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what to do with my hair**** update new pict page 5

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by CYNDI2008, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. hwag5149

    hwag5149 Guest

    I want to see the pics :)
  2. CYNDI2008

    CYNDI2008 Guest

    shwag... what we are saying is, you cant really detect density in photos ( unless you have visible baling areas), and if you met me in person,you may still not be able to tell, but trust me, my hair has been thinning for a long time 17 + yrs , I have lost more then half my hair, but because my hair loss is more diffused, you cant see it in a photo.... if that make sense
  3. hwag5149

    hwag5149 Guest

    oh i completely understand that. After finding out the my mom has hair loss, I realized that photos don't do anything for anyone. Her hair looks great in photos and mine even looks a lot better than it is. You TOTALLY can't see density in pics, unless it's VERY extreme or youhold the hair up in the light... even then it doesn't give you the RIGHT idea...

    however, I was asking to see Vlal's pics that she was talking about because she was saying how the angles can make things go from one extreme to another :
  4. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    I will make a separate post and show you. It's quite amazing ;)

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