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white hairs

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Universalis & Totalis' started by maria1981, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. maria1981

    maria1981 Guest

    i first developed Alopecia Areata 12 years ago which developed in to AT around 10 years ago, the only time any of my head hair has grown back was when i was pregnant 7 years ago, i nearly had a full head of brown hair but when my son was born it all fell out again. my eyebrows grow back every 3 years or so and fall out again, i have a small patch of hair on both my legs, in the same place on both legs!! the reason im writing all this is in the last year i've grown fluffy white hairs on parts of head, they've grown about a milimetre and no more and also long strands of strange white hairs that are almost straw like. So im just wondering if this has happened to anyone else??
  2. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    Hi Maria,

    I believe what you might be seeing are vellus hairs. I started getting this type of hair on top of my head a couple years ago. Sometimes in Alopecia Areata these will develop into terminal hair and get colour, grow longer and stronger. This hasn't happened in my case so I just shave it off.

    Here is what mine looks like:


  3. dancer

    dancer Experienced Member

    Oct 7, 2011
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    Yes. Your story is quite similar to mine in that it grew back after preg then fell out again. I use to get small white hairs with the odd looking white strand! I am at the mo having a small regrowth in the middle of scalp after about 15 years of nothing! For me this never goes any further they eventually fall out again :badmood: Yep my lsahes and eyebrows do the rounds too that is the bit that really pees me off!!!

    Nice to talk to someone in a similar position!
  4. I have Alopecia Areata (4 years this bout)I also have some white hairs comming in, a few here and there. I have small patches of hair as well, nearly AT, so i keep my head shaved. The patches of hair that i have don't really grow, except a few in the back. :dunno:

    These white hairs are a little new for me thoug. so hopefully it's a good sign.
  5. maria1981

    maria1981 Guest

    hey joan, thats what my white hairs look like except not quite a long!!
    hey dancer, that is the most frustrating thing, although my eyelashes have never fully fallen out, they do get really sparse and thin but i hardly ever have eyebrows so i just wear my wig with a fringe!

    its great getting in touch with you all xx
  6. KavomatovlMa

    KavomatovlMa Guest


    This is certainly genetic. My cousin started getting white hairs before she even got to high school because her mother is like that too. Nothing she can do but color her hair regularly.
  7. biancab

    biancab Guest

    re-white hairs

    hi im 22 and have suffered from alopecia since being a tiny baby . i had the same experience i was bold and as soon as i was pregnant my hair grew back rapidly however after having my daughter it all fell out again. i have tiny white hairs all over my head that have been there for the last two years but have not gotten any longer :hmmm:. I do get the odd long black whispy hair which pops out of nowhere but thats about it. a family friend suffered from alopecia in patches all over his head {his hair was black] and when his eventually grew back it stayed white he looked kind of like a leopard lol but just keeps dying his.
  8. starshine

    starshine Guest

    Hi biancab: I have the same thing. Tiny white hairs all over my head, but it never seems to do anything. I just leave it cause, hey, its hair! I have only had this for two years and just recently went Alopecia Universalis.
  9. WigsRMe814

    WigsRMe814 New Member

    Jun 23, 2015
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    I to, get white hairs. I started with Alopecia Areata, got all white hair back, dry and a little corse, but I was thankful. Had it for several years, colored it and began to feel good about myself. Then it came back, in a different way. Turned into Alopecia Universalis..lost everything. All body hair, head, eye lashes and eyebrows..been living in wigs, and have lost my feminan side. At least that's how I feel, ugly.

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