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what is the best way to apply dermmatch?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by livEyourlife, Nov 2, 2009.

  1. livEyourlife

    livEyourlife Guest

    I got it in the mail and attempted to apply it. I'm not sure if it's because I dampened the brush too much but then the consistancy of it was like PAINT on my scalp. I just tried to do a back and forth motion with the brush. And some of you mentioned that it doesn't come off when you touch it. When I touched my head, some of it rubbed off on my fingers. Maybe it didn't dry entirely?

    And how do you girls usually let it dry? By combing it or blowdrying? And when do you know when it's dry?
  2. Tori

    Tori Experienced Member

    Dec 13, 2007
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    I can't help with how to apply it wet because I don't use it that way. Maybe try applying it dry as well, to see which way you prefer. Dry is better for me.. more realistic, less messy and lasts much longer. I get it under my nails a bit if I scratch my scalp, but otherwise it stays put and I haven't been able to tell of my own hair loss when I use it this way, under every lighting. I couldn't stand it wet, I thought it was more obvious, but that's just me. I've seen pics of others using it wet and they did a great job.
  3. Hennared

    Hennared Experienced Member

    Jun 7, 2009
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    I've applied it both wet and dry. I think Tori is right; it's a bit more realistic applied dry but it takes (me) longer that way. Try putting in on really slowly, bit by bit. My worst area is the rear of my part. I put it on starting at the edges where I have hair, and slowly moving towards center. I do find it 'catches' best just the slightest bit damp vs completely dry. When I think it's dry (it dries slowly - sometimes i hit with the dryer for a minute) I brush it Very Gently.
    It totally stays put for me.
  4. 26yrfemale

    26yrfemale Guest

    I've become a big fan of DermMatch! It took me some practice to perfect my application but this is what I do:

    After the shower I apply my usual hair styling products (start with Rogaine, then I use some curl gel and volumizing gel).

    Then I apply the DermMatch, while my hair is still wet. I start by just very lightly dampening the applicator, we're talking like using a mist of water on it, don't get it wet all the way through or it ruins the application. i either just dip the end lightly in water, mist it with spray, or run it under a dripping tap (not even running tap).

    Then I rub the applicator around the disk. I start by parting my hair in the middle, and rubbing the DermMatch in short strokes from about 1/2 inch from my hairline all the way to the back. Then I keep parting my hair beside that line and apply on either side of it. I side part, so I stop the application before my sidepart, but sometimes apply a bit to my temples.

    Then, I take a dry towel, and towel off my hair, just the hair, not the scalp. I found that any excess gets really matted and messy. Then, I take volumizing spray, pump a few sprays into my hair, and blow dry like normal. I finish with hairspray.

    Honestly, I feel SO much better about my hair using DermMatch. It took me a bit to perfect this, but I recommend this application method, it works well for me!

    I'll still get it under my nails if I were to scratch my head, but by toweling off the excess from my hair before drying, it stopped from getting on my hands/pillow after it dries.

    Hope this helps! I have kind of medium to dark brown hair, and I use the dark brown. It applies darker than it dries, but I recently ordered a medium brown so I'll report back on how that one goes. I was thinking about maybe mixing the two if the medium is too light.

    One word of warning! I had it delivered to my office and in big letters it says DermMatch on their return address! Embarrassing!

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