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Volumizing hair goodies

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by KY girl, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. KY girl

    KY girl Guest

    I wanted to pass along some things that I use that really help with volume in my hair. There are three products that seem to make a huge difference with me.
    1. Body Full line by Redken (I love this--especially the root spray)
    2. Body Double by Sebastian (super duper, but a little drying)
    3. Charles Worthington "thick" line (cheap, too)

    None of these are super expensive....and certainly worth trying if you haven't already.
    I thought I'd start this thread for others who are unsure of what products to use.
    Any other tried and true products??
  2. Prini

    Prini Guest

    Thanks KY.

    I like the Revivogen Shampoo and conditioner. I alternate between that and Biolage products.

    My hair feels thicker after using Rev. conditioner.

  3. leg366

    leg366 Guest


    Body Double-what is that? spray, serum, mousse? I looked for it and was confused?

    thanks for this thread. I have a lot of trouble with products. If I am desperate for important occasions I use the kerasome product and then spray it with KMS. stiff and gross but well-camouflaged.

    Usually I stick with tricomin spray on my scalp ( I am more worried about a healthy scalp than my hair) and then I use some leave in conditioner for manageability like bumble and bumble or neutrogena triple therapy. But it it leaves it flat which shows the wide part.

  4. KY girl

    KY girl Guest

    Body Double is a line made by Sebastion. It is shampoo, conditioner, thick spray, thick spray light, and foam. I really like the foam and the shampoo. It has a citrus like smell. I like the Redken Body full a little better, but I usually rotate.
    Body Double is fairly new. I found out today that even JC Penneys carries it now. It is in a black and pink bottle.
  5. Tapia

    Tapia Guest

    Great thread KY Girl!

    It is time for me to look into volumizing products. My hair is better than it has been in a long time and I want some more volume so that I can cut back on the Toppik and let my scalp breathe and get some sunlight.

    Hugs, Tapia
  6. I like Progaine 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner. The regular Progaine is really drying, but the 2 in 1 is good. I also use Pantene Full and Thick conditioner. It does make my hair feel thicker.

    Fuller Thicker Hair styling mousse is good, too.

    I mix Kerasome Hair Thickening Liquid with the mousse and get good results.
  7. I just ordered a bunch of Sebastian Body Double stuff online. It was pretty expensive- hope it's good!
  8. Ok, just ordered the Redken Body Full line, too!
  9. kookla

    kookla Guest

    I use Thicker Fuller Hair and I think it does poof out my hair quite a bit. I really notice it on a day where there is high humidity. I like the shampoo and volumizing spray.
  10. sessa555

    sessa555 Guest

    Before I got my bonded piece I used Dove Volumizing shampoo/conditioner combo and LOVED it. It gave light conditioning without weighing my hair down, it was quick and easy and didn't cost a fortune.
  11. terri1977

    terri1977 Guest

    I use Pantene Full and Thick shampoos and conditioners. I also use Pantene root volumnizer. I did see a difference when I started using them, but now I'm to the point where I think my hair is used to it and it doesn't look as good as it once was.

    I will search these posts for other options! :)
  12. teester

    teester Guest

    Has anyone ever tried the shampoo, conditioner and hair fattener by toppick? I don't use it all the time, I rotate but when I want my hair to be a thick as possible I use it and well all I can say is va va voooom!
  13. Prini

    Prini Guest

    Really Teester???? I read the pamphlet that comes with Toppik and I didn't know if I should buy the shampoo, etc.
    Maybe I should try the hair fattener. I have so many products here, it's unbelievable. I'm using Jasons Shampoo and Revivogen Shampoo.
    I just tried Jasons Conditioner and I don't care for it.

    Have you or anyone tried Pantene's New Restoration shampoo for frizzy hair? It's in a tube, around $6.00. I might get that for the summer, when the humidity kicks in I'm a dead duck.

  14. teester

    teester Guest

    I don't like Jason's conditioner either and honestly I find the toppik line better at fattening my hair then Jason's shampoo but I rotate. The toppik line tends to be a little drying but every now and then it's ok.
  15. Lily

    Lily Senior Member

    Mar 26, 2005
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    I tried another Toppik product, supposedly a thickener I think--was it Toppek or something similar? Anyway, it was horrible, heavy, gooey, made my hair feel stiff.

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