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What's the best glue for lace front daily wear?

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by npc3, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. npc3

    npc3 Guest

    I just purchased a beautiful virgin Russian hair lace front wig and cut the lace down ready to use. My first question is sealing the knots, what product should I use that is invisible and has no shine? My second question is what glue is best? Some glues don't come off the lace and leave little white bulbs of mess, others smell like propane, some look shiney once dried. I guess I'm looking for that perfect glue for less than a week's hold. Actually I remove my wigs daily so a daily hold glue would do... I have tried tapon tape and it just looks silly on me. I have very pale white skin and medium brown hair.

    Ideas & suggestions please!
  2. silk

    silk Guest

    I would also like to know - lol!!! I am afraid of glue...i use the blue liner tape for both daily wear and extended wear. I hear a lot of people like the It Stays but it doesnt stay on me :) I tried the spirit gum and it was a mess...and didnt stay on my skin but did stick to the hair - uhhh.....i wanted the opposite - lol!!!
  3. yvette

    yvette Guest

    I tried It Stays on my synthetic wig and it was a joke. It wouldn't hold for 5 seconds and I don't even sweat much at all. I thought the tapes were supposed to hold really well?
  4. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    It Stays are meant to hold really well - I bet they wouldn't work for me though - and I was going to try them. It's all about body chemistry. I once had some Proflex No Shine tape strips and I tried so many of them and they didn't even feel tacky to me. They didn't do a thing and I got very frustrated with them. So a friend of mine from on here was trying out a FLW, so I offered them to her and would you believe it, they worked!! I couldn't see how they would work, but they did. It just goes to show, we are all different.

    Supertape works okay for me - Supertape on a roll seems to be the best. The contour strips don't seem to be quite as sticky, but that could be my imagination. I used to a combination of both.

    To the OP - on the whole, glue is not recommended for daily wear because the clean up is a nightmare. I would suggest adhesive tape. If you go on Hair Direct, they have a store where you can see which tapes are suitable for daily wear and either buy them from that company or source them online (you may be able to get them cheaper).
  5. silk

    silk Guest

    From what I hear, the glues help the lace disappear better than the tapes...dont know how true this is. I might buy a bottle of the branywine adhesive...i have heard good things abut it...and try it on one of my older synthetic lace fronts.

    My issue witht he glues is that you need that citrus cleaner/remover and I HATE the smell and the oily feel of it - yuk!!! I could handle that once a week but not on a daily basis - lol!!! Witht he blue liner, I can gently pry it away from my skin and even re-apply the wig the next morning using a bit of alcohol to re stick the tape. If I need to, a tiny bit of alcohol removed the tape from the wig/skin. However, tape is difficult to get right. I manage it well, but it is stressful and a bit time consuming.
  6. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    :agree: I find bonding VERY stressful... it's not good when you HAVE to go somewhere, have a deadline time-wise etc. Too much pressure etc.

    I have always been told by others who do bonding that you can use alcohol to remove all the adhesives, including glue. I personally never tried using it to remove glue, but I did find I prefer PURE (a solvent) and Lace Release to other removers because they smell more agreeable to me. The thing I really hated was the skin protector/barrier, which always made my skin feel dry and icky... in the end I quit using it and it didn't seem to make that much difference.

    I think a low-profile tape probably gives a more natural effect than the regular tape. The problem with tape is it tends to give a slightly raised edge on the front hairline, which is why the lace doesn't appear to melt into the skin in the same way as with a glue - the glue allows the lace to sit flatter on the skin. I suppose one could use tape at the sides of the a lace front and just do glue on the front across the top of the forehead/hairline area. I still wouldn't feel too good about the idea of having to remove and cleanup glue every day though!
  7. silk

    silk Guest

    Now that makes sense to me :) I always wonder why some of lace wigs/lace fronts seem to blend better than others. And, why the tape sometimes does not look as natural.

    I think I am going to try the a glue.....

    honestly, the stiffer lace on the less expensive wigs seem to blend better. The BEST i found was my Revlon Absolute lace front. They dont make the wig anymore but that one really looked great.

    Bottom line is, a bang or fringe makes everything easier. I love the feel and lightness of a full lace wig but there are many days I go to work where I throw on Amanda due to the ease of application.
  8. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Yes, I agree that the stiffer lace on cheaper lace fronts seems to work easier and/or be better. Not sure about on you, but on me this seems to be because the stiff lace lies flatter - TAUTER - against my skin. Whereas, with softer lace, I need to create the tension by pulling it in some direction and fixing it there with glue or tape or clips or something.

    I find even some wispy baby hairs that are almost like the beginnings of a fringe/bangs seems to make the front blend better as there is less delineation between edge of wig and forehead.

    Let me know how you get on with glue if you try it.
  9. ichabod_lovesme

    May 14, 2010
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    glue and tape combo

    i just started my bonding career lol
    so far whats worked is stick it tape and davlyn glue

    just for the base tho - i have a poly perimeter and first i lay down the super taper then i apply the davlyn ontop and let it dry for about five minutes before applying to my head
    this combination holds up to 8 days even with my works outs and hair washing - i use 91% alcohol to remove all the junk and it works better than this citrus adhesive remover - that just made it three times harder -

    BUT i do need a lace front adhesive! the blue tape melts so fast and can be seen
    and the davlyn by itself well that was a disaster and both of them together dont seem to work -

    anybody have a brand they like?

    i head about ghost bond but would like more info - i dont wanna ruin the lace
  10. Porshiana

    Porshiana Member

    Nov 1, 2013
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    I cheat when I want a light daily glue just to hold the edges down. I use clear nail polish. Just a line the width of a marker stroke. To make it unshiny i touch it as its drying. Anyone that has accindently touched slightly wet polish knows how well this ruins the shine. It comes off your head super easy. the next day you dont need to reapply. simply wet it with nail polish remover and let it start to dry then put it on and stick it down while still tacky. I know thats not what its made for but hey it works.

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