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What about STRESS?

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by orchidée, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. orchidée

    orchidée Guest

    Do you think stress and anxiety can make the hair fall?
    I've read a lot of opposite opinions about stress and hairloss but sometimes I think stress *could be* one factor in my case.

    See, I'm a really stressed out person. I've always been like this and I've also had some anxiety problems and panic attacks in the past. Last year was full of stress for me and I was feeling kind of really depressed and exhausted mentally. When I noticed my hair was falling, it became an obsession ( because I am also hypochondriac ) and it seams that the more I search for answers on the net and the more I count the hair that is falling, the more I feel anxious, depressed, stressed out and insomniac.
    I'm tired of this new person I have became. I hate her.

    Oh Lord... :roll: I think I truelly need help...
  2. Bodeens8

    Bodeens8 Guest

    Wow! Orchidee, you and I are like the same damn person! I have a history of panick attacks in my family and have ALWAYS been high strung. I worry about everything...really! And, I'm sorta a hypochondriac too, so I stress easily about bodily behaviors. I've gotten much better but in the last year and a half I have graduated from college, bought a house, looked for a career path (and worried about having to deal with "real" life), planned a wedding, then got married, went to Mexico for our honeymoon where Hurricane Wilma hit and made us have to evacuate our hotel and leave 1 day early, then my husband's job was on the line for 2 months (fired, not, fired, not), then he just decided in January to start his own business, and now my hair is thinning! So...does stress cause hair to fall out. I'd like to think so as I have no other explanation for mine at the time. Unfortunately, I don't think I am experiencing an abnormal shed...I think that the hair that has fallen out is either not growing back in at all or very thin. When I shower and lose hair I notice some hairs are thicker in diameter than others. Anyway, I had to reply because the worrying is too similar to mine.

    Funny though, everyone always tells me (and maybe you too) don't worry, everything will be fine. How can you not worry when everytime you look in the mirror all you see is right through your hair to scalp!
  3. orchidée

    orchidée Guest

    oh yes...everybody is always telling me ''don't worry, it will eventually stops...don't worry it will be fine...don't worry, you can't become bald...not you...it's impossible!!!'' ect...but how can I stay calm and positive when I can see my scalp??? :roll:
    I've just looked at pictures of myself during Christmas time and my hair was thin, yes, but not as see through as it is right now, ONLY 2 MONTHS LATER! :evil:
  4. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    I don't think stress helps... but for your hair to fall that quickly points to something medical. Usually stress related hair loss has to do with BIG stresses: death in family, traumatic experiences, etc.

    I think getting several tests and looking at your health would be the first step.
  5. Kath

    Kath Guest

    I agree...you really can't take a doctor's word on stress being the culprit. A lot of times stress means something major, a trauma or injury to the body or something like Claire said, a loved one dying....one of the clients where I go for my hair lost all of her hair when her twin brother passed away. When I weigh that against my own stress I have to stop and say that they aren't in the same ball park. So not that your stresses are easy ones to bear, they are just more common (okay, maybe not the hurricane thing :) ) but the other ones. I'd look for other causes as well.
  6. what now

    what now Guest

    I was given a place on a stress and anxiety course through my doctor.18 months too late as that was when my major stress period was which caused my te.Now the stress has been out of my life for the past 8 months or so,apart from the stress caused by my hair :roll: when i was at the meeting it was my first one lastnight i also noticed another woman with which looks like to me te diffused loss along the middle part creeping down the back of her head.I might sound a selfish bitch to say this but i felt a bit better seeing this knowing another woman in the group had the same thing as me caused by stress. :oops:
  7. Karen

    Karen Guest

    Stress played a major role in my hair loss. You have to find ways to prevent and/or vent it! I found just walking on my treadmill helps alot. I also take a yoga class every Saturday morning. I have to leave my house and the kids at least an hour every week or they drive me insane.

  8. dorothy

    dorothy Guest

    I too am a stressed out hypochondriac insomniac and I think that stress has ALOT to do with it. That said I think there has to be a genetic factor there too. It is the combo in my opinion and I think you can carry the genetic factor and never manifest hairloss if you aren't a stressed person.
  9. dorothy

    dorothy Guest

    And don't forget stress is subjective...what is a huge stress to one is nothing to another.
  10. orchidée

    orchidée Guest

    I think that stress has ALOT to do with it. That said I think there has to be a genetic factor there too. It is the combo in my opinion and I think you can carry the genetic factor and never manifest hairloss if you aren't a stressed person.

    I think exactly the same!
  11. Prini

    Prini Guest

    Several derms told me NO, but I disagree.
    Stress causes everything, even cancer.
    It's how we handle the stress that's important and as Dot said what one considers a huge stress is nothing to another.

    Hair loss/balding is a huge stress, and I don't think the average girl will throw it off easily and say what will be will be. I haven't met her yet.

  12. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    stress raises cortisol levels and cortisol is an androgen...a side effect of high cortisol is hair loss...also stress contributes to insulin resistance, and that contributes to higher levels of cortisol as well...it's not a myth! Diane Schwartzbein writes a lot about it...

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