviscal..what i've noticed is that my hair has grown quiet a bit...i'd say about an additional 1.5inch in this time...of course now i have long thin hair, not necessarily much better than short thin hair...*sigh*

    Btw, Claire, I've been taking flax seeds/primrose oil supplement for about a month *just 1/day*...then i ran out of it, and couldn't buy it again *i bought it in homeopathic pharmacy*, so i switched to just Primrose oil...i am thinking of upping dosage on this to 2/3 times/day. Primrose oil is your omega 3. In fact, hair folicle needs a bunch of amino acids for growth, so i believe omegas are good.
  8. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Yup, those goo fatty acids are also good for your skin and nails. I am not sure how much it's helped my skin, because I've been good about using my alpha hydroxy acid too. But, I will say, except for the occasional just before my period break out, my skin is looking fantastic. I swear, I think some of my acne scarring is starting to vanish. I do think the combination of the vitamins and the good skin routine is really helping. Which is nice... for a while there between the thyroid and the hairmare stress, I was looking rather old.
    I guess that's my thing, Krapiva. If the hair is going to fall out, I better take care of the skin! :D
  9. valley23

    valley23 Guest

    Thanks Ladies!
    I appreciate your input. Definetly sounds like I'll get some biotin, keep taking my hair/skin/nails formula, and also get some evening primrose oil. How about Fish oil? thats a omega fatty acid too, right? Will it have the same effect on hair as primrose oil?
  10. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    i've heard that too much of fish oil can make hair loss worse...don't know how true that is...but theoretically amino acids can increase your testosterone, so i'd be careful with this one...i'd stick with proven biotin, primrose oil and your hair and anils formula...

    btw, i am also taking He Shou Wu Wan...chinese herb formula, which translates into 'he who has black hair'..it's said to normalize your liver function to stimulate hair growth...i take it as herbal tea extract 3 timex a day...it better grow me some looong black hair ;)
  11. Dorinha

    Dorinha Guest

    Hey Valley.
    I am taking a Hair, Skin and Nail vitamin prescribed by my naturopath and I really like it. It is called Luminous Hair Skin and Nail by Vitanica. It contains a few vitamins, biotin, silica, nettle leaf (which is supposed to help in the war against DHT) and other items. I am not sure, but I think that this helped reduce my excessive shed.

    I also take NutraSea fish oil. It is an omega 3 essential fatty acid supplement that contains EPA/DHA. It, but has different properties than Evening Primrose Oil. Both EPO and something called Borage Oil (supposed to be easier to digest) are Gamma Linolenic Acids, which purportedly also help with hair, I think these are considered Omega 6 efa's. Once I finish my fish oil, I'd like to switch to EPO, as I think its got better hair properties.

    I am waiting for some test results from my naturopath, just did saliva tests for all kinds of things, including DHT. Here are some of the supplements that I am considering, based on my research that they can reduce DHT (at least in men's prostate, hopefully these properties will travel northward to help women's scalps in absence of a prostate)

    Green Tea Extract (believed to increase SHBG, thus reducing Free T), Flax Seed, Saw Palmetto, Grape Seed Extract, Beta Sisterol, Nettle Root
    Pumpkin Seed Extract, Pygeum

    Many prostate supplements contain all of these ingredients. I have my husband on one because all of a sudden, his hair is thinning too! Because the supplement industry is a big buck operation, I always get my n.d. to recommend the brands. You never know what you are getting at the health food store, and I've noticed that all of the ones that she prescribes seem to be higher end/doctorly grade ones.

    Anyways, that's my scoop. I'll let you all know how my test results turn out and what my n.d. prescribes.

    Good luck in your vitamin regimen!
  12. skleeners

    skleeners Guest

    I take a B-complex 1x daily
    50 mg zinc 3 times weekley
    500 mg L-Lysine 1x daily
    Folic acid 800 mcg once daily
    Biotin 1000 mcg once daily
    b-6 100 mg once daily
    Evening primrose once daily
    Skin Hair and Nail once daily
    Prenatel vitamin once daily
    vitamin E 3 times daily

  13. ChicksUpHigh

    ChicksUpHigh Guest

    EPO vs. FISH OIL

    Recently started on EPO (120 mg of GLA)... do I need to also take Fish Oil or is it one or the other? :shock:
  14. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    fish oil is a controversial one...be careful wiht this one...
  15. Dorinha

    Dorinha Guest

    Krapiva, why do you think that fish oil is bad?

    I took fish oil and it is Omega 3 EFA, EPA/DHA. Don't think it did anything for my hair, but many people are EFA deficient.

    Are you talking about fish liver oil? I vaguely recall reading something about this, but I don't think all fish oil is bad for us.

  16. pharaoh

    pharaoh Guest

    i agree with krapiva about fish oil...fish oil is HIGH in vitamin A...vitamin A is FAT soluable. it will not be washed out in your urine. it collects in your liver. High levels of vitamin a can and DO cause hair loss. im a former accutane user and i promise you, high levels will make your hair fall out.

    i wouldnt touch it with a ten foot pole. im not sure why ANYone with hairloss would even consider it. vitamin a gets stored in your body. there are many many other oils you can use...but please read up on them. primrose and borage can alter hormones, etc. flax is good but dont over do it.

    i wish every single person on this board would switch off fish oil and try something else. i really think vitamin a is scary and can become toxic to the body taken every day...just my 2 cents :roll:
  17. ncny

    ncny Guest

    Wow, I guess it's something to consider.

    My naturopath said the same thing about the primrose / borage oil affecting hormones too much. She also recommended flaxseed as an alternative.

    The reason fish oil is so popular is the omega-3 and DHA. They're both helpful for brain chemistry and are supposed to be good for depression and mood stabilizing. Also, the good fat in the omega-3's help reduce insulin resistance / PCOS.

    I guess everything has both positive & negative.
  18. dee01832

    dee01832 Guest

    has anyone seen real positive results from the vitimins?
  19. Dorinha

    Dorinha Guest

    I found this on the net, its a pretty comprehensive discussion about fish oil. Pharoah, you're right, fish oil does contain some vitamin a, but according to this, the high a content is in Fish Liver Oil.


    Pharoah, I understand why you are concerned about vitamin a, but surely our bodies must utilize some of it, it can't all just sit in our liver? I had stopped taking a multivitamin because I was terrified of vitamin A, but then I realized that it does serve important functions in our bodies, including helping to regulate sebaceous glands, which I've been having trouble with as of late! I think you'd probably be OK if you stayed within the recommended daily dosage. What do you think?

    As for Borage Oil, the GLA in it and EPO is 'supposed' to in a roundabout way inhibit DHT. Is this the hormonal activity you are talking about?

    Its so frustrating with herbs, really! There is just not a lot of research out there on how they work. I mean, some of the positive effects are pretty well known, but I find information on how the herbs cause those effects in our bodies to be sorely lacking! I only take things that my naturopath suggests to me, and even then I research it ad nauseum to make sure it won't make my hairloss any worse.

    I can safely say that since starting my vitamin regimen, my shed reduced to normal levels. It hasn't stopped thinning, but at least its stopped falling out of my head at exponential rates. I think my hairloss, although Androgenetic Alopecia, has some sort of nutritional component as well. God knows I eat like crap, so I think these vitamins are replenishing in my body.
  20. pharaoh

    pharaoh Guest

    I do agree with you about vitamin a being essential. it is definately a needed vitamin actually for our hair and skin. i just get concerned with taking it every day, plus a multi that usually has the recommended vitamin a requirements (almost all multis have more than required) and then eating a healthy diet, plus any other supplements (like hair vitamins) it might be in...then i think there is the opportunity to really creep up the vitamin a.

    But remember girl, once an accutane user i think we all go insane over the hatred of vitamin a. honestly i hate the word accutane as much as telogen effluvium. so im positive im just being way way way over cautious. yes we all do need vitamin a to live. please everyone just research what you are taking. there is all kinds of sites, but they are mostly selling something. like you said, its so hard to get hard, true facts about things.

    im overjoyed that your regimine is working for you. because my believe is there is a regimine that will work for EVERYONE. we had hair at one time, we just have to figure out what flipped out of balance and fixed it!

    i read on hairsite that your dr hasnt even checked your free and total testosterone? whats up with that.

    as far as borage and primrose i THINK :roll: i read that it affects estrogen. now that could be a good thing or a bad thing, all depending on what you need.

    i honestly believe that all these things can help us (vitamin a in VERY small doses) but we just really really really need to research what we are taking.

    i so wish heralopecia would put up a list of some of the main supplements we are all using and really give us some good info.

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