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What to do? Wedding in just over 3 months...

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by is this it, May 31, 2012.

  1. is this it

    is this it Guest

    Hello Everyone,

    So my hair loss continues, more or less unabated. I cut my hair short last year to try and create more volume. Now I have short hair, with an ever widening part. I don't know what to do for my wedding day. Someone suggested toppik to me, but I'm afraid it will come off on my dress or look fake with flash (someone told me flash can make it glow orange?) I would splurge on a topper, but I don't really want to pay a lot of $$$ when I don't like my short hair as it is. My plan was to grow it to my shoulders and then go for it, but my hair loss has gotten so bad and my hair is still above my jawline...ugh!

    Anyone have any suggestions? What did you do to cover up your hair loss at your wedding?

    Any help is greatly appreciated :)
  2. Tori

    Tori Experienced Member

    Dec 13, 2007
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    It wasn't for a wedding, but what I did a long time ago, was buy the longest, fullest clip on pony and wrapped it into a messy bun high on my head and then added a scarf or headband to cover my bang area. With the headband hiding the area, I could easily add bangs or cut my own to complete the look. With a wavy or curly clip on, it could be done beautifully and instead of a scarf, something.. weddingy lol.
  3. is this it

    is this it Guest

    Thanks for the tips, Tori!

    My other issue is, that I'm pretty sure I have a receding hairline now (I had to look at some photos to see if my forehead was always that big...or should I say fivehead? :thumbdown2: ) so I'm not sure a fully pulled back 'do would look nice on me.

    My other question is, do you even need hair to be the same length as the topper you wear? I was guessing so, and I'm far off from where I want my hair to be (above chin vs. my usual shoulder length). I guess there is no way this would work?
  4. worriedmommy

    worriedmommy Guest

    Maybe you can meet with your hair stylist few weeks before your wedding to try different hair styles that might work for you. I think that a fancy bun or up do might work well. If your hair is short, they might be able to add some extensions. The extensions would also work great in adding volume if you decide to wear your hair down. I don't have experience with Toppix, but you may want to try it a few times wearing a white shirt (white like ur wedding dress) to see if it will get on ur shirt. If it does, then don't use the Toppix on ur wedding day. Hope that helps. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!

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