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When do you say enough is enough

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by bowman68, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. bowman68

    bowman68 Guest

    Im amazed to see all these woman fight Alopecia Areata like they do. I have had it for 6 years going on 7 now. The only thing that has ever put my Alopecia Areata in remission is pregnancy. Im mean a full head of hair by the time I gave birth and had hair almost 2 years.
    Im just done fighting it. Whats the use. Shave my head and wear a wig. God knows it looks better then hanging on to my strands. Has anyone tried the Amy Gibson wigs? If so I would like to know what they think. Can some one guide me to the best wearable wigs. Cyber or real hair? I just know I spend alot of money on wigs and then sit there wondering if they are worth the thousands I spend.
    To those out there fighting this fight, your fighting for us who gave up.
    Thank you
    Brandie OH.
  2. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    I would recommend Raquel Welch wigs. I don't have one, but I know that very many of the women on the site have those and I haven't heard any complaints about them ever. One that I've heard about a lot was "Knockout" it's one of the longer Raquel Welch wigs. It's really nice.

    SAMANTHA07 Guest

    i have knockout.
    very nice but it's abit difficuilt to handle if you ar2e not in styling hair.\
    if i would m2by another i would buy,awig with longer layers
  4. orbit

    orbit Guest

    For inexpensive wigs Raquel Welch is a good choice. I've been wearing them now for 6 years and get along fine with them. If you check out the past posts I made I've put up a few pics of various styles I've worn in the past, I'm Alopecia Universalis.

    In the future I think I would like to try a truly custom wig, perhaps another lacefront (although my last lace wig I found less comfortable than these RW, or a vacuum wig - I've heard a lot of good stuff about them). I guess figuring out your budget will help you narrow the option field.

    Enough was enough for me when I was 16/17 and I could tell that my hair was falling out - yet again :shakehead: I'd had 3 years of remission and grew a beautiful red copper penny colour head of hair. When 2 dime size spots turned in to large stark white moons on the top back crown are I knew exactly what was happening. I figured "what the hell" its going again, I'd always wanted to walk on the wild side so I dyed the rest of my hair black for an exotic (and truly frightening contrast to my pale white skin, when I look back it was actually looked quite goulish :freaked: I used cover ups (eyebrow pencil filled the space fine on the spots) and I wore that strange weird head of black hair for about a month - it was fun.

    I knew it was time to shave it, and when I did I felt so much better! Just simply making the decision to "Get on with it" was life altering. No more crying every time I looked in the mirror, no more constantly wondering if someone will notice etc. etc. I haven't had an inch of hair since then and really feel pretty damn good about how I look and feel. It was at that point my heart stopped aching, I felt no more self pity, and I was able to smile again. :)

    That point will be different for every woman out there, but they may find peace with going shaved beautifully bald (although can sometimes still be tricky if you have some patchy growth/stubble), wearing a lovely headscarf or wig. Mentally it can actually be very liberating when you can finally accept what's happening - rather than focusing on the "why is this happening to me, what did I do to deserve this, what drugs/meds can I pump myself full of to try and stop it??? etc.

    We are so much more than our hair. :mrgreen:

    SAMANTHA07 Guest

    you are very brave. well done
  6. bowman68

    bowman68 Guest

    Your hair is beautiful I want to know about it thats the style I like to wear but im more auburn I have an Amy Gibson cyber hair now its a bit uncomfortable and I think the cap is to big. 1700 dollars for another piece im not thrilled with. Thats a RW hair you have? Im spending all this money for nothing. I need advice from you ladies. I have 6 kids and my wigs are such a finacial burden on us. Thank you for all your help I need it ;)
  7. angieangie

    angieangie Guest

    I think the Raquel Welch wigs are much cheaper. They're about $400-$800
  8. orbit

    orbit Guest

    I wear the petite/average size caps from Raquel Welch. Its not the greatest fit, as my head is 21.5" round, however they stay put and are quite comfy for me. The one in my profile pic is "Masquerade" and the colour is 28R which is a blend with high and lowlights. That wig retails for about $400 in Canada, its probably less in the US and they always seem to be on sale somewhere. Anyone who pays over $600 for a Raquel W wigs is getting ripped off.

    Okay here's the deal, I just found out that the wig wholesale supplier that I buy my wigs from (under my business umbrella) has recently informed me that they are discontinuing carrying that line. :sobbing: Apparently the cost has gone up die tho the celebrity endorsement fees. SO they are now having their own line of similar wigs made in Asia (I have VERY strong feelings about buying crap from China, however its practically impossible to get value priced goods from elsewhere.....)

    ANYWAYS, that wholesale company is selling off the last of their stock, various styles and in stock colours only. They have reduced the prices to clearance. If anybody wants to order a Raquel Welch Wig through me I am happy to take care of the transaction. I would pass along the savings and only mark the wigs up to cover the costs for transactions (Visa/MC fees). I should be getting another clearance list this month and will post the available options / colours.

    In the meantime if someone knows of a specific style or colour they like - let me know and i'll see about tracking it down.

    I'm not here trying to make a buck, any of you that have become familiar with me know that I'm all about the "good" and "helping others". I am happy to help pass along savings when I can to other ladies in the same boat experiencing hair loss. Up here in Ontario Canada there is no health coverage for wigs and its always been a bit of a chip on my shoulder, so seeking out good value, natural looking wigs that I can afford is always in my fore thought.

    If I can help let me know. :)
  9. sgomez33

    sgomez33 Guest

    Maybe it would be easier to just go bald gracefully! I say go for it. As far as wigs go, I go to a great wig shop here in Phoenix (very inexpensive) .They are the same brands everyone else carries for a lot less money. I have a human hair wig that cost me 140.00, and its 18" long! I am completely bald w/ Alopecia Totalis. As far as the fit, they are very uncomforatble for me because I have a small head and I have to tighten them up a lot in the back. I also have a lot of scalp irritation from the netting. This discomfort has only come on recently. I have been wearing wigs since the age of five. I am going to be fitted for a vacuum wig next month, I am so excited. I think that vacuum wigs are the way to go if you have the money and a beautifuly bald head! Just google vacuum wigs and you will get some good info, or find a good wig shop.....most of the wig shop owners have a stylist on staff that can be very helpful. Good luck. :)
  10. sgomez33

    sgomez33 Guest

    Well said!! :bravo:
  11. bowman68

    bowman68 Guest

    OK here are 2 styles i really like if you can check on them for me. Rendezvous color R3329S and Siren color R3329S RW .
    I have a long wig. Thats the Amy Gibson cyber hair but I need to be able to change around for certain days. I just cant afford to to fork out another 1700 to switch between 2 wigs. At there prices i can get 2 and have a bit of selection.
    Thank you again for your info
  12. bowman68

    bowman68 Guest

    I have never even heard of vacum wigs till being on this forum. I will check it out . Thank you
  13. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    What makes any hair loss so hard is we dont know if its going to get better, worse, be permanant, temporary, come back later, be stable, regrow, whatever!! Its the NOT KNOWING that kills us.....
    If I KNEW the outcome I could accept what will happen...but I dont know what will happen! Is this being a control freak??
  14. susannah

    susannah Guest

    Hi there :jump:

    Just a thought, in view of your full head of hair coming to the end of pregnancy - have you tried natural progesterone cream ? My understanding is that an upsurge of this hormone is the reason why so many women have such lustrous hair in pregnancy.

    I found it very useful to support my menopause transition. There is lots of information here
    http://www.johnleemd.com/ I supplemented with the help of a naturopath - you do need to be careful with hormonal supplementation, but it may be worth a shot. My understanding is that in the US, women are more fortunate than in the UK, in that progesterone is available over the counter.

    Best wishes with your hunt for a cosmetic cover up

    Susannah :hairy:
  15. bowman68

    bowman68 Guest

    You know that is interesting because both times my hair came back I was pregnant and it has to do with a make up of increased hormones. They unfortunatly can not duplicate. I asked my OBGYN to give me hormone pills she refused due to the increase of causeing cancer. So she keeps giveing me prenatals. I will check on that cream. But they need to find a way to produce those hormones in a bottle for all of us I sware its a cure.
    Until then we keep on hopeing.
    Thank you for info
  16. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Your OBGYN is full of it!!! YOU CAN come close to duplicating pregnancy hormones. Everyone who takes birth control is taking hormones to make your body think its pregnant. Tell her you want a birth control pill. If you dont want birth control you can do natural progesterone cream and an estrogen patch. There are docs out there...you just got to find them....
  17. susannah

    susannah Guest

    Hey there

    My mother had two separate episodes of breast cancer fifteen years apart...she died of this ( metastises (sp) ) eventually. RIP Ma and remembering MERKs help (HUGS) with this. There is no way on God's good earth that I would have supplemented with progesterone unless I was completely happy. Arm yourself with the knowledge on the site I recommended. If you want to give it a whirl involve a naturopath. You may also like to access a book by Dame Dr Shirley Bond, who has written a book on this matter, this side of the pond. Our stuffy establishment would most certainly not have awarded an honour to this woman were there any doubt concerning her research, I have no doubt.

    Your gyne is talking out of his a*** IMHO and his misinformation is typical of the medical profession regarding progesterone CREAM ( no pills ) especially. Ask him if he is refering to progestins, ( synthetic progesterone which can then be copyrighted by the big Pharmas :thumbdown2: ) which are another matter entirely and may be carcinogenic.

    Good luck

    Susannah :hairy:

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