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What is the best shampoo?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by lisalisa, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. Shwag...I guess I miss-read what type of shampoo you were looking for...you want the best shampoo WITH SLS?

    I would think the best shampoo with SLS would be one which doesn't list SLS on the TOP of their ingredient list!
    :dunno: :mrgreen:
  2. hwag5149

    hwag5149 Guest

    oh i don't want SLS shampoos.... SLS FREE shampoos is what i'm looking for... but i guess the name of a common one since I couldn't find any.
  3. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    I would go to a health food/suppliment store... I went there for mine and they had a ton. Just ask the person working there and he can tell you which one is sold most and has the best results.
  4. hwag5149

    hwag5149 Guest

  5. lisalisa

    lisalisa Guest

    Thanks Ladies! You all have been very helpful. Wen is expensive for sure but I ordered it and I also got Nizoral plus Viviscal...so I will alternate with the bunch and see how it goes from there..I have to wash my hair almost daily since it does tend to get oily quick.
  6. michelesmith

    michelesmith Guest

    my supermarkets have an organic section that also has sls free shampoos in there you could try those, cheap too -
  7. lisalisa

    lisalisa Guest

    Just bought Aubrey Organic Shampoo SLS free....I am leary of Jason's Dandruff Shampoo because it has lauramide MEA in it...not a safe ingredient.
  8. hwag5149

    hwag5149 Guest

    I bought this one shampoo called 100% tea tree something. i got it at sallys. It was $8 for a 14ish oz bottle but it was very concentrated. Anyway, when I used to wash with it, people would tell me how shiney and amazing my hair looked! I didn't us conditioner after either... for some reason, I didn't have to.
  9. MovingOn

    MovingOn Guest

    I've been using an organic, non-SLS shampoo called Naked Naturals:

    I use the Awapuhi and Lavender kind.

    I notice that I can't use regular shampoos anymore because of my Androgenetic Alopecia/TE. The worst offender was John Frieda -- I don't recommend that product to ANYONE who wishes to keep their hair.

    I can't even use some organic shampoos for some reason, because more hair falls out. Like I heard great things about Alba but I had a bad reaction to it.

    Naked Naturals works for me. I'm still losing hair but way less than I was with other shampoos and conditioners.
  10. CurlyQ

    CurlyQ Established Member

    Feb 19, 2009
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    I've been using Aubrey Organic Shampoo, and I like it! It leaves my hair feeling clean. (health food store)

    I was using Avalon Organics Lavender but my hair just didn't feel clean after using it...still felt oily. (health food store)

    I tried Jason Aloe Vera 84% shampoo. That stuff is nasty! I would not recommend it. No way, no how! :thumbsdown:
  11. colline

    colline Guest

    Nizoral is good and so is alpercian but it has got sls - what to do i only found jasons shampoo without sls and it didnt help to stop my hair loss whilst this one did as did nisim
  12. Mindy

    Mindy Guest

    hi girls
    sorry for being neive, what does sls stand for? i tend to change my shampoo every month or 2 bc the thickening ones do see to dry out hair. Loreal Vive Pro smells great and works good.
  13. SherryBerry

    SherryBerry Guest

    My new regimine consists of using Jason';s dandruff shampoo with sulpher and leaving it on abut 3 minutes. Then i rewash with Pureology in th epurple bottle.

    I know some people here say they don't like the Jason's but it has improved my hairloss lately and with the Pureology wash afterwards my hair feels fine.

    I hated NIZORAL...too much drying action and SLS.
  14. kkins

    kkins Guest

    I have been using Nioxin for about 2 years but am looking for something better.
  15. lisalisa

    lisalisa Guest

    SLS stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate...a sudsing agent which is not great for the scalp. Well I notice that with Aubrey my hair seems like it falls out more but I'm not sure if I am going through some shed from the Nizoral too. So I don't want to step the Aubrey shampoos right away. My hair seems dry even with the Aubrey conditioner. But we are in winter.
  16. Hennared

    Hennared Experienced Member

    Jun 7, 2009
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    Lisalisa, which Aubrey shampoo are you using, and do you tend to be oily or dry, usually? I ask since I find the Aubrey products vary a lot with how well they work for me.. I love the Calaguala Fern one most; it does not dry me out. But some others do in that line. Another one might work better for you than the one you're using.

    (you could also try adding a drop or two of jojoba or other hair oil to your shampoo amount for the day, or a touch of honey, which helps hair retain moisture.. things I do, when I get something too drying for my hair that is too $$ to want to throw out!).
  17. Mindy

    Mindy Guest

    thanks for info
    I have noticed that by watering down my shampoo, my hair is less dry - however, lately my scalp is very itchy - not sure why?? any suggestions?
  18. I might try adding honey or just put some on my scalp before I shampoo, why not, I've tried everything else to soothe my scalp and prevent brittle hair. :shock:

    I think the problem with recommending shampoos, since so many women have hair loss for different reasons....like the treatments we try....a shampoo which works for some, might not work for all. There's a lot of trial and error.

    Plus, as you pointed out, it runs into A LOT of money experimenting with so many different hair products. I wish more hair products came in travel sizes! I

    I had dark auburn hair at one point, over the years....my hair has been everything from ash blond, back to my natural medium brown then to dark auburn, now my hair is brown-black. The worst color when you're thinning!

    Before I'd really noticed my hair loss, I knew there was something 'off' with my hair....the auburn and ash blond shades were turning YELLOW within two weeks of dyeing, my hair was oxidizing very quickly...even though I was using an expensive shampoo for dyed hair. I was using Redken Shades EQ, yet my hair was literally turning a brassy yellow shade.

    I knew something was brewing, especially as I hadn't changed shades or brands on the auburn or ash blonde shades, I've always used the same brands of dye. Nothing changed, just my hair...!!

    When my hair loss became more obvious, there was the extreme fiber change, it became very coarse and wavy, then began falling out in a TE.
  19. SabrinaLouise

    SabrinaLouise Senior Member

    Mar 16, 2009
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    My favorite shampoo that is a DHT fighter is Nisim shampoo. I found it cleans my hair thoroughly without drying out my hair, and I wash my hair every day since I have oily hair. They have formulations for normal/oily and normal dry. It does contain some SLS though, but the other ingredients seem to offset any drying effect that SLS may have on the scalp.

    My favorite non SLS shampoo is Desert Essence Organics Fragrance Free Shampoo. Again, no problem with shampooing every day--my hair does not dry out, nor is it oily. Its 100% vegan and the ingredients are olive leaf, sea kelp, nettle, green tea, jojoba, vitamin B5 and some other misc. Inexpensive too! :jump: Then, sometimes, like after I have slathered by head the night before with emu oil, I will use their Lemon Tea Tree shampoo for oily hair to help clense out the emu oil--smells like you could eat it it smells so good. :)

    I'd like to add that I spray Joico leave-in conditioner on my hair (not on scalp) every day after I get out of the shower. I've been using if forever--it's been my answer to hating conditioning my hair in the shower and it really helps bump up the shine factor to my hair :woot:
  20. Swan

    Swan Guest

    A member here generously sent me a Nioxin (no. 2) bottle and I looooove it :) Not sure why I hadn't tried Nioxin before -well I tried their medicated shampoo for scalp issues but it's nowhere close to system 2.

    Folligen, Tricomin and Revivogen shampoos all work for me and I alernated them sometimes. But these days I'm inclined to stick with Nioxin and Alpecin and everything else comes in only when I need a change.

    In the organic lines, I really liked Aubrey Organic's White Camellia. I didn't need any conditioner or any styling products after that.Shine, texture and fullness, the best of all worlds. But then again, I had more hair then than now.

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