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Where's All the Alopecians That Have Grown Their Hair Back

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by Karen, May 13, 2006.

  1. maisydaisy

    maisydaisy Guest

    Thanks, Dr. Melanie!
  2. Cat

    Cat Guest

    Thanks Twins and Melanie!!

    Twins, like you I have had several injections....is your Alopecia Areata still active? Is this your first experience w/Alopecia Areata?

    Melanie, how do you do it?? You are always so positive and optimistic!! Thank you for your encouragement. How long did your hair stay when it grew back?


    Hi Cat,
    This is my first experience with Alopecia Areata and I am 42 years old. So far this is the only spot I have had (knock on wood). When I found the spot it was a little smaller than the size of my palm. After finding the spot I lost a little more hair and then for some unknown reason it stopped (thankfully). I wouldn't call myself in remission yet. I'm still in the wait and see mode. Are you using a steroid cream? I was using my steroid ointment twice a day until enough hair grew back that it left my hair clumpy. Now I use it only at bedtime in the areas that are the most sparce.
  4. Karen

    Karen Guest

    Hi Cat!

    I, like, you, read every post I could on what the women here were saying about Alopecia Areata. I just could not get enough, learn enough. You and Maisy have to stay positive, above all. It's good that both of you are seeing regrowth. I'm so jazzed for you both!

    As far as the nape of the neck, if your derm is willing to do steroid shots there, by all means do it. My hair is right below my ears now and the nape is filling in. I can feel little whisps back there. It may take longer but it will come in.

    That fear of falling again is one I face every day. It's here now but. . . could it happen again? Of course. Watch your stress levels, exercise, eat right, take time for you is my best advice to anyone.
  5. Cat

    Cat Guest

    Thanks Twins and Karen!!

    I am using a steriod solution, however my derm suggested that I taper off of it, he no longer feels it is necessary.

    Twins, mine started with one spot like yours, but quickly got out of control. I am so thankful for my extensions!! Are you still shedding?? Like I said, my derm thinks all is 'good' with me, meaning there are no new spots and exellent regrowth, but everyday when I shower and comb my hair I hope and pray there will not be an excessive amout of hair. I really don't even know what 'normal' daily loss would look like anymore. I'm scared and quite often cry wondering......I really need this to end.

    I try so hard not to stress. BUT I have three kids (wonderful as they are, the element of stress is unavoidable). I've still kept everything hidden from them. Only my husband and you wonderful ladies to talk to. I can not imagine going through this without the support and knowledge offered here.

    I personally know not one other person going through this. What a lonely road. I have isolated myself probably beyond repair. I no longer return friends phone calls, have excluded myself from the neighborhood bunco and book club groups, don't even walk the dog. God I want my life back!!!

    Only someone with this experience would understand.

    Thank you all!!


    Hi Cat,
    I understand wanting to hide away. I wanted to crawl under a rock and die. If it weren't for my three kids I would have completely fallen apart. They make us get up and do what we have to do. I am also completely paranoid about more loss even though it's been months. My derm wants me to continue the steroid ointment as long as I can stand the greasyness of my hair. That is why I only put it on at bedtime. At my last visit to my derm he said that I had enough regrowth that we could discontinue the injections if I wanted to. I have chosen to continue the injections to try to fill in the areas that have hair but are thin. If you believe that your spots still need the extra help then let your derm know that you want to continue treatments.

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