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Walking on air today...

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Positive Outlook' started by leia1993, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. leia1993

    leia1993 Guest

    Well, I've posted a couple of times about my apparent "success" with Revivogen... BUT, I just have to tell you all again, how thrilled I am at having used this consistently for the past three months now.

    I have gone from shedding 200+ hairs each day for the last year to a mere 15 -- YES, 15!!! -- today in the shower. I almost started jumping for joy, I swear.

    Perhaps this last bout of shedding was going to run its course eventually anyway, BUT, Revivogen is the only thing I've religiously stuck with the past three months so I can only assume it has helped... Even when I'm dead exhausted after work and passed out on the couch after work, I make a point to drag myself into the bathroom before bed to squirt some of that orange stuff on my head... I'm glad I've stuck with it, and will continue to do so...

    Be well,
    Leia :lol:
  2. kookla

    kookla Guest

    Good for you! :D It's so nice to hear someone has a success because this is such a horrible thing to happen to a woman.
  3. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    Leia, congrats! soo very happy for you! i really am...i'd be jumping of joy too...you've been through so much with the new baby and the wedding plans...and...congrats, hopefully you can focus less on your hair now that things are starting to improve...and once again you make me want to try revivo...i use their shampoo and like it...but the serum says 'use only if you have Androgenetic Alopecia' and i am not sure what i have, so i am hesitant...but hey, what do i have to lose?
  4. valley23

    valley23 Guest

    Congrats Leia!
    I'm so happy for you! It's so exciting to hear about your success with Revivogen. It's great to hear when others see improvements in their situations - it gives me some hope!

  5. leia1993

    leia1993 Guest

    Thanks so much to all of you, you have been such a source of comfort and friendship to me these past months...

    Krapiva, I say give it a shot girl! I don't really *know* for sure if I have Androgenetic Alopecia, either -- just guessing. But I definitely have TE nonetheless (whether it's accompanying the Androgenetic Alopecia or not), and I know it has helped in that case.

    THANKS YOU GUYS!!! :eek:
  6. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    sounds promising...i am ordering some..it's got all the good ingridients...and what do i have to lose?! other than more hair?!
  7. skleeners

    skleeners Guest

    I am not sure what Reviviogen is. Can someone tell me what it is all about. Is it safe to use if trying to get pregnant??? (Currently I use Tricomen, Clobex & Clobetsol along with various vitamins.)

    Please advise

  8. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    well, it's a serum...it has azelaic acid and zinc, which were proved to be potent DHT inhibitors...it also has some good amino acids...so in short it inhibits DHT in folicle DHT receptor...and it's also a weak hair growth treatment...what makes me feel optimistic about it is that in men's forums they all use something called zix, invented by Joe, hairloss sufferer who had failed with propecia and minoxidil...on Joe's site you can find the solution consisting of zinc and B6, which according to him helped him to regrow his hair, and helped his wife as well...Azelaic acid is advertised of Dr. Lee's page and it's a very potent dht inhibitor as well..so the combination of all 3 in 1 makes me feel good about it...

    However, i did read reviewed about people having massive sheds with it, and no success..that doesn't make me feel good, but i am sure that's true for any treatment..

    that said, Leia, i've just spent $100 and ordered revivo...i have another week to change my mind...so for now, could you please, please, share all the info with me again...i know, we've already been through this...but you're my hero, i need your re-assurance and autograph :) i have 6 months before my wedding to grow my hair back...if it works, i'll send you a gift certificate to some very fency restaurant and lots of chocolate...i promise...:) Anyways, so what did you think when you first started using it? was it messy? nurturing? smelled good? smelled icky? made hair look flat? what about sheds? increase/decrease? *have you kept logs by any chance?*...when did you first notice things getting better?

    Ok, really sorry to bug you, but i am a scaredy cat...i've started rogaine 3 times and quit each time after a couple of days....i've ordered fluridil and it's collecting dust *would anyone like some fluridil?* i can't possibly waste another $100, so i need to work up enough guts to try it :)

    Btw, i don't think any treatments are safe for when you're pregnant...but you can use anything until conception...hopefully, after pregnancy estrogen kicks in, you won't need to use ANYTHING...
  9. leia1993

    leia1993 Guest

    Krapiva, you are not bugging me AT ALL! Ask away!!! You know, the very reason I chose and stuck with Revivogen was precisely because I am sooooo afraid to try minoxidil... Revivogen was sort of my last-ditch-effort before taking the big minoxidil plunge... For now, I'm glad I held out...

    First of all, if I had known that it could potentially cause shedding I probably would not have even ordered it, since I was also (in addition to regular, extreme daily shedding) in the midst of a post-partum shed on top of everything else... Honestly, I was losing around 200-300 a day easily, and I'm not bullshitting you when I say that within a week of starting Revivogen, my shed was down -- not a lot, but things were improving.

    As a side note, I was also breastfeeding at the time. I actually called the reps there, who were very nice, and assured me because it is a *natural* formulation and also because very little ingredients get absorbed through the bloodstream when applied to the scalp, I could use it while breastfeeding. Mind you, I am always skeptical about using ANYTHING when you're pregnant, but as I was already a few weeks away from weaning, I didn't worry too much about starting it...

    The only hassle I've had with this product is making sure I use it consistently; but then again, that has been my problem with everything in the past! I honestly have stuck with my Revi regime, which is simple -- every night before bed I part my hair in different sections and apply 2 ml (the bottle gives the option of using 1-2 ml) of the serum to my scalp, with the most concentration on the top of my head where the thinning is at its worst. It's messy in the sense that if you aren't prepared to rub it in right away, you risk some of the liquid dropping down onto your forehead or face, etc. -- no big deal to me. As soon as I've got most of the solution on my head, I massage it in very well -- for about a minute or so. Then I comb my hair back in a ponytail, and it's off to bed. It has an unpleasant odor but not unbearable -- I find that it starts to dissipate fairly fast after application. It is a wee bit on the greasy side so I don't apply it in the morning or during the day -- just each night, and then wash out really well in the morning with either Revivogen shampoo or regular tee tree oil shampoo (I alternate my shampoos).

    That's about it. I've only noticed improvement since starting Revivogen -- nothing bad to report, honestly. I can't think of anything else but if anyone else has questions, feel free to ask!

    And Krapiva, no... you are MY hero!!! You're the one whose been brave enough to press on with your wedding plans in spite of the fear of having no hair by the time you're married -- something you know I also have been fearing! And I haven't had the guts to even set a date yet, even with tons of prodding from my fiancee... Hopefully I'll get more confidence as I feel better about my hair and get about the business of life soon!...

    Leia :lol: [/quote]
  10. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    Thank you soo very much...as i said, if it works dinner is on me...i promise :) See, i am good at sticking with things once i know they're not going to do me any harm...i like 'natural' staff...i like no-shed part...i don't even remember where i've read some reviews about the sheds...i remember, about 3 months ago i was chosing between revivo and tricomin...and the postings about sheds on revivogen scared me away, so i've ordered tricomin...i wish i've ordered revivo instead...

    wedding-wise...it's hard...i totally know how you feel...but my fiance has a big conservative family, so kids before marriage are a big NO-NO...i'd probably be more comfy just going to Vegas, but his family is very traditional. I also think, that some day our kids would want to see our wedding pictures...so at the end i know it's going to be worth it...Also wedding preparations do take my mind off 'hair'...after all you can't pick a photographer while 'counting the strands on the bathroom floor'...other times, i wish i didn't have to deal with it, like when people are asking about the dress, which i haven't picked out yet...and i have to explain that i just don't feel 'pretty' at the moment, and i am in a process of GAINING weight to make sure my hair gets enough protein...so i am thinking if revivo will make some positive change, i'll feel better...and i'll be able to focus more on what really matters at the moment....
  11. snowflake

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    Hi! Is this still working for you?

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